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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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How about some stats?

3.86% of the yes vote in California can be attributed to LDS members. LDS members represent slightly less than 3% of the total vote in the State. 70% of Blacks and 68% of Hispanics voted for Prop 8. Whites were barely a majority in favor of Prop 8. Catholics were 49.5%, and Evangelicals were 78%. So thanks to Black and Hispanics we maintained our protection of marriage in California.

Also, stop whining about rights. No one has lost one single right. However, those whose belief is that the term marriage is reserved for a union between a man and a woman have had their rights affirmed. Homosexuals have the same rights as marrieds in California they just can't call it marriage they can call it Civil Unions.

Laws and majorities

Let's see, if I think it should be legal to drink at age 13, and we pass a law affirming that it is illegal to do so until your 21 (or in the case of prohibition - never) then the rule of law was affirmed. I therefore can not complain that my rights were violated.

Here is the problem. If same sex marriage were approved would my rights to protect my children from deplorable sexual deviancy teachings in public schools, which I pay for in my taxes, be trampled upon? My rights were upheld by the majority of Californians and we will win in the courts to continue to protect us from such sickness.


All the "No on prop 8" people are saying that Mormons took away their rights. How can you take away something that you never had?

Change of heart

I was sympathetic to the "No on 8" crowd and sensitive to their cause.

Now all of that has changed.

This kind of anarchy will bring a backlash that will do far more harm to the gay rights cause.

Eventually, people are going to start getting hurt.

The best thing for the "No on 8" and gay rights folks to do is to show some class and re-group and try again.

The majority has spoken. Burning churches and threatening people will only change hearts for the worse, not better.

Do we really want to go down the road of violence escalating into the situation in Jerusalem or Ireland where someone from one side is attacked or even killed and then the other side attacks/kills in retaliation?

Stop, take a deep breath, think ...


I am going to start boycotting gay businesses now because of their stance and reaction to the outcome of proposition 8. There are many more strait businesses that need my money now that the economy is in shambles. If they want to boycott Utah, go ahead. I'm going to boycott them!

RE: Religious Exemption

Dufuss...have you heard of Canada where LDS temples only perform sealings in the temple after the couple receive their "marriage license" because same sex marriage was approved there?

They are still wrestling with the issue in Mass. regarding how to protect the religions prohibition to these marriages. It is not a done deal. Lawsuits all over this nation are being won based on precendence.

Speaking of Catholics. Because they ban adoptions to same sex marriages and the Court there mandated that if they adopt to marriages of any sort they have to adopt to same-sex marriages. The Catholic Church now, to protect itself from the court mandate (and now legal precedence) no longer perform adoptions in that state. So don't preach about how the law protects religions or somehow gives them exemption. IT doesn't

So quit pretending to be an expert in law.

More Government?

When did marriage become a constitutional right? There is nothing in the constitution that mentions marriage. How does marriage implicitly bestow happiness on those who practice it. Those who are unhappy before marriage are unhappy after marriage. If a homosexual lifestyle doesn't make you happy, marriage isn't going to improve your situation. If the government deems to give tax advantages to heterosexual couples who care for children to encourage a particular social behavior, that is their right. Maybe smokers should protest the "unfair" taxes that they pay for their behavior. Personally I would be glad to get rid of any governmental involvement in marriage and leave it entirely to churches, but that wouldn't really change anything, as the professional victims would still find something or someone else to blame for the result of their own miserable choices.

Re: boycotting

To add to the list of companies donating to the no on 8 side, you can add Apple! So all you I-Pod wanters - maybe think again! I'm sure there are many more companies, but it is hard to find a list of those who donated to the No on 8 - but VERY easy to find those who donated to Yes! So - no more McDonalds, no more Levi Jeans, no more Apple computers and gadgets! Do you think the small Mormon population would have a big effect? Maybe at McDonalds ------ especially in Utah!


You are right!
A lot of non-Mormons voted just the way I would have voted if I still lived there. Where are the rights of the yes voters? Who is protecting us and our families from the hate crimes?
I say Yes voters should boycott people who contributed to no on prop 8 (not voted, they have a right) and those who are supporting them from the media and the entertainment field. It is no mistake that the gays have become represented by entertainment sources and the media. It is their way of slowly breaking down society to match their agenda. It has merely escalated now to extreme annoyance and lawlessness. They are trying to wear everyone out. What an immature way to get your way.


To 12:54: Nothing in Prop 8 affected the regulations and guidelines of what is/may be taught in public school in California. This argument was a canard. It is simply false. It had nothing to do with school curricula. Catholic adoption service closed rather than abide by state law, but the only reason it had to abide by state law is because it accepted state funds and participated in state arranged adoption services. You can be a public agency or quasi-public agency and discriminate. No fully private entity has been silenced or forced to alter their beliefs.

