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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Tired of uneducated protestors

Actually, more money was contributed to the "No on Prop 8" side than the "Yes". It's interesting to note this, especially since the protestors keep trying to use it as their excuse to target the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please educate yourselves first about such an issue, then you can protest all you want, with correct information.

a new lather to get into

Is it just me or is it rather disturbing that gas prices have fallen 50% in the past couple weeks?

Smells of cheese being dangled in front of a trap.


Eric Larsen

I doubt anyone will read my comment, but I have to say that I don't agree with homosexuality. I believe it is against the Plan of Salvation, and is therefore wrong. I choose to use my understanding of gospel principles to guide other aspects of my life. To segregate the two would be to live two lives (I believe most people refer to that as being a "Sunday Mormon").

I have read numerous reports and law briefings on the subject of Proposition 8, but my fundamental support of Proposition 8 stems from my understanding of the entire Plan of Salvation. I'm sure there are statistics of all sorts to be quoted on both sides of the argument. When people understand what the Plan of Salvation is and how each one of us fits into that plan, I think it puts this whole issue in perspective.

I hope there can be mutual understanding on the matter. This will be a subject most bishops in the Church will need to address, and therefore must understand. On the other hand, there needs to be understanding from the LGBT following of why Mormons believe what they believe.


The Mormon church and the Catholic church et. al. unite to persecute another minority then have the nerve to complain that the persecuted demonstrate to protest the churches' backing of the stripping of another minorities' rights? What do they expect? When they attack someone they should expect to be attacked back, and rightly so. And none of these so called "Christian" churches has any record of acting in any way like Jesus himself taught. He never condemned homosexuals, but he sure condemned the rich and when is the last time you heard any of these "Christian" churches condemn the rich and call for them to be excluded and denied equal rights under the US constitution and bill of rights in our supposed secular state? Never, they wouldn't want to lose all that money. Hypocrites all!

The Mormon church has a short memory. They forget a very similar thing was done to them in the 1800s in Idaho when the Republican party (as usual) passed a constitutional amendment to remove Mormons' citizenship because they were disgusted by Mormon beliefs (doesn't this sound familiar now?). Those rights were not restored officialy until the 1980s.

Religion is what separates us from God.


Mormon and Catholic churches now MUST marry ANY heterosexual couple or be sued because of their arguments for prop. 8.

I created a youtube video on the subject... please search for fightbackon8 on youtube.

Their lies can be legally used against them.

Roger Carrier

Watch the Keith Olberman video on gay marriage (Countdown with Keith Olberman). He makes a good point in my opinion.

To Roger Carrier

I protest and boycott your opinion. (It doesn't matter whether or not it makes a good point -- if it's different than what I think, then I will protest and boycott you!)


Change is inevitable. Change is coming. Deal with it.


The church chose this gay marriage issue because Lesbians and Gays are a very small minority and thus easy to pick on. Lesbians and gays just want to be let alone. They are all too well aware of how many people regard them.
Mormons are a very small minority who constantly try to recruit new members and yet number only 12,000,000. Those within the bubble have no idea how unpopular Mormons are with many citizens.
They will now find out.

Supporter for Prop 8

I support Prop 8 because the marriage between a man and a woman has been around for thousands of years. I don't have a problem with gay couples being together. I don't support the idea of gay marriage. Also, the LDS church did what the constitutional rights give them, the right to give the members what views to take and decide themselves. The church does not force members to do anything. The gay community needs to realize that other churches were involved in this too. The gay community and those who oppose Prop 8 are being disrespectful to the right of free religion.


Right on... how else could you gays be born to this life if God's commandment that man and man be married, or woman and a woman be married? Maybe you should change prop. 8 from marriage to partnership or something. Why don't you just live together and leave marriage alone for a man and a woman! Please go home...


Religion is the root of all evil. It creates division between people all over the world and yet time over time again people dont see it. Why cant we live and let live. The world would be a better place if we did do that. Mormons fighting over one simple word "marriage". I think its stupid and a total waste of time trying to defend its definition. Gays on the other hand are fighting for the right to be treated equally as any other american citizen. See the difference now mormon brothers and sisters? There are gays born everyday and the day will come when we shall rise to overcome your bigotry.

Roger Carrier

Lets agree meet on the steps of the Utah State Capitol at 1:00 PM on July 1, 2020. By then, this issue will be resolved, and I will accept your admission that gay marriage was no big deal.

If I'm lucky, I'll be 74, and I hope you live a long and happy life like me.

The arguments of the opponents of gay marriage are easily turned into the stuff of satire with a simple question. Will the marriage of Jim and Bob of Arbuckle City, California, really lead to the destruction of the United States of America? Answer: Of course, not.

The following countries have legalized same-sex marriage, and straight marriages have continued or increased and divorce rates have not changed: Netherlands (2001), Belgium (2003), South Africa (2005), Spain (2005), Canada (2005), and Norway (2008).

Its fine to oppose gay marriage, but dont make a law against it. Dont restrict a persons free agency.

The percentage of people who favor gay marriage will continue to rise until gay marriage becomes the subject of a well-deserved yawn. The young straight people will be the yawners as the old fogies of my generations leave the stage.


Gays have the same rights as heterosexuals when it comes to marriage. A Gay man can marry a women if he choses. The definition of marriage is between a man and a human. It should not be based on your changeable desires. www.anotherway.com if you want to change. You can learn to like or dislike anything. The biggest lie told is that you can not change what you like. I say the truth does make you free. Knowing that you can change what you like is the most positive message you can know.


What is wrong about the whole thing in this case is that four activist judges abused their judicial power and decided to create law. The three descending judges wrote a scathing letter against.
Proposition 8 was about democracy and the peoples will. The four judges should be impeached for abuse of power. Marriage is between a man and a woman. If Gay man wants to marry women, he has that right. If a Lesbian wants to marry a man, she has that right.

Roger Carrier

I believe those judges were appointed by Republican governors. You can't vote away rights. We life in a republic, not a pure democracy.

Alex: Read my post. The train has left the station. You just don't know it yet. Gay marriage is coming, and it will be good for America (I'm straight, married 40 years by the way).


when the united states government took utah from the polygomist utahians that was democracy at work?-"democracy" had an impact on utah in the 19th century and now a similar "democracy" has no impacted california in the 21st century. you would all be in plural marriages right now if it weren't for "democracy." you can believe that the church doctorine changed through divine intervention, but I'm pretty sure it was at the barrell of a gun. look at yourselves before casting stones. polygamy was a choice, not a divine right...homosexuality is inborn, it is not a choice.


While I live in Utah and don't care for the LDS church or their way of doing things, Marriage is between a man and a woman. This does not mean that life partners should not be able to choose who they want to leave their things to should they pass on, or that they should not be able to visit their partner in the hospital. But marriage, no that is for a husband and a wife. If people really want to be upset with what the LDS church does then read of the what they believe, find out why African Americans where excluded from so many things in their church. The truth behind what they teach will scare the heck out of you and you will see why they are so nuts.


Roger: I read your post. Many people are mistaken that you are going to see immediate repercussions on this social experiment. Take a look at what has happen to our public schools when values were removed from it by judges. It use to be that we worried about chewing gum but now we are worried about shooting guns.


Roger: It does't matter who appointed the judges.
The bottom line is that they created law by redefining what marriage was originally designed to be. The right for women and blacks to vote was decided by legislature and not by judges. That is why thoses issues are not controversial. Like I said before, a Gay man can marry a woman and Lesbian can marry a man. They have the same rights that I do. Redefining marriage through corrupt activist judges is not the way to make change.

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