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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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With respect to the voice of the people being heard, -no one- should ever vote discrimination into law or directly into the Constitution, and any time such legislation occurs, it is always declared unconstitutional, because such laws infringe on our equal and unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and per our fourteenth amendment to the US Constitution, no state shall "deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." There are some very good reasons why we have a judicial branch in the United States, and I can't understand why some people rush to the argument that the will of the people have spoken with respect to this specific proposition when this is in fact an argument inherent in unconstitutionality and therefore invalid to our Country.

Cambodian Girl

I read this article and then I looked at the obituaries to see who died. I thought after looking at their names ...."I am so thankful they are out of this messy world and on to bigger and better things!"

In the long run, we will all die and then what we did here on earth will stare us in the face. I hope, at least for myself, that I stood steadfast and unmovable in what was the right thing to do and not just what I wanted to do. At least my soul will be at peace.


Wish I could be in Salt lake or in California to support the church and it's position but I encourage all within the vacinity to SLC to be there. It is not the people we hate but what they do that is contrary to the laws of god. We are only trying to save you from your ignorance and teach you that the way of truth and from eternal suffering for a few years of sinful pleasure. Be humble and learn to listen to the still small voice and not the screams of lucifer. Who is on the lord side who? stop kicking against the pricks.


the church as every right to speak out about gay marriages. we don't have to agree.

RE: Pete

If you read "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx, he said the exact same thing. Eliminate marriage and swear alligience to the state. Are you in favor of Marxism?

What ARE they teaching in schools?


Dear Gay Brothers & Sisters, reason LDS doctrine teaches against homosexuality because of the pre-existence where satan and his angels rebelled against Heavenly Father and 1/3 were cast out of heaven, and lost their opportunity to obtain bodies on earth that could have helped them to progress like our God the Father, but they chose evil. And you gay people are part of the 2/3 who followed Christ and received a body here on earth. we are tested by faith & obedience to all God's commandments. We are a part of God's creation to give bodies to us as a part of the plan of salvation and eternal progression. Satan & his devils are jealous and miserable because you have a body and they are excited to be around & inside you when you commit homosexual behavior. Satan fosters gay actions to attempt to destroy God's plan. Gays who feel gay are not sinners but doing the behavior is wrong. Why some born gay? we dont know, I was born disabled, I dont know but there's a purpose we have to learn to care our bodies as temples of God. Wo, wo, be unto those who disobey God!


DOUBLE WIN: I hope they DO boycott Utah--Forever!!!
WIN 1: Victory on Prop. 8
WIN 2: They choose to stay away.
That's a WIN-WIN and it doesn't get any better than that!

Those Leaving Over This

To those leaving the church over this: Your testimonies obviously weren't sufficient to get you there anyway. You have just been waiting for some excuse to leave the church. Hopefully you can change that and realize the truth.

Its a Definition

The LDS church is extremely tolerant and loving of homosexuals. Prop 8 was about maintaining the definition of marriage (between a man and a woman), which has been established, accepted, and cherished for thousands of years by nearly every human that has ever lived. This is the fundamental unit of civilized society. How can a minority group expect to change such a long accepted definition and fundamental tenet of civilization?

Homosexuals have rights through civil unionsthose were not affected by Prop 8. If the civil union rights are not sufficient, then homosexuals should focus energy on that, not re-defining marriage.

RE: Tasha

Tasha, the LDS Church did not give money to Prop 8. The members did. Conversely, LDS members also gave to the Anti-8 campaign.

Religious organizations protesting government legislation is NOTHING new. Throughout history we have seen numerous religious organizations expressing views that would affect the morality of the people. Tasha, this is something called FREE SPEECH. The Church's did not invade civic organizations or schools to foist their views on people, not did governments invade Churches to command assent. Just because one belongs to a Church, does not mean we can not "petition the government for a redress of greivances" as stated in the 1st Amendment. The Government CAN NOT take my rights to be LDS, and as an LDS member I CAN petition the government.

Take a civics class.

Texas Interested

If I were in Salt Lake tonight, I'd go down and stand in support of the LDS people.

If you are in Salt Lake, go now.

I want my rights too

I am left handed, bald and over weight. God made me this way! I want special rights! If you don't pass laws that I can get special rights, I will march and carry signs around your church!


I hope the First Presidency reads the comments of its membership on these boards. That message of not being contentious is really setting in so well.


The amount of ignorance in these comments is truly mind-blowing. The majority of the people who posted comments about this article have argued that it is unfair for proponents of gay marriage to target the LDS church for their support of Prop 8, because many other religions, races, etc. also worked in favor of Prop 8.

What you all are failing to realize is that members of the LDS church contributed an estimated $20 million dollars to the Yes on 8 campaign - that is more than half of the total amount of money received by the campaign. Acegrace posted, "Are these protesters not aware that the LDS were only 1% of the population of California..." Yes, the protesters are aware that members of the LDS church are only 1% of the California population. That is precisely whey the LDS chuch is being protested against. We are angry that members of the LDS church contributed over 1/2 of the money to Yes on 8 but make up such a small percentage of Californians. When you look at the numbers and the facts, it's quite easy to see why the LDS church has become the target of gay marriage supporters.


Its a human rights issue; no one should be treated differently under the law. Thats called discrimination. NO church should function as a political action group as the mormons have done. . I wish I could come and protest!


Oh it's a choice now?

To "sad"

"God" has nothing to do with this. This is about CIVIL marriage and equality before the LAW for all citizens of the United States. To say "God intended it" is like saying Donald Duck intended it.

Let em Protest

I invite controversy. It is the BEST thing to increase membership. The true in heart will investigate, understand the promptings of the Spirit, and convert. It has happened over and over again since 1830. The more we are hated, the more we are in the public eye, the more public curiosity, the more investigation, and more people are converted.

We saw it in the late 70's and 80's in So Cal, Nationally with the ERA controversy (similar arguements here as well) and when ever we get FREE NATIONAL PRESS.

CHEERS TO THE PROTESTORS!!! Smile and Wave everyone


@ It's not a 'rights' issue:

When Mormon people look for someone to marry, this is often done within the confines of the church, is it not? A lot of Mormon people, particularly here in Utah, only want to date other Mormons.

Isn't being LDS a choice? For further help, since being gay is apparently a choice, would you please tell us when you chose to be straight? If you chose to be LDS, and it's a choice, then choosing to be gay implies that someone had to consciously make that decision. So when did you choose? Because I know I never chose to be gay. It surprised the heck out of me, that's for sure!

The Church has gone to far!

The Church is upset? PLEASE!!!! There is a CLEAR separation of Church and State in this country. No "Faith Based Organization" that receives a "Tax Exempt" status should be making any financial contribution to any Political or Constitutional cause. Leave the financial donations to the people actually voting and not the organization that they are blindly following. I hope to god that we get back to a clear separation of church and state. Without true separations we are no different that the middle east countries whose governments will put a woman to death for getting raped and talking about it.. there is a place for Religion beliefs but when it strips right of people that dont subscribe to it.. its gone too far. Im DISAPOINTED to be a Mormon. The Church should be ashamed and Start Paying taxes just like I do if it wants to play this way.

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