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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Robert Johnson

What "Mr. Leatherby" doesn't understand is that no one is "trying to win him over". The vast majority of us that are against discrimination couldn't care less what his personal views are. Doing the right thing and ending hate and discrimination are not done by "winning" bigots over. No civil rights in America have ever been granted without a fight.
Mr. Leatherby is crying now because his business is being effected by his bigotry. Well, Mr. Leatherby, this is America. You made your choice.

Just Curious

I keep wondering if all the proponents of "same sex marriage" have forgotten that none of their rights have been taken away? Do they not realize that this is not s civil rights issue and never has been?

All the nonsense they are engaging in post-election is what is tampering with civil rights and the democratic process in America. Do they not want a government for and by the people? They like the idea of four guys running the show? Think about it, people! Talk about loss of freedom there it is right there! What they are doing is paramount to a two year old's temper tantrum. My thinking is we should deal with it in the same way~ignore it! Without an audience, they will soon find something constructive to do with their time and money. And just one more thing while we're at it. I find the despicable way in which the press is handling all of this absolutely criminal. They are in large part the reason this country is in the shape it is in today. They need to be less biased in their reporting and better researchers. Move on People!


The mobs are back.

Sterile Argument

Re: Sterile Couples?

Way to take innocuous statements to ridiculous levels. The comment about the gay lifestyle only leading to extinction was a response to someone saying that religious people who put their trust is God and scripture are irrational.

A sarcastic comment was then made comparing the irrationality of that with instead putting your trust in a lifestyle that couldn't even sustain itself.

Get a grip, people!

utah rose

The MAJORITY of Californians have voted against this. You have all the civil rights connected to marriage but are not satisfied? And then you think by "mob rule" you will get this? No, you will get a tremendous backlash!

Name me one historical period when gays got married. Just one.

Traditional marriage has a purpose and it usually produces children. It has always been sacred to the mainline religions.

I have one suggestion if you do not like this---move to a state such as Massachusetts that does condone gay marriage or better yet move to Canada.
There you can marry and have all the liberal rights including health care that you want.

And don't be complaining about the Mormons about this. We as Catholics welcome homosexuals into our church, but only ones who are living chastely. It can be done. Many married couples have to face this as a result of illness and manage to do so without being promiscuous. If you cannot do this, get help. Many other people are fighting with their own demons such as alcoholism and drug addiction. If they can do it, so can you.


I live outside of California. I did not donate for or against Prop 8 . After watching a group protest good churches and individuals in their own communities, It has made be sick and I am starting to become intolerant the protests and all the H8e from them. I have changed my mind ( if it ever comes to it) and will send my financial support to help keep marriage between a man and a woman. I ashamed to see the disrespect that these protestors are showing.
They are disrespecting the democratic process, where the will of california was decided by a vote of the PEOPLE. They are disrespecting other races, religions, home owners, businesses, prompting threats, anthrax scares, physical violence and harm. They are quickly becoming a danger to society.
Again I am saddened by their actions. They have lost all my respect.


Those people cannot handle the fact that the majority of Californians DO NOT agree with their lifestyle. They live a complete lie. It's a bizarre mentality they have living west of interstate 5.
I'm glad that the LDS Californians know how to put their money where their mouth is. Other churches are amazed at how organized we were. We just saved California at the polls and things are tough now but we are strong and we don't live in the comfort of the majority like Utahns do.


OK, so let's really think about this.
Divorce takes a heavy financial toll on any society. How many attorneys know how to deal with a gay divorce?
You "NO on 8" supporters don't understand the underlying can of worms with allowing gay marriage.
They will use it as a weapon. Don't be so blind and foolish!

Info man

My nephew has been talking with some church officials about some humanitarian work in Haiti. Drilling wells to help the people of Haiti. My wife makes blankets and puts together toys and clothes for church humanitarian aid. We have worked with Catholic charities to help people in need. My neighbors who live across the street are in Guatemala, spending their time helping in an orphanage. Many people in our ward donate money to this cause. My other neighbors sponsor a family in Africa that has lost their parents to the aids virus. These neighbors work closely with another family that heads up a Christian organization that helps families in Africa. Again, many people in our ward donate time and money to these charities. Our ward is doing a sub for Santa. The scouting program, that we support, works on collecting canned goods for the food drive. Every month we send people in our ward to work at welfare square, to help replenish the food and other items the church continually gives to those in need. We show love by serving others.

