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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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By all means - feel hurt, protest, live whatever lifestyle you like - BUT
Don't try and normalise your inappropriate behaviour by covering it in the cloak of respectability by using the term 'marriage'. That has been reserved for the relationship between a man and a woman.
If you wish a term - go for it - be creative - come up with your own - one that clearly describes to all your situation and DIFFERENTIATES it from the current understanding of marriage. It is not the same and never will be.
This is not mean spirited - it is a 'stand up and fight' reaction in response to a proposed erosion of something that is valued in society.


Times change and laws change. I hope gay marriage is one day accepted by all people. The posts on this board make me sad. I strongly believe in loving everyone. I guess I might be the only one . .

re: oh what fun

"What are the gays doing now?"

Protesting centuries of hatred towards people like them. Prop 8 just happens to be the backdrop.


Boycott all Tourist spots In Ca + Utah !!! Hit'em where it hurts in the pocket book!!

Roger Carrier

If you oppose gay marriage, then so be it, but don't try to shove your opinion down other people's throats. There is nothing wrong with being gay and having a loving gay relationship.

I'm not gay, but I follow the philosophy of live and let live. I've been around 62 years and married forty years, and I've found that works best.

Quit concentrating on what your neighbors are doing in the bedroom. As long as they are consenting adults, it is none of your business.

Roger Carrier

No, you're not the only one. I'm an old guy and married a long time. Live and let live is my philosophy Gay marriage will be good for America.

Live Your Life

In the Words of T.I. .........Stop looking at what you ain't got and be thankful for what you got!

Michelle, my belle

Yes, Michelle -- you quite possibly are the only one in the entire world with love for everyone. (Sigh -- you must be so lonely up there in your ivory tower.)

I thought I loved everyone, but have since learned from recent protests that if my opinion is different from somebody else's then my feelings must stem from hatred not from a greater love.

Personally, I love people who make non-sensical declarative posts. (So, Michelle, wink, wink, you wanna get together later?)

and when the day

comes that my son marries a man...it will be the END..the END...riders on the storm!

Majority Rules???

I've seen many posts touting the fact that the majority has spoken and get over it...

May I remind some that the will of the majority, if unjust, is still unjust. Southerners overwhelmingly supported Jim Crow and segregation, but the activist judges on the Supreme Court overturned the will of the majority on constitutional grounds.

How is this any different? I just read the 100 page decision of the Cal. Sup. Ct. and it puts this issue squarely within the fundamental right of marriage acknowledged in the Cal. state constitution. From a legal standpoint, it seems Prop 8 does nothing more than resurrect Prop 22 from 2000. It will be overturned again and rightly so - popular will holds no trump card over fundamental rights...


Ohhh everyone is going to boycott Utah. Give me a break, for every boycotter there are 3 wanting to come see what Utah is all about. Go ahead, stay away, I won't lose sleep over it. Tourism will be just fine. I bet we see an increase because of the controversy. Most people don't even give credence to boycotts. I don't have to accept homosexuals, I can tolerate them but I don't have to accept your values just like you have the right to refuse mine. Don't cry fowl when you all preach the same thing, just with a different face. You cry about how your rights are tramped on and then jump on the religous trampling bus and dish out your own. If a church wants to stand up for their beliefs, it is no different then your religious organizations that stand up for your Homosexual beliefs. We have the right to decide what we want in our state. When and if it ever gets defeated in ours, I won't shed a tear over it. I just won't accept it.

Mary Ann

Sad and very sad is what we have become as LDS. I think a little better tact could be used. It is sad that lay people comment without any intellegence, it makes us look bad. Right message, wrong people. I would feel it appropriate that the Prophet speak up about this and give it straight. I am soooooo tired of John Pack Lambert and the such. Lets hear the skinny form the source and maybe quell this argument.


It is interesting to see the Gay comunity show their true colors.


Re: Mary Ann

It may be sad for you, but it is not sad for me. I plan to stay firm and stand up for what's right. NO MORE GAYS. The medical world needs to figure out what to do with these people who have weird sex with the same sex. It make NO SENSE--THAT's THAT!

John Pack Lambert

This is absurd! I'm the real John Pack Lambert and whomever posted at 2:51 is being deceitful and rude. I really think we need to relax and worry about the real issues. (The economy, terrorism, health care.)Like I stated earlier, I don't see this ballot measure as an attack on my family.


Homosexuality is sinful? I can think of a greater sin.

John Pack Lambert

The person at 7:33 may be named John Pack Lambert, I do not know, although I have a very, very, strong suspicion that he is not, however he is not the John Pack Lambert who has posted over and over and over again on these boards, and who has been attacked and maligned many times.
I am not even convinced that this new John Pack Lambert knows what this ballot measure is. Is he saying he has homosexual family members and does not see it attacking them, or does he think it would legalize same-sex marriage and mean that.
I guess that is consistent with his insitence that the issue does not matter, however his repetative posting on the issue, including trying to claim the name is not.
I have to admit I find it very suspicious that the one other person who attempts to use a real three name post somehow mysteriously happenes to have the same name as me.


Oh, PLEASE! John Pack Lambert. You post so often that you probably forgot what you posted or when you posted. Their are several of you on all blogs, and who always fight over who is John pack Lambert. Geeze! No one cares who you three guys are. Perhaps you should take a break and get over yourself.

No on is attacking your family. Your family isn't being singled out from millions of others... Geeze! You need to get a grip, and just stick with prop-8. And try to relax.

To Brandon

Homosexuality is a sin--there is no greater sin, next to murder and adultery.

Enough already

Holy Crap. Read all these comments from us and it is no wonder we are hated so much. Just stop it people we are embarassing ourselves. Enough now! The people have voted let it die!!

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