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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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18,000 Couples!

There were an estimated 18,000 married same sex couples (36,000 people) who were legally married. Now, with a stroke they are not?

What would you do?


The right decision was made to encourage support and protection for traditional marriage. The hate that is coming out from the gay community proves that there is a different agenda that is very destructive. The LDS Church speaks highly of all people but encouraged its members to help with moral decision in protecting marriage.


It really bothers me that the gays are being so nasty about it. It is exactly how they don't want to be treated. I don't know any LDS people who spew hatred like they are doing towards us. It was a democratic vote and they should respect that opinion just as we try to respect their lives. Also, we have given up so much. Just let us have this one last thing. We took prayer out of school, we don't teach creationism instead that man came from an ape, we don't salute the flag or say Merry Christmas anymore. Why can't they respect our opinion? Why can't they listen to our concerns? Just let us have our most sacred right saved. They can be married in the civil courts. Nobody argues that but PLEASE just let us keep our marriage definition.

What if Prop 8 Failed?

So if Prop 8 had failed - the Gay and Lesbian Community was fully expecting all 10 Million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to protest...right?

And then on Thursday all 1 Billion Catholic Church members - would take over?

And then by Friday - all the other Californians who voted in favor of Prop 8 - they'd take it on through the weekend?


How ridiculous it is to single out a group of people for acting on their freedoms and voting to preserve marriage (especially when everyone knows not all LDS folks voted in favor of the Proposition).

Of course they wouldn't protest the African American community - 80% of which voted in favor of the proposition - they'd really be called intolerant, bigoted and racist then.

This all sounds pretty intolerant to me. What about all the theft and vandalism of yard signs - that was all in the spirit of tolerance and love too right?

Tom in CA

Re: Joe H @3:23

"Half of the people in CA are Mormon"????

And you thought Palin was stupid.

Being from Idaho I

supported Proposition 8 of MY OWN FREE WILL AND CHOICE. So protesters come on down and march around my home. Looking forward to it.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints said, "It is wrong to target the church and our sacred places."

Well, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints targeted the heart of my home and my family when they compelled followers to send money into California's Prop. 8 battle.

That's right. I have a home and a family and the church decided to protest it--even though I never once denigrated their institution. Not once. I see that people overwhelmingly support the Church's right to infiltrate my home and family, but are afraid that gays will storm their sacred temple? I am ashamed of you all.


Since 72% of African Americans and 58% of hispanics voted YES on Prop 8, are they going to Protest the NAACP and ATZLAN organizations as well?


Re: Michelle

Thank you very much! That's all I wanted to know. I'll definitely be there.

John Thompson

I don't understand how the rights of homosexuals can be determined by a popular vote in the way we vote for highway bonds or more sidewalks. No other group in the country has to seek the approval of the electorate for their civil rights. To deny to one group the possibility of EVER marrying (and ignoring the likelihood that we will one day understand sexual orientation better than we do today) does not sound like it will stand up in court. I don't think this is over.

Re: Re: Rights

I can make ridiculous comments and comparisons too. We've had this aspect of society for thousands of years, and now gay rights activists want to change it in less than 40 years.

Take comfort in how fast things are moving. The civil rights movement was 50 years ago, and now we've got a black man who will be president in 3 months. Do you seriously doubt that homosexual marriages will be commonplace in another decade?


Do you know that in Victorian times people used to be jailed for choosing to be homosexual? We've come a long way since then as tolerance and acceptance of the practice are pretty commmonplace. How many TV shows or movies can you think of that involve at least one homosexual couple? However, even though homosexuality may be tolerated, that doesn't mean it should be recognized in the same way as traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

But precendence isn't the only reason why I think it was important for the Church to get involved with the passage of Proposition 8. It's also contrary to our very beliefs as a Church and might set the precendence for other states to follow, and isn't the point of free speech to stand up for things we believe in? We may not agree with it, but at least we weren't attacking those who choose to practice it. Before yelling about the evils of bigamy, perhaps those sqwakers ought to take a close look at themselves first.


No one is pathetic, gay or straight.