These arguments are simply made up. Please google "Morris A. Thurston" if you don't believe me. He's an active, straight Mormon attorney who wrote a piece deconstructing these bogus arguments made in favor of Prop 8.

Utah family member living in CA

All you people espousing anti-gay sentiment don't seem to understand that being gay is not a choice and you could very well end up with a gay son or daughter, brother or sister, or relative. It happens to religious and conservative families all the time. I know, because it happened in my family.

Discrimination in all forms is wrong, and to insert it into our state constitutions is horribly wrong. You are welcome to whatever religious views you want, but our country is greater and better than that.

The frequently-aired ads used in California to secure the passage of Prop. 8 were slick and deceptive. The issue is about civil rights for gay Americans... nothing more, nothing less.

For the cause of love

this is from an email I got from the human rights campaign "Our cause is love; and only through love can we win the freedom to marry. In the streets, in boardrooms, in church fellowship halls, and over coffee, our message must be clear and consistent: we love our soul mates; we love our families; we love our communities; we love and respect our neighbors - and we expect love and respect in return." I share this with you in the hopes that you will understand where some of us from the pro gay marraige side of the debate are coming from and remond some of us on the pro marraige side what we are after. The reason for the email was to help people refocus on the goal and away from some of the hostility but make no mistake that does not mean we will stop protesting and working towards our goal.


Wow! Thank goodness the Deseret News gives all of you a place to vent. The reality is there are hateful people on both sides of this issue. Enough of the stereotyping whoever you are and whatever side you are on.

prop 8er

Boycotting Utah? hurray, hurray and wahoo!!! please visit elsewhere in the world. On second thought, why not live there?


What if for arguments sake, we say that most people who claim to be gay were born that way (I know that we see especially young girls, who think it is trendy to like other young girls). I am talking about the majority of gay people who are claiming that they were born that way. I personally believe that I will take them at their word. Now if you were in favor of Prop 8, ask yourself without any religion coming into your mind, what do you think they should do? Some people claim that they already have the same rights as the rest of us married people have. However, they are not "MARRIED" like we are. So they don't have ALL of the same rights we do. Now, imagine that you were born that way. Would there be any difference between someone born gay and someone born white, black, autistic, handicaped, short, tall or any other way you could be born. Since people who are in opposition to Prop 8 see the majority of the gay population this way, then I hope this may shed some on the other side. Prop 8 is fear of what might happen.

Why is this the Mormons fault?

I dont understand how this has become a Mormon issue. Many people of a variety of faiths, beliefs, and ethnicities agreed that this proposition should pass. That is what is great about this Country. The people decide and the people have spoken. I agree with others in that I would have much more respect of the gay community if they handled this in a mature manner and regrouped and sought recourse. Instead they have alienated the opposition further and have hurt their cause. Bottom line, get over it and work to express you ideas, concerns, and position in a manner that allows those that disagree to listen and perhaps understand. There is no need for the hateful diatribes that are commonly found on here against Mormons.

Tom in San Diego

I am LDS. I support traditional marriage. However, I would not normally get personally involved in supporting or opposing a political issue. In this case, however, our Church leaders encouraged us to donate our means and our time and effort to preserve the definition of marriage.

As a result, I donated money in support of the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. I made telephone calls. I held signs. I walked neighborhoods.

Repeately, our Church leaders also encouraged us to show respect and love for those who oppose our view. Repeatedly Church leaders made clear that support of marriage was not, and should not, be rooted in "hate" or dislike for homosexuals. We are encouraged to be sympathetic and empathetic toward those who feel "same-sex" attraction. Nevertheless, that love and respect does not require that we embrace and accept principles that both ancient and modern prophets have taught are contrary to God's precepts.

After experiencing the hate that has and continues to spew from the "No on 8" crowd, I am determined more than ever to continue taking a stand in defence of traditional marriage. I will not be bullied or intimidated. Next time I will donate more.


I have been an active participant in the Prop. 102 campaign here in Arizona and was so pleased that the people of California, Arizona, and Florida did the right thing by adding a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage to be between a man and a woman.

As unequivocal as I have been in defense of marriage, however, I will not boycott somebody just because they voted against the amendment. That is just not right. The only way I would consider it is if they started getting belligerent about it. Then I might.


Article quote: "The battle over same-sex marriage will not end anytime soon. This week, 44 state legislators filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of opponents of the gay-marriage ban. They maintain the initiative process was used improperly."

And just how, EXACTLY, was the "initiative process used improperly?"

The proposition received at least the minimal number of complaintant signatures, handed in to the proper authorities before the petition deadline and the proposition was put on the ballot and it was voted on by legal citizens of CA and the gay crowd lost. Come on, come on, what pathetic argument are you going to cook up now?


I came out of the closet 21 years ago! We didnt need marriage then so why all the baby behavior now

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