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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Which law will you permit Master

To: "let freedom prevail?"

"With no do respect, what you describe as freedom sounds a lot like tyranny to me. The majority has never had the right to violate the rights of a minority group or individuals but now you want to violate others freedoms because you have the force of the current majority, I am sorry but that sound like tyranny to me."

The majority isn't violating rights of a minority. It's the minority whose trying to violate the rights of the majority.

The majority does not discriminate against gays in marriage and any gay person can marry. No one asks them if they are gay or straight before issuing a marriage license. No one says to the gay man "sorry but you can't marry that woman because she's not lesbian since only homosexuals are allowed to marry homosexuals and only heterosexuals are permitted to marry heterosexuals." Nor are gays prevented from marrying other gays. The provision is that one man may marry one woman which means that there isn't even discrimination based on gender since both men and women can marry a person of the opposite sex.

It's the minority who believes: SHUT UP AND OBEY US.

Minority: Bow majority & worship

To: "@Whan the Vote of the people"

"We are a representative democracy where the whims of the current majority are not allowed to simply overrun the rights of a minority group."

How many times must you be told that the rights of a minority aren't being overrun. Tell us what right is being violated. Come on tyrant. We will all wait for your reasoning of why gays are somehow discriminated against even though no one singles them out for any different treatment based on sexual orientation.

How many times must you be told? Gays can marry and no law prohibits them from doing so. Their sexual orientation has no bearing on marriage anymore than the sexual orientation of heterosexuals has bearing on marriage. It's really convenient how you try to frame this issue into the majority violating the rights of a minority so you can force your opinion about what the law should be on the majority but it won't work.

If you knew anything about representative democracy and what it means you wouldn't make your evil and tyrannical comment but you have no shame. You can kill us but you will not have our obedience.

The blame game

Lets blame everything on the LDS people:
1. Global warming
2. Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket
3. Buying the wrong pair of pants 30 years ago.
4. .....
5. .....

You name it, the LDS will at sometime be blamed for it.
What is with that?


"Homofacism" anyone? As a people we must resist facism in any form-including that which is now being propogated by the homo crowd. They are playing a dangerous game and should watch out for a backlash directed at them and their lifestyle.

Or they could all move to Connecticut and Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal and leave the rest of us alone.


While the protests over the passage of Prop 8 are not surprising, it is puzzling that the gay constituency would resort to violence, porn hacking and spamming (see Merdian magazine), death threats, and suspicous white powder sent to temples to get their message across. This only galvanizes public sentiment against their cause and create a backlash toward a people who want more freedom but can't abide by the democratic process that produces it.

I also find it interesting that none of these events are happening in South Central LA or other African American communities where prop 8 passed by a wide margin.

In the end, it is clear that the gay community has only the "no on Prop 8" organizers to blame for it's passage and unfortunately for them, are handling the after-vote has ineptly as they handled the run up to the election.

shake my head

Debating this issue with mormons is difficult when they fall back on their god, scriptures that have never been vetted, bigotry disguised as protection for children and families, etc. There's just no getting through the irrational thought and logical fallacies. It will take some time for them to get around to a pragmatic "prophesy" when they realize it is in their best interest to change with the culture. This is their historical path, as is the victimization that is part of their psyche and their current discourse. In the meantime, it could be that they are attempting to win over the evangelicals and other "christians" as part of the strategy for Mitt in 2012. Of course, this strategy is determined by the mormon leadership and can't be discussed candidly with the masses, as it serves them better to have the flock use the current rhetoric and appear to be a part of the "normal christian" club that they want so badly to be accepted into.


To LDS: Get real. You are not listening. That is why gays and others who support individual liberty and equality under the law are shouting louder. How loud do you want it to get before you allow these people to have equality under the law and the right to be married? It is up to you how far this escalates.


you cant say anything negative about homosexuals or you are guilty of a hate crime, yet they can burn churches, send hate mail, beat up prop 8 supporters and that is not a hate crime. Go figure.


