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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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For the hundredth time, this is NOT a civil rights issue. It is an issue about morality and the definition of marriage. These people begin complaining about how they have no rights, and how there is so much discrimination against them. There are NO, and I repeat NO rights that are taken away from them. When you step back and look at the whole thing, it smells a good deal like a toddler whining because he/she thinks that he/she ought to be an exception to the rules. Or, more appropriately in this case, a toddler crying because the rules wont be altered so that they can get what they want.


When it was declared by the church that the family was under attack, I thought that it would be kinda subtle, in the way Satan usually works. But this...... is not what I expected. Trying to make immorality acceptable in the name of civil rights? To quote Star Wars, "Do not underestimate the Power of the Dark Side."

Robert Oh

"A spirit of forgiveness and an attitude of love and compassion toward those who may have wronged us is of the very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of us has need of this spirit."

"If there be any who nurture in their hearts the poisonous brew of enmity toward another, I plead with you to ask the Lord for strength to forgive. This expression of desire will be of the very substance of your repentance. It may not be easy, and it may not come quickly. But if you will seek it with sincerity and cultivate it, it will come. And even though he whom you have forgiven continues to pursue and threaten you, you will know you have done what you could to effect a reconciliation. There will come into your heart a peace otherwise unattainable."
- President Gordon B. Hinckley

"I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men."


This is getting ridiculous. Gays have the same rights as anyone, they can get a job, ride a bus in whatever seat they want, go to school, walk down the street, go to the gym, eat at a restaurant, own a business, do whatever they want in the bedroom with whoever they want, have equal benefits as heterosexual couples through a civil union, they can vote (although what they vote for might not always win), they can travel the world (including to Europe where they can get "married" if they want, or heck, even to Connecticut) .... need I list more?? You can cry and complain all day about not being able to attach the words "married" to your union, but that doesn't change anything. I am a student at BYU, I can get degree in Sociology which affords me the same opportunities as someone who gets one at Harvard. Should I be able to say I got a Degree at Harvard just because I want the title?? NO, because I didn't but it doesn't change the fact that I have the same degree. You have civil unions, we have marriage, both of which have equal rights, get over it.

To Mr. Jayce Cox

As an apparent active Mormon, I am surprised that you would also consider yourself and openly gay man...

You apparently don't believe what you say you believe... The two just don't mix.

Nother Texan

My Baptist buddy says that it is amazing that the LDS church is the only group with the courage to stand up for what is right.

And once again they are being persecuted for it.

With much persecution comes much respect from god-fearing people... (Note the god-fearing people are not the ones doing the persecution...)

stop with the victimhood

Attention Prop 8 suppporters, you are not the victims here, no one pushed their way into your life and ripped apart your marriage. This is a classic case of someone standing up to the bully pushing back amf the bully starts crying. If you dont like it stop bullying people.

To "less gay tolerance"

Please remember how Mormons cringed when the media was reporting the story about the polygamous sect in Texas. That is not representative of Mormons. Not all gays are the same either.

To Tom in San Diego

Please read Matt's comments at 8:37 just for some perspective on why some people have reacted the way they have. Or at least read that before you judge all gays. Also, think how it felt to be LDS and see news reports about the polygamous group in Texas referred to by the media as Mormons. They were not representative of your life or beliefs. Not all gays are the same either.

To stand your ground

Stand your ground, as thousands of Mormon parents have done before you. That didn't prevent them from having gay children. And when they do, they start to see this issue differently.

John Pack Lambert

To the 1:31 commenttor,
The laws have been rules unconstituttional, so your point is ridiculous. The laws against polygamy and incest are still enforced. People have been sent to jail in Utah for violating anti-polygamy laws in the last decade, and Texas is in the midst of a full scale prosecution.
For what it is worth, Utah's law merely made sodomy illegal, it did not provide any consideration of the genders of the people committing the act.

I won't go down

even though I have questions about many of my neighbors who are lds ...i see no reason to be persecuting this particular group as the VOTE has spoken...the president or party was VOTED out, so follow the rules and don't generalize a pop ..there were other religions involved, these people were doing what their religion stands for and there are many who are christ like..so one cannot over generalize because sometimes i have and pert near gave up on them but then comes along some good person in some form like a grandma, brother or sis that makes me realize that i too am ignorant of things. just peace out and don't persecute..to my lds friends ..i say remain strong as something is comming this way!

When the VOTE of the people

does not matter anymore... then what are we?

This scares me more than anything I have heard in a long time.

I have heard it said; "The vote does not really change anything, if it did, they would outlaw it."

to stop with the victomhhod

at 6:53. No one has "ripped your marriage apart". As a mattter of fact I have yet to see any marriages previously performed before Proposition 8 passed as being invalid. The supreme court of California let gays participate in traditional marriage. A segment of California society said that is not right and proposed a Constitutional amendment to prohibit marriages except when between a man and a woman to be voted on BY THE PEOPLE. The PEOPLE excersied their constitutional rights and said amendment passed. What happened here was the due process of law. And has been repeatedly stated over and over again ad naseum is the fact that no rights were taken away. None. I am perplexed as to what the Gay and Lesbian agenda is. Society has been tremdously tolerant of their lifestyle and they have as much civil rights as anyone else.


On the issue of morality, it seems that this is an underlining theme in a lot of these comments. Has anyone looked up morality in the dictionary?

1. The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct.
2. A system of ideas of right and wrong conduct: religious morality; Christian morality.
3. Virtuous conduct.
4. A rule or lesson in moral conduct.

It sounds to me like we need to enforce the separation between Church and State.

With all do respect

While I certainly enjoy Elton Johns music and respect his right to his point of view, I do not beleive now is the time to accept a role as second class citizens. Seperate is not equal.

Let freedom prevail

Re: "To "less gay tolerance"

"Please remember how Mormons cringed when the media was reporting the story about the polygamous sect in Texas. That is not representative of Mormons. Not all gays are the same either."

I agree and those gays who supported Proposition 8 shouldn't be grouped with those who opposed Prop. 8. The first group may be gay but that doesn't make them bad people but those who opposed Prop. 8 and who wanted to force their will on the majority are bad people regardless of their sexual orientation. There were many straight opponents of Proposition 8 and they are the same as those gays who opposed it. They are tyrants regardless of their sexual orientation and we shouldn't single out gays as a group when not all of them are the enemies of liberty and our civil rights as are those who want to force the majority to recognize same-sex marriages.

May freedom and liberty prevail and tyranny be defeated.

@Whan the Vote of the people

We are a representative democracy where the whims of the current majority are not allowed to simply overrun the rights of a minority group.

Take it from Elton John

All those that were against Prop 8, take some advice from Elton John. He stated that he has had a civil union to his partner for many years, and that people in America are sensitive of the word "marriage", so get over the marriage thing because you have your civil union. Well said Elton!

Liberty will prevail

When the VOTE of the people,

"does not matter anymore... then what are we?"

Let's let Thomas Jefferson answer: "[Bear] always in mind that a nation ceases to be republican only when the will of the majority ceases to be the law."

So when the VOTE of the people does not matter any more we will no longer be a republic. That is what those who support same-sex marriage are intent on achieving. They believe the Courts have a right to change the definition of the law instead of simply making sure everyone has equal access to it on the same terms. They believe that the role of the courts isn't to protect due process and equal protection under the law but to also change the law.

We allow anyone regardless of their race, or sexual orientation to marry. We do not discriminate against someone based on the color of their skin, or sexual orientation. Everyone is capable of entering into a legal marriage if they choose to do so and they will not be denied a marriage based on sexual orientation or race.

Because of this we must defend our liberties.

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