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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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How funny is this....gays and lesbians not being tolerant of someone elses beliefs.....for some reason that just seems so funny to me! What was all this mumbo jumbo about accepting everyone and being tolerant no matter what the person thought/believed/loved???????????? Anybody else see something really WRONG with what they say and do??? I DO!!!!!!

California Mormon

I gave a lot of thought to this. At first, I was inclined to vote NO on Prop. 8. Then, upon further reflection I realized marriage is the institution our society (as well as most others) supports in order to encourage procreation and propagation, something so fundamental to human survival. Gay marriages will never answer this need, call it what you will. Gays are clever in trying to define the issue as one of "rights." However, the discrimination here is by Mother Nature who, no matter how we try to distort her, has decreed children will be born only by combining men and women. When Mother Nature is disrespected or ignored, the results are disastrous. So protest against Mother Nature, if you will.Call her a bigot. But she's not going to change her mind anytime soon. I applaud religious leaders wise enough to recognize this and support an institution of procreation and propagation for the benefit of future generations.

Danzig anyone?

"If the religous community forced someone to resign because they supported gay causes; they would get labeled "nazis": well guess what."

Ever heard of Mark Danzig?


Someone should make a list of all the businesses owned by gays so that we can boycot those too!!


To Tom (1:09 am)

You are confused as to how someone could vote yes on 8 and also support gay rights. Well, let me shed some light on that. I live in CA. A little secret that the no folks don't want you to know is that many gays and lesbians voted yes. I personally know a few. A prominent GAY radio talk show host in San Diego (Steve Yuhas) very publically came out in favor of prop 8. They feel that civil unions are sufficient, and don't feel the need to re-define marriage. Look at Elton John's quotes in USA today (he said that gays should be satified with civil unions, and not try to re-define a heterosexual instituion). The "no" folks want you to believe that votine yes equates to hate, homophobia, intolerance, etc. It does not. Many gays voted for 8.


As civil unions in California already guarantee all civil, legal, and partnership rights, it would seem the only thing the lgbt folks are actually fighting for is having their lifestyle accepted by mainstream society.

If this causes more people to embrace it in future, then it becomes everyones concern- as in, is it a good thing or a bad thing for society? Hetero couples have children, who grow up to work, defend the country, pay social security, and a host of other functions for the benefit of society. Why on earth would I wish to mainstream a 'right' which will reduce the ranks of future generations of Americans?

Nobody is preventing people from behaving as they see fit, but it is disingenuous to portray something as a personal right which clearly has ramifications for us all. No, it may not affect my marriage, or turn my children gay, but if it puts more of a burden on me and my children in the form of higher taxes, more military service, less available mates for my children, than it is very much my business to vote how I most think will affect my and their future.


The Gay supporters have just shown who they really are. My impression of the gay movement has just been reduced substantially. So many of them are such bigots. A bunch of cry babies.

Does it end?

So can the polygamists get leagally married now?What about their rights? I'm just saying...

Simple is as simple says

"Those opposed to Prop 8 are just trying to smear the Church."

No one can possible believe this. Everyone is the same?

The church is doing its best to stay above board, although whenever you get into politics you end up aligning with other groups that do not always say what you want said. I am sure the ProtectMarriage alliance said things the church did not totally agree with.

Members on the other hand are saying things that are quite contrary to the mission of the church. This inane comment would be one of those things.


I cannot believe the things that the Deseret News is allowing to be posted. Some of the Pro 8 posters here have been nothing but hateful and prejudice, but for some reason my comments about the LDS church is viewed by them as "offensive" and they don't post my comments.

This is a joke. They are posting hate and prejudice but will not let the other side voice real opposing views and worries.

Good Job Des News, you are completely bias and disgusting.

No H8! Equality is what our God actually teaches.


It's sad when things are sprayed on church buildings, fires are set and businesses and families are trageted. They call it a right to protest. If this was to happen to those who are gay it would be a hate crime. Sad to see they don't feel they have to play by the same rules. Get it on the ballot in 2 years and try again. Funny the gay rights groups raised more money but can't seem to get the votes.


I was in California before the elections and saw the ads that the "Yes on 8" group was running. The ads had NOTHING to do with gay marriage and everything to do with scaring the populous into thinking this was a pro-gay child education bill or a way to get tax money from churches. The LDS and other social conservative organizations crawled into bed with the wrong group and now they want to hide behind their pulpits. You can't have it both ways; you play you pay.

I am not gay, but I am sick of churches trying put their "mission" into legislation. If I am in search of a new god, I'll come looking for you. Until then, leave the me and the rest of us alone!


more bad press for the LDS Church - I was watching the local news here in So-Cal last night and they were covering a protest at a local LA resturant where the owner gave money to Yes on 8, she was quoted as saying I'm Mormon and my Church leaders told me I had to support it" - and we've heard this before in other interviews on TV. Now whether or not this was a cop out does matter, they feel they've been "told" by their leaders and it's just more bad publicity. Like I said, the "Church" should not have gotten involved.

Great comparison Matt

Matt, your 8:37 comment is really useful I think. People should step back and try to see how they would feel and react if the shoe were on the other foot.

Behavior is a right

Speech is a behavior and it is a right.


The early days of the LDS saw persecution much worse that a group of gays could ever level against it. The gay movement is just hurting their cause by turning away people who once supported them. I applaud the church for standing up on this issue.

thank you Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John gets it!!! Read his words in yesterday's USA today. He understands prop 8 was about defining marriage not taking away protections that gay couples have in civil partnerships. He is probably the world's most well known homosexual and I sincerely hope his celebrity will inject reason into this debate. Read the article and send it to everyone you know. I googled his name and found it online.

Protests are fair and healthy

The anti-gay marriage crowd lost a gay marriage ballot question in 2006. How come it was fine for them to put it up again in 2008 instead of just "accepting the will of the majority of voters" and "accept the results." They didn't accept the results the first time. And gays won't accept the results this time, nor should they. If they want to fight for change, good for them!

People also miss the point when they say Mormons would have been nicer had they lost Prop 8 than gays are being. Big deal! Mormon rights weren't at issue, so of course they're not going to be outraged either way. Also, there weren't gay-funded Mormon-bashing commercials, but there were Mormon-funded scaremongering commercials about gay marriage and how it would mean little kids would be inculcated with talk of gay stuff. That's just false, but I guess Mormons are perfectly happy dishing out whatever sells if it accomplishes their purpose. With this 2% Mormon minority outspending the other 98% on this issue, and putting out untruthful ads, I don't know how the Mormons can say with a straight face that they are "perplexed" about being "singled out."


Who is intolerant now?

So if we don't agree with you, and we stand up for what we believe is right, we are bigots? Your logic is flawed because the way this is playing out, it is your way or no way. My view doesn't matter to you, my rights don't matter to you.

We can be tolerant of your life, but when it infringes on my rights, I am going to stand up for what I believe is right, just like you.

It is a democracy, the majority voted, deal with the results.


You would think that a group like the LDS, who have themselves been targets of bigotry over the years, would be more tolerant to other groups who are only trying to advance their own freedoms; to live their lives as they please without causing pain or harm to others.

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