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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Free Speech

It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is singling out supporters of Equal Marriage Rights for speaking up as part of their democratic right in a free country.

While those who disagree with Equal Marriage Rights, such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have the right to make their feelings known, it is wrong for it to target advocates of Equal Marriage Rights for being part of the democratic process.


Ironic that the LDS would feel persecuted as they actively and effectively persecuted gays and lesbians in California. Once again religion shows just how un-American it actually is -- Utah! brilliant. I will join the boycott.


wow! church can mobilize its zombies to affect other people but complain when they push back??? They need to learn that non mormons resent them foe butting their heads into their lives. If you need examples: Utah liquor laws, Prop 8,......

John Pack Lambert

I hope we can follow the teachings of Jesus and respond to hate with love.


How should one read this? "Don't just pick on us?"

The LDS Church has been singled out because it has taken the lead on Prop 8, and is especially harsh in its treatment of homosexual members and especially apologetic in its defense.

No other church proscribes so viscerally to member families dealing with a gay son or daughter, an approach so imbued with rejection.

Show me a modern Catholic family that is as destroyed by this as most active LDS families are?

The LDS Church has been front and center and undivided on this issue. Other churches are happily keeping their collective heads down.

Bro. Sam

I agree


The statement used the term "mutual respect and civility" with regard to each other. Maybe if religion would stay out of it and let their god take care of it, instead of saying they're doing "his work," there would be some mutual respect. He/she/it didn't need help creating the world. I think he/she/it is capable of dealing with this issue without the need of religious groups and others outlawing same-sex marriage.

get real

You who have commented on this article crack me up. If you would read the last paragraph of the statement you would see that the church has no problems with a civil and respectful discussion. It is the verbal attacks on both sides of the issue they are decrying. They are asking others to grow up and respect the opinions of all, not just their opinion.

What happened....

...to the American sense of fair play? That's democracy, folks. Both sides stated their arguments and a vote was held. Sure, LDS members donated money and time towards their agenda. The gay activists have been throwing time and money at their agenda, too. Both sides made their case and the people of California cast their vote. NOBODY HERE IN UTAH CAST A VOTE FOR THIS PROPOSITION! We may have shown our support, but it was ultimately up to the citizens of California ALONE. Well, they made their decision. If the Proposition would have failed, the LDS church would not be picketing and protesting and yelling "Shame On You!" We would respect the choice of the people of California. If we can serve as a whipping boy for all that pent up frustration, confusion, and personal turmoil, however, we have big shoulders and we can let 'em vent for a bit. It still won't change the fact that the majority of Californians do not want to see deviancy re-classified as marriage.


And if prop 8 had failed, the same protesters would be out in force, rallying around the same temples and telling the world how awful the LDS people are.


As a Californian Mormon, I didn't know we had so much clout in California. Mormons make up less than 2% of the population of California. There are approximately 800,000 LDS out of a total population of approximately 34 million and we got Prop 8 passed all by ourselves. What an accomplishment to do it all alone!

to deseretmichael:

How did the LDS church specifically persecute the gays?

the truth

You gays, enough with the hate and intolerance already.

I mean, really, it is like you have no sense at all.

the truth

All you Gays, enough with Hate and Intolernce already!

You lost. The majority chose otherwise. NO matter how you sum up the democratic process, you lost.

Constitution gave you the right of free speech to convince others and the majority disagreed.

That how this republic works constitutionally.

Any church has the righ to interject themselves in any state and in any moral debate they see fit.

The church....

shouldn't feel bad about getting singled out by the gays and lesbians. Let them scream it out. The church is morally right to pursue such an issue and it's never ever about politics.

Keep up the good work LDS and other churches who also donated money to Prop 8. They can scream all they want and I will keep winking at them as they walk by me with their idiotic signs and rants...


The gays make me sick. The Church has a right to speak on decisions as directed by God through our Prophet. No other institution, religious or otherwise has this authority. Get over it all you gays, the word has been spoken and the Church has taken action. It was the right thing to do and one day you will thank the Church for this action.

Re: What Happened.....

Well said...


I think Hinckley would have handled this a lot better than President Monson. He was much more media savvy. Its possible to get views across without getting peoples backs up.

Danny C.


LDS Church: Are you done yet?


LDS Church: *looks at watch* Still waiting. This could take a while. Let's get back to our plans for the Christmas show...

The Deuce

For xscribe: Let's just say for argument sake that there is a God. Do you really want he/she/it to handle the situation? The are a few accounts in the Bible where God handled things him/her-self and the result was not pretty. Are you sure you want this?

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