It seems to me that if the people speek then that's the way it should be. The people of Califorina said how they felt through the process. And the courts should up hold that vote. It's not right to give the people the vote and then nulify that they want. It just seems that way to me. good job califorina on a good vote.


The irony here is that no one would tolerate this type of action if take by the Pro-8 against the No on 8. Can you imagine the uproar if Pro-8 supporters were looking up No on 8 contributors and boycotting their businesses.
It just wouldn't happen?


Voting on civil rights is not democratic. The purpose of a constitution is to protect our rights from those with power.. that includes the majority. If you put civil rights up for a vote, you could vote against anybody who is unpopular with the majority... that includes mormons. Like it's been said, you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.


the states of conn and mass want gays and will marry gays ...

so what is all the fuss about folks ?? why are you rallying ?? your safety net and acceptance is back east .. take it

and this being a religious , issue ?? how ?

it is a darwin natural selection issue .. to my knowledge i havent seen man on man or woman on woman produce an offspring ... so a lifestyle of such pleasure that cant reproduce itself is called extinction ...

so why and how would a logical thinking human society want to promote a union that cant reproduce itself (thank goodness)??

i suggest you gather your kind like all the other causes thru the generations have done to conn and mass who have opened their borders to your lifestyle .. so come on down or over

rights, privledge , respect .. seem to be back east , so take it .. the majority in the west has said no to your marriage issue

enjoy the trip

Shake your head....

Since when is "changing with the culture" always a good thing? My father used to say if all my friends were jumping off a cliff, would I do it too? Did that make it smart? The LDS Church has always told its members to pray about every decision, not to just follow blindly. The Church doesn't force any member to follow its teachings. We always make our own choices. We don't desire to be accepted into any club. We just wish more people really understood what we believe instead of listening to erroneous propaganda. Blacks were a part of the church from the beginning. Part of the reason Mormons were forced out of Missouri was because they were against slavery. Women in Utah voted before it was even a state. And although it was Wyoming who first gave women the legal right to vote, it was Utah's women who first actually cast a ballot in an election. Sounds like we are better at "changing with the culture" than you give us credit for.


It seems to me that we spend our lives teaching our children to follow the laws of the land. And when the people vote and the courts can overturn that vote because a small group of people didn't agree with it. Our children are learning if you don't like a law cry, scream, throw and tempertantrum and beat up people. It's like the bully the my son had to deal with for over three years just because he was an easy target (small in stature). These people who try to do harm to others to get their point across are like spoild babies who didn't get enough spankings as kids. I bet if you look into everyone of them you'll find their parents didn't belive in spanking, they were most likely the bully in school who's parents didn't believe that their kids would do that. Good luck Califorina.

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To shake my head

Re your comment that Mormons are falling back on their God, scriptures that have never been vetted.

God has not changed, nor ever will. The scripture Mormons use, as do Catholics, Baptists, all Evangelicals, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. etc., is the Bible, which clearly states how a Christian should view marriage. The Jews Koran has the same teachings, and possibly other non-Christian religions.

That Mormons have additional books of scripture which SUPPORT the Bible, only reinforces our knowledge about how Heavenly Father wants us to act upon our belief.


To all those who say that marriage is not a human right--please look over Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 court case that ended bans on interracial marriage in the US. If you read the court opinion written by Chief Justice Warren, he wrote that "marriage is one of the 'basic civil rights of man.'" This can be used as case law, and I think it will help in eventually overturning these bans on gay marriage. This court opinion is very interesting to read right now, just with replacing "race" with "sexual orientation" and "white supremacy" with "homophobia."


But yet gay and lesbians couples adopt and foster the children that straight couples don't want.


Should we resort to killing, beatings having our homes burnt down, car tires sliced like straight people have done to us for years.

Why can't we all just get along

If you were against Prop 8 and have fellow gay right supporters that are doing these activities, please encourage them to stop. Please encourage them to take actions that will not cause a revolt against your community. I am sure that if Prop 8 had failed, the other side would have accepted it peacefully. Most of you are responisble and rational. Please help the others understand that it is best to protest within boundaries.

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