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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Do as I say not as I do

The gay marriage movement actions are certainly speaking louder than their words. The longer they go after the LDS church the worse they are going to look in the eyes of the public. The people have spoken...surely gay marriage movement leaders can be patience enough to wait for the liberals in the CA court system to turn over the people's will.


Where do I sign up for the protest over the election of Barack Obama?

My side didn't win. Therefore either the majority cheated or they are just plain wrong. Who do I sue?

Double Standard

It's ironic that the Church is complaining about the protests. No one is vandalizing the temples, they are simply pointing out that the Church supports discrimination. The Church helped fund misleading, dishonest ads about the potential repercussions of gay marriage. Without Church funding and support, Prop 8 wouldn't have passed. They deserve to lose their tax exempt status and they deserve negative attention. If they want people to respect them (as a group that has experienced persecution), they should return the favor.


The civil rights of individuals in a democracy should not and cannot, by definition, be impinged by the majority. Why a basically sound institution like the LDS church has precipitated itself into this madness is hard to understand. No one in the Church has come up with legitimate theology. No one is asking the Church to sanctify gay marriages. Same sex civil unions hurt no one and I have yet to see an explanation of how they injure the concept of matrimony. The situation, sadly, is the same as it was for civil rights for Blacks and Women -somehow, allowing these things was going to be disastrous. But, we shall overcome.

Stand your ground.

As the world's morals fall to lower levels the division between Christ's teachings and the world's behavior is going to get ever wider. At some point you may have to take your children out of public school so they're not subjected to garbage you don't want them exposed to. You may have to get rid of your TV/media when you find that you're blocking the majority of channels because of inappropriate programming created in the name of tolerance and artistry. At some point you may have to say enough is enough. Maybe it's time to stop doing nothing and take a stand.

No Answers = no solution for you

To Utah family member in California @ 2:24PM,

Emotional arguments have convinced your side, but why can't your side defend your arguments with any proof or at least logical answers to defend your stance?

1) How is "being gay" not a choice? (First, define what you mean by gay). Everyone is born with the choice of who they will have sex with.

2) How is defining marriage as between a man and a woman--which includes all humanity--discrimination?

3) If the issue is only about civil rights for gays (see #2, marriage is available to them), then what civil rights are being taken away? None.

4) What proof have you that no gays would seek the exact ramifications that prop 8 proponents say they will be able to seek (under law without the clarity of an ammendment)?

5) How does not defining what marriage is, help families (who btw, the government has deemed a worthwhile institution to give benefits to, mainly for the sake of the children sired to those unions)? How does your cause not devalue that cause?

6) How come gay unions can't approach the government for equalities based on the merits of gay unions, leaving marriage alone?


Instead of Protesting, and causing property damage to get your point across. The homosexuals need to realize that in order to accomplish want they want, they are going to have to demonstrate that they are normal, and I don't mean heterosexual. I mean, they need to obey the law like everybody else, and use the law and lawmakers to pass legislation that is appropriate to their cause. I don't understand what the fuss is here. California has legal civil unions which carries the rights of marriage. So the argument that they do not have the same rights is bogus. I am confused as to what the homosexuals want. If you want respect, you need to show it. With the recent hateful bigoted actions of the homosexual community, many are losing respect for and care less about their cause. Good going homosexuals, continue to prove that you're not normal or play a normal role in society.


Everyone HAS the "Right" to get married! The Majority of American defines Marriage as Man & Woman. Make a civil union, perform a religious ceremony whatever if you are gay, But Marriage = Man & Woman you may choose not to exercize it if you are not interested in that kind of relationship But you DO have the right.

Quick, Lets Vote Again

I want to re-consider my vote, which I had assumed was a vote for tolerance. I now recognize it as a mistake.

Please, can we re-vote?

to wayne

you can protest President Elect Barack Obama in four years.

To Wayne

Did you know that Obama voters were a significant factor in the passage of Prop 8? Maybe you should be thanking him, not protesting him. Just saying.


Double Standard - What about all the LDS Churches that have been vandalized? It wasn't just the LDS church that funded and supported the Prop 8, but many churches - Should all churches lose their tax exempt status? What about the tax exempt that was against Prop 8 Should they lose their tax exempt? - Why single out the LDS church when so many others were involved. It sounds like you are bitter over something more than gay marriage, almost like the LDS church did you a disservice years ago.

Church Rights

No double standard! The Church has the right to assert its views and it did. Don't get offended for the church asserting its views. It did nothing illegal or outside the fair voting and election process.

People can protest the election all they want, the church was not intimidating people the ways the church is now being intimidated by protestors.

Misleading ads

How about the ad that Gay Marriage won't be taught in schools and the Teachers union pays millions to the anti prop 8 group?

re: Double Standard | 4:58 p.m.

"No one is vandalizing the temples, they are simply pointing out that the Church supports discrimination." That is not quite true and your assumtion that disagreeing regarding marraige is inherantly discriminatory is merely your opinion.
"The Church helped fund misleading, dishonest ads about the potential repercussions of gay marriage." Actually there were a lot of dishonest and misleading ads coming from opponents, including the denial that there are repurcussions beyond marraige. Gay activists HAVE tried to force religious institutions into providing adoption and marraige when they do not agree - so please dont tell us it is benign and honest and fair. "They deserve to lose their tax exempt status and they deserve negative attention." Just like Martin Luther King? Does a religion only get tax exemption if their opinions match yours? "If they want people to respect them (as a group that has experienced persecution), they should return the favor." Same to you.


I have no ill feeling towards homosexuals, but some choice prop 8 opponents are the biggest whiners and hypocrites I've ever seen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Gays have equal rights through civil unions or domestic partnerships? What they're looking for is equal acceptance. Well, sorry, most people disagree with your lifestyle, so deal with it. Doesn't mean they hate you.

Quit pretending like everyone agrees with you. Prop 8 opponents who are calling for a boycott of Utah are laughable and overestimate their influence and importance in this world. Tourism will probably increase because of your call for a boycott. Quit perpetrating acts of hate towards those who you accuse of being bigots because they don't accept your lifestyle. Quit vandalizing Mormon churches and making yourselves look like total buffoons. Oh, wait, I guess that's too late. You've already succeeded in that.

And, amen to Jayce Cox's comment. What a novel, idea... civil discourse.

To Double Standard

The Church did not fund the proposition. The members donated their own money just like the other supporters of the bill. The protests themselves are targeting a certain population that was only a part of the population that supported it. That can be defined as racist just like someone who protests others because they are a certain race and that race supports a certain issue.

It's only a matter of time

George Clooney on marriage equality:

"At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won't be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black."


This whole debacle sounds like the argument off of Robin Williams "Bicentenial Man". I believe his whole wish was to be "recognized" as a human, not so he could have "EQUAL RIGHTS", but that he may be "defined" as such to be considered the "same" as everyone else. It kind of begs the question as to the motivation of individuals seeking a status symbol given from society. As if being granted the permission to be "married" gives one a sense of "acceptance" or "validation" of for your life-style preference. Is this an argument about equal rights, or more about a deeply seeded desire to be seen as "equal" on a moral level? Good thing I don't have to be the judge of that, but I think we could all do well to treat each other with respect and civility for our individual beliefs, as long as none of our legitimate and valid rights are not being infringed upon! I am a little confused at why people are so upset that a "religous" or "moral" group of people believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman! Isnt that the first thing their taught in bible class?


"Proposition 8 opponents said they will continue to fight for their civil rights."

What right(s) are gays being denied? Civil unions in California provide partners with every legal right that marrige provides. Those who believe this is an issue about "rights" are clueless - YOU HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS!

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