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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Broad Strokes

To Joe H 3:23

Everybody knows half the population of California is Latino, half is Asian, and half is other.

Enough hyperbole, and no more stupid comments.

Protesting Democracy

Let them protest. The last time there was a protest against the Church's own rights in downtown Salt Lake City that also included Frmr. Mayor Rocky Anderson (Main Street Plaza issue), the Church won it's case.

I suspect the same will happen again. Especially as the protests catch national attention and demonstrate the gay rights activists' very own animosity toward their neighbors.

Also, over 45% of America didn't want Obama to win, but you don't see them taking to the streets. Democracy prevailed in both cases.


When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the decision to become involved in a political question, it became fair game for political protest. When any church or religion takes a political position, as opposed to a religious position, it opens itself up to political protest. The Church should bear this in mind the next time it gets involved in political issues.


This is the second time in my life where I have seen the Church express its desire to tell its members how to respond in a political situation. The Church made its self very vocal and opened themselves up to this. If you continually try to keep people down, they will eventually feel the need to respond. This community is expressing their voice in the only way they know how.

I know people with the Church have been concerned and divided over this issue. Not all Mormons are hateful or fearful of homosexuals. I am sorry that the religion of my birth responded in this way. I hope that the protest is peaceful. The message will be much more successful if it is.

And, just so you know, this vote on Prop 8 was close. Not a mandate, but a sign that things are changing. Inclusiveness and tolerance are not bad things.
So are love and compassion.


The Church itself might not have donated directly, but it used its vast infrastructure to mobilize others and spread misinformation. Every argument made by the Yes side was debunked by LDS lawyers themselves. The Church deserves the protests just as they did the protests back in the 1970s when they were discriminating against blacks.


Who cares if they march on Temple Square. The important thing is that the Church helped save the institution of marriage by taking away people's right to marry a consenting adult with whom they are sexually compatible.


To: Luvswomen

I enjoy your statement that: "actions like this prove (the church) is not (the true church)".

How quaint. I am sure that the Lord would have leaders of his true church moisten their fingers and hold them up to see which direction the winds of society were blowing. He would then direct them to change His doctrines so they were in line with what society happened to believe at the moment.

That doesn't happen to be a church I am interested in. I'm shopping around for something that is fixed and immutable.

And I am NOT interested in lifestyles that are fixated on morals from the sewer. I AM very tired of the gay community portraying themselves as victims. I've also had it with them trying to take over what is taught to our children in schools. I've seen what has happened in Massachusetts; it is time to stop the gay's blatant attempt to take over our rights as parents.

Go ahead and have your protest at Temple Square. You are only trying to assuage your collective guilt.


I just want to say that the reason the assembly is at the LDS Church is because they donated 21 million dollars against these people. It has nothing to do with people going out of their way to go against the church. It has to do with the church going out of its way to go against them. I think its a strong union of people that will be there and I am very proud that at least the right is still there to have your voice heard. And for those posting the church has never told the members how to vote go and listen to the news! That is exactly what they did this time not only calling for the vote but for members to put in time and money into the campaign!!! Pay attention people. Get out of your sheltered lives and look around you. Preach love and follow up the preaching by the action. Taking something from the book of James but changing up a little bit, "Faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine." Spread the love by works not just talk.


The protest, as I understand it, is more symbolic, to show that we won't simply back down after the Proposition 8 vote. Constitutional amendments can be created, but they can also be repealed. Don't expect this to end here. The next election, I won't be surprised if a new proposition shows up on the California ballot to overturn Proposition 8's amendment.

Much like the LDS Church has conferences, organizing to promote unity, so too does the gay community. I'm going mostly because it sounds like it could be fun. I don't think it's proper to criticize a church, but they painted a target on their backs by promoting Prop 8.

And the reason I think the LDS Church is particularly singled out is their own sordid history with America and the pursuit of non-traditional marriage.

Democracy VS. Equality

Democracy has spoken. What I can't understand is why those who are gay want to sacrifice democracy for the sake of "equality" (whatever that is).

Denying the Church and its members the right to voice their opinion on moral issues by right of vote is unconstitutional. Democracy has spoken.


Just like the civil rights movement, gays and lesbians will eventually get their rights, it will just take time. So I don't mind that the church spent so much money on trying to get prop 8 because in the end they will lose this "battle" and the only difference is they will be poor...and for what? So they could get the attention off of their polygamists and onto a diff group?...hmm I wonder...

And to all you protesters.. You go! :)

The Shoe Doesn't Fit

"Tolerance" for bigotry and the denial of civil rights is NEVER justified. Should the patriots of the American Revolution have just been tolerant? Of course not. Mormons somehow think their own intolerance is justified if it is in the name of Jesus, but plead from "tolerance" from those who oppose them.

It's not a 'rights' issue

I love how the other side is trying to make this a 'civil right's' issue.

As if being gay is something someone is born with.

Freedom of religion

Why are the gays protesting religion? Is there anyone left who thinks this isn't an attack on freedom of religion? They demand "freedom" but seek to deny it to other! There is a word that describes this kind of behavior, it starts with hypocrite and goes on from there to tyranny and anarchy.

Just a Suggestion

I would really like to know how the Gay and Lesbian Coalition contribute to society. all I ever see is a "take, take" attitude. If they would take the time to go give service to someone in need instead of protesting they would get more respect.

Also, if they feel persecuted they should pray for those who persecute them. I think some of them say they are religious then they should use adhere to the scripture that states, "pray for those who despitefully use and persecute you."
I you are sure that God is behind your cause you should not fear to do this.


the gay community feels helpless, but they need to understand that being choosing to be gay, does not allow them to change the way God intended marriage to be. Its like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Its like calling trying to give birth through your nose, its just not the way it was intended...... now rights to healthcare are a different story.... now you're just protesting the wrong people....


It is interesting to me that some of the people that opposed the prop in California did so with physical attacks on women and defacing not only churches but people's cars etc. I was shocked to hear it. My own brother is gay so I have been a supporter for years of him and his rights. The protests, violence, vandalism, etc has pushed the gay movement back decades. Take a lesson from Dr King on how to change attitudes. It is not through name calling and cowardly acts. It is through example, perseverance and love.


THE VOTE IS SPECIAL, IF A CHURCH WANTS TO STAND FOR SOMETHING THEN LET THEM...they have soldiers that have given their all so that they could vote..so follow your nose it really nose! and this one smells of counter hate on the protesters part because the VOTE IS THE VOTE. just Ask Obama now live with the vote!!


To the Gay and Lesbian Community:

I would really like to know how you Gay and Lesbian Coalition contribute to society as a group. All I ever see is a "take, take" attitude. If you would take the time to go give service to someone in need instead of protesting you would get more respect.

Also, if you feel persecuted you should pray for those who persecute you. I think some of you say you are religious...don't you? If so, you should adhere to the scripture that states, "pray for those who despitefully use and persecute you."

If you are sure that God is behind your cause, you should not fear to do this.

Newly Lost?

Dude, you have been lost for quite some time. Right this sinking ship? Read the bible... Lev. 20:13. This isn't a mormon doctrine, homosexuality is not a gene any more than taking a goat on a date is due to genetic predisposition. Next we're going to hear you whining about the mormons bigotry against those in love with their barnyard animals.

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