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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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to Dan:

Doesn't affect us in the least bit? Please think before you utter nonsense. How about the impact on school education for starters? It is already happening in CA schools even before the Prop 8 discussion. How about what is happening in Mass? All wihtout parental notification. How about the affect on the Catholic adoption agency for refusing to adopt to gay couples? Clearly, only one side tolerates others' beliefs. I could go on, but hopefully, the ignorance of your statement is clear now.


Once again the Mormons have succeded in elevating their religion to national ridicule. Is this any differnt than the Mormon's discrimination against African Americans not so long ago?

Regardless of your 'feelings' towards homosexuals your religion's image was and is being tarnished over something the elders should of known better than to stick their nose in. dumb. Are you happy?
Really. Are you a happy mormon today or one who has an uneasy feeling in your gut that something just ain't right about this whole shenanigan?

re JPL

been watching Rush O Hannity much? Honestly, the point is that there are consequences for actions. Everyone has the right to their beliefs, but when they put money to change laws behind those beliefs, they should rightfully expect there will be consequences. I have the RIGHT to smoke cigarettes, but I certainly should realize if I choose to do that, there will be consequences.

Joe citizen

The vote was held, the population had its say. Whats to argue?

I repeat...for closed ears

Dan from 12:20,

I respect your claim that people are rallying behind something that doesn't affect them. But I disagree. If this issue were solely about gay unions being recognized by the government with the same benefits the government gives to marriage, then why is the definition of marriage called into question? There is more at stake!

Changing the definition of marriage affects everyone, the unmarried and the married. Everyone! It has implications on any word associated with marriage, including: bride, groom, family, children, and even society. Why must the definition of marriage be degraded for a union that is outside marriage? Why can't that union stand on its own merits, instead of bringing down the merits of what marriage is? No one says that gays can't have their unions. What they do doesn't affect me, but what they call it, does.

I have explained how redefining what society upholds will affect everyone, over and over. If you don't get it after this explanation, then maybe you are incapable of understanding it. You then should not speak for marriage rights advocates or for other groups seeking that status. Changing the very definition of marriage changes the status of any marriage.

One saying applies here...

I can think of one saying that describes the G&L reaction to the passage of Prop 8, and their castigation of the LDS community and threats against those who supported Prop 8?

The guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center.

John Pack Lambert

To jt,
I agree the maligning of Wyoming for the death of Sheppherd is the stupidest incident ever.
Let us see. Sheppherd's killers are both serving LIFE sentances for murder. There is evidence that Shepherd's killer had had sex with men as well as women on some occasions. He was clearly on drugs, and the easiest way to explain the violence was he was in a Meth-induced fit of rage.
Sheperd's death was a cruesome murder, but the people who have used it to call for hate crimes legislation have to misrepresent the facts. Since his killers are serving the maximum penalty for their crime, hate crimes legislation would have done nothing, and the evidence is less than conclusive that the murder of Sheppherd was a hate crime at all.

# of complaints? short time!

This seems odd that so many comments have hit the Des News in a short time of 6 hours.

Is this a concerted effort of a group? Has the Des News been holding these?

Anyone who watches the comments realize that this does not happen here often.

your not victims

Wait, the gay community is being unfair and hatful? who exactly was it that invaded other peoples homes and life's telling them that they where no longer allowed to be married, that their love was not real and cast them as less then the rest of us? Oh thats right the LDS church and other religious organizations. Yes you where very successful in your witch hunt but you are not the first time a successfully fool a majority under the banner of moral self righteousness and fear. Sorry, you do not want to deal with the consequences of your actions but stop trying to play the victim card.

John Pack Lambert

To the 10:58 commentator,
I have never heard of Mark Danzig. I did a wikipedia search for the name and then a google search. I have come up with a Mark Danzig who is a Kmart executive, a Mark Danzig who was an advisor to Obama and may still be, and some other references but am still totally in the dark to what in the world your are talking about.

Comical Radicals

I have to laugh at how a bunch of these idiots, who disregard our form of government by fighting against and protesting the results of a vote, are targeting the Mormon Church in their ranting. Fact is that in California, they may compromise maybe 4% of the total vote. Why are they not protesting the African American or Hispanic population who overwhelmingly supported Prop 8? Churches are an easy and politically correct target. The Mormon church had very little to do with this passing but many like to hate the Mormon church and I guess if it makes you feel better knock yourself out.

East Coast Perspective

It doesnt matter what is or is not going on in massachusetts. Their parental notification laws are different than the laws in california. cali has the strongest parental notification laws around.

I don't think the gays are showing an ugly face. I think they have finally had enough of people telling them what rights they can and cannot exercise based on what some people's religious beliefs are. I'm in a different part of the country, but I can tell you people here are appalled at the Mormon Church and supportive of the gays and lesbians. The east coast is crawling with Repeal H8 stickers. Even the K of C here is decrying the LDS and they were your bedfellows. People know about the priesthood ban on blacks, the ERA defeat, and people know gay LDS members who have been treated deplorably by the church. You can only trample on people's rights for so long before you get called out on it. Its like a poking a kid on the playground repeatedly. You keep poking, you are eventually going to get swatted down.

voted yes

I voted yes on 8, not because I hate, but because I was concerned that an active and vocal minority of the proponents of same-sex marriage would begin to attack and sue religious organizations for believing that marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman. Organized efforts to strip the LDS church of its tax-exempt status suggest that my concerns about religious liberty may be justified...


There are approx 770,000 LDS members in California. That includes men, women and children. As you know Mormons have large families. That could mean that at least half or more are minors and unable to vote. That leaves approx 380,000 voting members. How does 380,000 votes (which some of those 380,000 were against prop 8) compared to the population of California as a whole make such a huge difference that the LDS church is being targeted? Its obvious that not every vote for prop 8 was by a mormon.

John Pack Lambert

To the 12:56 commentator,
I have never watched Rush or Hanity, and I only marginally watched O'Reilly's show about once five or so years ago.
You do not have a right to smoke cigaretts. I am not sure where people keep coming up with these more and more bizarre rights

John Pack Lambert

To those who accuse those of us who do not reveal our addresses of being cowards. I tried to do so, but the Deseret News would not publish my appdress. So it is not my fault that you can not come and find my house to protest in front of it.

The left

Preaches love and acceptance only when you see it there way, then it is ok to be a hypocrite and do hate crimes and persecute those who don't agree with you!

re JPL 12:21

Actually, quite a few states have laws against gay sex on their books (including Utah, btw). They can no longer enforce, them, however, due to the Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence vs Texas. Just so you know.

To davidduke

Are you by chance the same David Duke who was a leader of the KKK or White Supremacist group or something, or just using his name? If you are THAT David Duke I think you hate everyone equally - Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Catholics, Mormons, Christians in general, etc!

I would not be ashamed to belong to any religious group standing up for the beliefs they hold sacred. I applaud the Catholics, the Mormons, the Evangelicals, Baptists, and any others who believe the Bible to be the word of their God, and defend the laws of God as they know them.

REligious Exemption

It shows you weren't educated as to the laws of California or any other state that allows gay marriage...and the Yes on 8 campaign did a great job of distorting the truth. THERE IS A RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION TO THE LAW. No one is forcing clergy to marry other people. Just like Catholics aren't forced to perform marriages for Protestants. And besides, who would want to get married at a place where they aren't welcomed? There are plenty of churches willing and eager to preform same-sex marriages. We don't need the ones who aren't. But again, the law protects against that...EXPLICITLY.

There is an LDS temple in Boston...5 years after marriage equality was one there, have you heard of a single gay person banging on the door there demanding to get married?

But, now you took a way people rights.

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