The gays picket and intimidate. Their thoughts never far from themselves.


Notice how Obama has been quiet about this Prop 8 lately? He wants to avoid the elephant in the room by focusing on the economy.
Could he be afraid to tell people what they don't want to hear?

Prop 8 opponents & hate crimes

It is very sad that the anger and hate being displayed by the opponents of Prop 8 is turning into hate crimes against religious people and churches. The Federal Government should be called in to investigate the fire at the Littleton, CO, LDS church building as a hate crime. It is very telling that homosexual proponents only believe things are hate crimes when they are done against them, but anything they do is OK.


How does gay marriage hurt anyone youmight ask? It hurts kids the most. Same-sex marriage is a slap in the face to traditional marriages. It's like saying that the hard work of fathers and mothers everywhere is optional and unnecessary. I for one find that very offensive. There are two sources we can look to for guidance. The precepts of men which change constantly and often bring sorrow or we can show a little faith and see what God has said regarding any topic. If we REALLY believe He has all power and knowledge then we take His word for it. But in the end He leaves the choice to us. That's part of His plan too.


Daniel wrote, "How does gay marriage hurt anyone youmight ask? It hurts kids the most. Same-sex marriage is a slap in the face to traditional marriages. It's like saying that the hard work of fathers and mothers everywhere is optional and unnecessary..."

With respect, I find your comments illogical. No, it isn't saying anything about the hard work of parents. Why would it be? For one, many gay couples are raising kids. For another, no one is ever helped by the mistreatment of others.

Denying gay people the right to protect their relationships is wrong, mean-spirited and immoral. Trying to turn it on its head as an attack on others seems more a tactic when you're losing an argument than logic.

I must have missed that

To: Double Standard | 4:58 p.m. Nov. 13, 2008
Sorry, I probably missed it but where and when did the LDS church complain about protestors?
Thanks so much.


Semd these protesters to CA to fight the fire!! Our firefighters need all the help they can get.


It's not that gay marriage will bring down society as a whole, it is simply that allowing it will open the flood gate for other detrimental problems.


Stenar - Of course marriage is rooted in religion.
Civil Marriage Is between a man and a woman outside the church context.
Back in the 60's "marriage" became passe', unnecessary, and irrelevant outside the context of religion! "Who needs a piece of paper?", we ALL said.
In my opinion, "marriage" IS a religious term and should not be used outside the context of a man and a woman....think of another term...other than marriage...oh, you already have one??..then what's the point??? Must be a MONEY thing...ah yes, the almighty something for nothing motivation disguised again as the irrelevant, and selfish fulfilment of self and satisfying of your own selfish desires. Marriage is the LEAST self-serving thing that can be done in life because you both give up yourselves in the rearing of CHILDREN.
It is NOT your civil right to get more of my tax money for nothing.
It is my understanding that 44 states voted FOR the ban, so redouble your efforts, without the violence, cz thats just hurting your cause, and try again next time, like all the rest of us have to do, in pursuit of those goals important to each of us individually in our lives.


Gays talk about tolerance, but look at them? Do they realize how hypocritical they are? The Sacramento Bee (this newspaper supported No on Prop 8) issued an editorial yesterday decrying the No people and called them sore losers. They said that when the people speak we must abide by that decision and stop their ranting and raving. Many churches have come out to defend the Mormons. And really, when you start "kicking" against the Lord's Temples, that can only go the wrong way for them. They are digging their own hole. Let them.

to Adam

Please, note the Voting Rights Act of 1963 was a law by a representative body. On what basis do you hope for oligarchy rule in America. I support gay marriage, but not by judicial decree.

Hypocites, eh?

What if prop 8 was about taking away the right for you to marry in the temple? or for interracial couples to marry?

You'd be protesting in the streets too.

it doesn't matter if the majority agrees or not it's WRONG TO DISCRIMINATE. move into the 21 century folks.

from a TOTALLY disgusted straight Californian Mormon.

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