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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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MT in MD, you hit the nail on the head. Too many people here are talking about gay "rights" that do not exist. Nobody has any special rights in this conflict, and yet the same-sex movement would have us believe that society is somehow depriving them of a "right" when we don't put their unions under the same definition as a marriage. All of their fundamental rights are still intact and protected just like everyone else's. Why do they insist on getting additional "rights" created just for them? If they want to form a unit of society that is different, they have to realize that they are already getting special "rights" when the state grants them the same benefits and privileges that it grants to a family. My single neighbor has great insurance coverage but no family. Should I demand that I be covered under her policy? (After all, we are good friends). Maybe its time for the gay lobby to start being grateful for the special treatment we already give them and stop using religious bigotry and name calling to try to embarrass good people who are just standing up for what they believe in.

learn the law

Marriage is not a right it is a "set of legal obligations!!!!!!" No right was taken from gays in California. They have the right to marry just as I do--- to a person of the oppisite sex! That is the same right that straight people have. As far as their rights go they have the same rights as married straight people do under the cival union and domestic partner laws. So once again I ask what rights were taken from them? NONE They just want the rest of to accept their life style as normal or okay. I believe they have the right to chose the life style they want but---they do not have the right to force me to accept it. All this protesting and distruction only shows the true colors of the oppostion. Is their real mission to distroy religion because most do not agree with them? My advice--if you want the rest of us to take you seriously---stop acting like a spoiled child who didn't get their own way.


cox you are not a member on the LDS church, if you where you would know better. What I have seen is the guy people are not loving people or do not believe in the will of the people. Do you want your own county? Or do you want to live with all American? Have you Guy people seen other go out in the street and act like you, no when the courts said guy marriage was ok no one I mean no one run out is the streets like you. Please stop, Please stop.

laws correct/clarify falsehoods

To Roger Carrier,

No one voted against Gay Marriage. And there was no law passed against Gay Marriage. The law was simply ammended, in order to clearly define what the word marriage already meant.

The law didn't even bother with the terms you use together--Gay Marriage. What is that? If you dissect those words meanings you come up with language that is ambiguous at best.

The nation has yet to pass a law that doesn't allow a gay person to get married--hence no law against gay marriage. That would go against civil rights, which is not the case.

Since marriage involves a man and a woman, I guess for a gay marriage the only requirement is that either the male or the female, or both participants, are gay. I guess. It really isn't defined, is it? Which calls to question, what exactly is gay? Who do we even mean when we use that word? Inclinations or actually acting on those inclinations?

You see, you don't do anyone any favors by not allowing the law to define the ambiguities.

to Mike C

Mike C- "the form of higher taxes, more military service, less available mates for my children, than it is very much my business to vote how I most think will affect my and their future."

First of all, Don't Ask Don't Tell prevents all gay people from serving. So whether or not gays get married doesn't at all effect military service.

Secondly, "higher taxes"- explain to me exactly how gays getting married leads to higher taxes? it doesn't. at all.

Third, "available mates for your children." That's just rediculous. You really want your kid to marry a gay person? I can guarantee you that won't produce children and will leave your kid lonely, miserable, and probably divorced.

So...what's your point? how does it effect you?

its alright

I agree that when people cross the line into threats of violence, violence and destruction of property then they should be arrested and face the consequences of their actions (including being charged with hate crimes if appropriate). However, people have the right to protest and boycott against perceived wrongs. I am not sure exactly why the LDS church and supporters of prop 8 seems so surprised by the protest, when you decide to take a public stand people may take offense and may decide to protest and boycott you. The LGBT community is far from the first to do so, many christen organizations have protested and called for boycotts over perceived wrongs over the years. Democracy and freedom is sometimes messy but it is worth it.


Mike @ 11:04

Can you explain how same-sex marriage will "burden [you] and [your] children in the form of higher taxes, more military service, less available mates for [your] children" ?

That's the thing that has bugged me the most is that this whole thing started because people rallied against something that doesn't affect them in the least bit!

John Pack Lambert

The 14th Admendment bans distinctions in law based on race, but says nothing about distinctions based on sex. There is no provision in the 14th Admendment that bans legal distinctions based on sex.
That was the whole point of the ERA, which was defeated. So there is no constitutional grouds to argue that a law defining marriage as only the union of a man and a woman is not legally binding.
On the other hand there are no laws in any state that criminalize homosexual acts. People can have sex with anyone they want, well, actually there are incest and anti-polygamy laws. Oh, I guess if you really believe that the government should not be prying into people's bedrooms and any two adults have a right to love each other, you should work on repaealing those laws.

less gay tolerance

this gay marriage thing has done one thing for me personally - made me much less tolerant of gays and more determined to see their rights put on ice. I think the entire country has seen the real face of the gay crowd during this campaign and has been angered and frustrated with their behavior.