I firmly believe that one should never vote to eliminate rights solely on religious beliefs, as we all have the freedom to religious belief and should be respected for this freedom.

The weekend before Election Day, millions received robo-calls stating how Barack Obama did not believe in gay marriage, but the robo-call failed to mention that he was against Proposition 8 as well. Some people widely believe that this robo-call significantly influenced the black population to heavily vote Yes on 8, and it can be argued that the vote may have swung the other way had this group of people known that Barack was directly against this proposition. The omission of this truth from the robo-call is as bad if not worse than a lie. The robo-calls were funded by Yes on 8 money, and over 40% of this entire campaign it came from Mormons.

Not to mention businesses financing the No on 8 campaign were threatened with blackmail letters signed in part by the head of the Mormon religion.

So many people everywhere believe that this religion needs to be held accountable, and I see good reason for this protest.


The battle is moving from the ballot box to the street.History seems to repeat itself.When the early saints became a strong political power in Navoo and Missouri, the non church community rose up against the saints hence the saints did in fact bring many of their problems on to themselves.I would hope that this will not happen in our days concerning Prop 8.Its one thing to be right but its another thing to be right and cause a riot.We dont know what the oposition is capable of but we will soon find out.Personally I think america is gearing up for a blood bath.Ask yourself "Am I ready to defend my beliefs with a shotgun?"Someday it will come down to that.

This is America

The Church exercised their legal right to campaign against something they saw as bad for America. They did it legally and with class. Remember this is the same country that allowed a church like the Mormon church, to be established, and last I heard, they still allow Mormon missionaries to go out and "preach".

So why would the church want to deny these protesters their right to do the same thing. Campaign for something they believe is good for America. I just hope they do it with class, which is not what I've seen in the past. (I got an egg thrown on me walking into temple square to go to the visitor center.)

Hmmm. . . .

Wow, this sorta reminds me of when I was little and my little league team won a championship on a last second three. Legit win,but the losers couldn't handle it. On the bright side, it will be fun to see what crazy things Rocky Anderson will come up with to further delegitimize his standing in the world of rational thought. Enoy yourselves.

Friend of Church

As a person of color, I'm discussed that gays would try to equate there situation to be a " civil rights" issue. They have no clue. This a moral issue, which my good BABTIST up bringing agrees with. This is about protecting families and the proper upbringing of children, and not the protecting individuals with serious mental illness. YOu will not change anything by harrassing people, it will just make them angry and they will fight harder to defeat you. I also do not want to hear bigot, and all that nonsense. This protest is about power and nothing else. I hope it snows and snows and snows.


Gay rights activates can blame themselves for losing the Prop 8 battle. Voters, concerned for their children, saw what happened in Massachusetts when schools forced children to read pro-gay propaganda and parents could do nothing to stop it. They heard about the San Francisco kindergarten class who went on a field trip to see a lesbian wedding and the principal called it a "teachable moment". They probably even read about the California kindergarten class who were given gay pledge cards to sign. All the claims from the NO on 8 people who said this had nothing to do with schools were exposed as lies. Now everyone is witness to what happens when gay activates don't get their way in a fair election. They focus on an easy target, the LDS church, and reveal their own bigotry and intolerance.


As a married heterosexual woman, I know I would be outraged if my marriage was put up to a popular vote and then taken away. I just can't understand why so many people think it's OK to vote to take away people's rights. The majority is not always right. If it were, legal racial discrimination would still exist. And yes, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1967 wrote that marriage is a fundamental human right, so please don't try to tell me that marriage isn't a civil right.


This was more about MY RIGHT to have my voted counted. When the Judges THREW OUT my vote in 2000 for their agenda, they said MY VOTE DOES NOT COUNT--NO MATTER WHAT. Why vote if a judge can say "Sorry I don't agree"?

Prop 8 WILL NOT be overturned, for to do so throws out OUR RIGHTS to elections and places OUR VOTE in the hands of judges.

Rights? MY RIGHT TO VOTE SUPERCEDES THEIR "RIGHT" to MARRY (US Constitution Art 1, 2, 4, 6,7)


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