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Published: Thursday, Nov. 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hey "hey both ways"

The fact of the matter is that these people who are protesting are like the spoiled little kid who throws a fit. They didn't get their way, so now they are kicking and screaming. How is that any different then non-obama supporters rallying and protesting becasue they didn't get the presidnet they wanted? I wouldn't care much if they protested only at places like the state-capitol. But they are TOTALLY OUT OF LINE by protesting at mormon temples, catholic cathedrals, among other places. ant the personal attacks are really classless

Righteous Fists

I can't wait for the first gay militant to get in my face for exercising my Constitutional Rights.:#

If asked by the Prophet to defend Church Property I will do it with a Lions Heart.

LDS and proud of it!!!

Talk about having another persons beliefs forced upon you. Truthfully I think that the gay community needs to take a long long look into a mirror. You complain that the LDS are forcing our beliefs down you neck, I have heard "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." I don't like having your beliefs forced on me or my children. If you wanted to have any influence then you should have paused and thought about how you are coming across. Burning books or burning building is illegal, and simply showing hate. I thought that the gay community was a peace loving people. Hmmmm, I am seeing different now. Basically people we can talk and talk till our faces turn blue. They will still do just what they want to do. FREE AGENCY lets them, we just have to sit back and watch them prove just whom is forcing whom to do what they want.


Much easier to promote homosexuality if you have access to the children, and since they can't pro-create they must have the ability to promote. Ask the parents of Massachusetts what rights they have. Frankly it's rather difficult to turn a vice into a virtue, or as the saying goes: A sow's belly into a silk purse."


The anti-8 folks just don't get it. Voters supported prop 8 not because of hate, but because the homosexual lifestyle is twisted and perverse. We don't want that lifestyle portrayed as "acceptable."

Imagine That

So people shouldn't protest? Is that your point? Perhaps the jews should have been more "tolerant" of the Nazis? After all, they would certainly have lost any election expressing "the voice of the people." Same with blacks. The law said they were also separate but equal in this country. Who were they to get "uppity?"

sick and tired

I am just sick of the tantrums thrown by the gay and lesbian movement. If the majority decided to protest and ban businesses who supported the same sex marriage movement then I bet those businesses would change their open position of support against Prop. 8.

The gay movement is "in your face" and act like uncivilized human beings in public. You don't see that kind of behavior with the general public.

I dare the gay and lesbian movement to protest and vandalize the streets of the ghettos and barrios where most of the black and hispanic voters cast their ballots in favor of Prop. 8. They would get --tch slapped! or worse. They target the kind and gentle Mormon Church. Do they really think that Mormon's got people to vote yes that didn't agree with Prop. 8? Come on now... the only people who voted yes were those that believed in the Propositon. No one was asked to vote against their conscience.

Just get over it you whiny babies and "intollerent" ones!


I didn't like the fact that Obama was elected president either, so does that mean I can protest and have the courts change the election outcome? No, I live by the majority rule and will suport my new president.


This entire post prop8 protest is just people venting their frustration with organized religion altogether.
The civil right argument does not hold up since there are NO rights being revoked.

They will never bring themselves to understand the church's position, so all they can do is vent their confusion.

There's no doubt their actions are based on hate.

If only they could understand that the church's position is not.

re: SoWhat | 10:04 a.m.

"Imagine that... There are consequences for your actions. Who would have thought that?" Being a homosexual male who lived through the 80's - when that kind of comment was made about those dying of AIDS - gay activists immmediately cried "bigot". It is ironic that gay activists would now use that same argument to rationalize terroizing those who dare disagree with them.


I don't have a problem that mormons believe that marriage is a divine institute from God I find their ACTIONS discriminative... there is a difference... a lot of gays want to get married to have families...gays are a minority that needs the protection of marriage.


Most Gay and Lesbian individuals are " secular progressive", this live and let live additude does not take in the idea that there are " sacred " things in this world. Most Christians believe that marriage between a man and a woman is " sacred " relationship which includes God. When God organized families it was Adam and Eve period! However, if you do not believe this doctrine, it is hard for someone to understand why keeping marriage between a man and woman is sacred. Therefore, even if the liberal courts throw out Pro 8, most hetersexual marriages , will never ever accept gay marriages as ordained by God, but only something that the liberal courts are inforcing upon society. So gay couples better not think they will ever be accepted as a " normal" part of society, except maybe in areas of the country like San Francisco. As for the passing of Pro 8 by the religious community, well, Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple, because they were violating " sacred things".