John Pack Lambert

To Bob,
The use of tithing to defend a sacred institution like marriage is 100% ok by me.
I pay my tithing to the church and trust that the First Presidency, Quorum of the 12 and Presiding Bishopric will use it in a beneficial way. If they don't, they will have to answer to the Lord, not me.
That said, there was very little money used by the church in this campaign. They made an inkind donation of less than $3000 to the Yes on 8 campaign.
The money that people are talking about is the millions of dolars donated by thousands of church members throughout California. Little Juan in the San Fernado Valley probably took the $20 in his piggy bank that he was going to use to fund his mission and gave them to the Protect Marriage people so that his little brother Francisco would not have to be exposed to the idea that a prince can marry a prince in kindergarten.
A member family in San Jose donated a few thousand dollars and then found a hate van parked in front of their house.

Big Dave

Gays have shown their ugly face during this campaign. They have shown their intolerance toward everyone who doesn't see things through the same pair of foggy, screwed up lenses. They have shown their total disregard toward democracy and the vote and voice of the people. They have shown their sleaziness with their internet prop 8 propaganda video's. They have shown all America that they care not for other but only for themselves and are willing stoop to any level to force their twisted ways on people. I know this, I have much LESS tolerance toward this group than before the election.


to 12:11: Thanks for the silly semantics. It's all so clear now.


The problem is, is that everyone knows that they can take cheap shots at the LDS church because most faithful LDS people just let petty things roll of their backs. You see the LDS being targeted in movies, television, and even music. I am not LDS, but it takes strong, admirable people to put up with so much critizism.

As for Proposition 8. No rights were taken away, a definition was made. Deal with it. People voted, and I am sure that there are plenty of gay people that didn't get out to vote. I really think that gay people are enjoying what is going on because they "pride" themselves by making big public disturbances. If Proposition 8 wasn't voted for, they would be partying in the streets, making the same disturbances for people who are just trying to go about their lives. We get it, you are gay, you like being gay. good for you. Do your thing, and stop making yourself a victim.

I know my LDS neighbors befriend everyone, even a cranky old man like me, and I know that most of them have a strong love and tolerance for everyone, including gays.


You Mormons are just a big bunch of crybabies, enjoying your status as the poor persecuted and misunderstood Christians standing up for righeousness.

G&L Hate

The G&L community is the least tolerant, most hateful group of folks I've witnessed in a long time. They want tolernace, love, & respect but show none to others who don't agree to their every demand.

John Pack Lambert

From a statement by ProtectMarriage
"Protests and boycotts have taken place against a Hispanic restaurant owner in Los Angeles, African American religious leaders in the Bay Area, and a musical theater director in Sacramento, among many others."
There is an expanding breadth of hate.
The enemies of prop 8 are engaging in attacks on African-Americans and Latinos. I have seen claims on this board that the citizenship of Latino voters should be revoked. Racial epithets were thrown at African-Americans who showed up with "No on 8 signs" to protest in front of the LA Temple. The pro-same-sex marriage people are so hate filled they vilify their allies.
The main stream media seems to be trying to hide these hate-filled attacks on Latinos and African-Ameircans. I hope the truth gets out soon.

Morals aside...

...these G&L folks are just nasty mean!

To: Rich @ 11:11 a.m.

Hey Rich,

This God that you are talking about that teaches equality, is He the same God that created one man and one woman to begin life on earth? Is He the same God that made it that one man and one woman would need to join together to create life? Or is he a different God than the one that created this world and all things on it?

Sleeping Giant

Married gay couples are filing suits to protect their marriages. If their marriages are now invalid, then Prop 8 is an Ex Post Facto law, clearly in violation of the US Constitution. Article 1, Section 9: No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

If some gays are allowed to wed, and other as not based simply on timing, then California is violating the 14th Amendment by not granting Equal Protection under the Law:

XIV Amendment

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


Reading all these protests and how they are doing it reminds me a lot of how my 5 yea old reacted when I told him we could not get hm a crab for a pet. He pouted, told me I was the meanest dad in the world and told me how unfair it is. One thing that every parent knows... When you child throws a temper tantrum the LAST thing you do is give them what they want.

This is very disappointing and childish behavior, I really wish they would act more mature.

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