Please boycott us

To gay rights activists:
There has been a lot of talk about boycotting Utah. Please step up the effort on this. An added bonus would be for you to talk Robert Redford into boycotting us as well. Things are really looking up for our great state. Keep up the good work. Boycott away. The less wing nuts around here the better.

Semantics, Schmantics

I agree with Sir Elton John. I don't care about calling my relationship marriage (my partner and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary next labor day by the way). As long as there are the legal protections in civil union laws regarding taxes, probate, etc. etc., then I'm good. I can always have a Hallmark moment "marriage" ceremony at any number of denominations and churches (American Baptist, UCC, etc. etc.)

The problem is in Utah, courtesy of Amendment Three the State Constitution forbids anything even remotely looking like civil unions that recognizes gay and lesbian relationships. So I can understand the push for legal recognition via "marriage".

It's the same catch 22 as in the reproductive rights arena. Politicized religious folks don't want abortions but they wont allow sex ed, or birth control that would prevent them. The same "all or nothing" people don't like gay marriage but they won't allow civil unions. You can't have your cake and eat it too.


California, where voting is considered a hate crime.


reaping what you sow | 7:12 a.m. Nov. 13, 2008
The LDS Chruch has transformed itself into a political movement that uses the power of religion to demand contributions to a particular cause. As such, the LDS Church has lost its authority to speak as if it were something other than a fully-owned subsidiary of the Republican party. 70% of anti-gay donations to Prop Hate came from Mormons. I and others will be boycotting all Mormon-owned businesses, starting with Marriott.

What a load of left wing nonsense. Obama took in millions during his campaign, a lot of that donated by Gay organizations. There are many of us who did not support Obama and still don't. So I guess that makes us bigots eh since we are according to you REAPING WHAT YOU SOW, the Church has turned itself into a political movement and is a fully- owned subsidiary of the Republican Party. What a truly pathetic joke and liar you are! I'm an Independent, LDS from Montana, and never was coaxed for a dime to support Prop 8. Hey, you want to boycott Marriot, go ahead as I'm sure you have them shaking in their shoes!


well utah, join us wyomingites. we are considered a hate crime state because of the isolated incident in laramie years ago with matthew shephard. someone does something and everyone is branded. its a sad thing. the gay community is showing their colors and their prejudice by singling the mormons out. well kudos to everyone who voted against same sex marriage. the gay community will have to answer to God soon enough. I see nowhere in the bible where He says it is good and right.


Ya know, gays talk A LOT about being tolerant of everyone and accepting EVERYTONE no matter how they are....GGEEEE I sure find it funny that as soon as anyone opposes what they stand for they go on the attack....talk about a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!

I saw on tv last night an 80 yr old woman carrying a cross get attacked by a crowd of protestors. They tore the cross our of her hands and stomped it into the ground. Im sorry, but after that gays get no sympathy from me. Nothing but a bunch of HYPOCRITES.


Re RR saying it's a life that will never give them true happiness because they can NEVER have children. Why choose to live your life like that? We can have chidren and 90% of us do and continue too. I have 3 kids and have been with my lover for 25 yrs, longer than alot of MARRIED COUPLES and VERY HAPPY. My children are very successful and happy. I don't need a pieace of paper to be happy most straight couples can't even be happy or stay married with that piece of paper. But I will fight for other stronger rights and we will win them in the furture we just need to focus and stick together. The constitutional process is now to look at why we lost, regroup and redefine your message and then look toward a future vote again.
civil Partnership is ok with me. I like what Hogwash and Jayce Cox had to say. We can achieve what we want we just need to take our time and do it the right way.

To Jeffrey Nielsen 6:17am

"How is this any different from the case of Jeffrey Nielsen...."

You ask a very good question. Here are what I see as differences.

While the Musical Theatre community may be "heavily" gay, I doubt that it is 98% gay, or owned by an institution that is gay by formal declaration.

Nielsen knew when he wrote the letter what the likely consequences would be since it is outlined in his formal contract. The people in this story had neither knowledge nor a formal agreement prohibiting them from their support.

I would imagine Nielsen sought out BYU as an employer specifically for what it purports to be. The businesses being boycotted did not specifically seek out gay clientele.

The boycotters are publicly discouraging ALL people from frequenting the targeted businesses. The analogy to Nielsen's case would be if BYU went about discouraging other universities or employers from hiring Nielsen. This did not happen.

BYU's motivation is to maintain an atmosphere conducive to their view of a unique learning environment. The motivation for the boycotts, I would argue, is out of revenge and intent to harm.

No more room. Just thought I'd chime in. Cheers.

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