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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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To: Shilo

You missed the point of To Heidi's comment. He or she said that homosexuals are already welcome in the congregation, because Heidi claimed they weren't. He said that the sin would never be changed to something acceptable, not that they weren't allowed to come to church. It works the same as any other sin. The behavior is wrong, but the people committing the behavior are always welcome. It's just that they can't attend the temple unless they're doing their very best to control those behaviors.


People have a right to protest. The responses to this story show how we all want to defend ourselves and many are spiteful. Is that what we're taught at church? I must belong to a different church because mine, from its top leaders, tell us to be tolerant and kind and not mean-spirited. I'm LDS and support Prop 8 but I don't wish the protestors any ill feeling, even when it is against the church I love and believe in.

Heidi in Wonderland

Yo, Shilo, I know exactly what I said, but you apparently don't know what you read.

You took exception with: "Gays already are currently allowed in the congregrations. Sexual sin -- be it gay or straight -- will never be acceptable. The day when sexual sin is allowed will never arrive."

Where did I say that sinners aren't allowed in the congregations? Nowhere. Of course the congregations are filled with people who have sinned in every different kind of way. What I said was, "The day when sexual sin is allowed will never arrive." Sexual sin will never be condoned. In the same way, if adulterers want to protest around LDS Church buildings because they have been excommunicated for simply following their natural desires -- I would say the same thing ... it will never be condoned or accepted just because of protests, etc.

The Church doesn't change its stand based on the precepts -- or political correctness -- of man. It never has, it never will. That's all I'm sayin'.

You're preaching to the choir.


Jill, please don't cancel your holiday vacation to Salt Lake because you don't want your kids to be around that kind of narrow influence. I'm sure the bigoted protesters will be long gone by then!

John Pack Lambert

I did not post the 1:54 comments. I take major, major issues at people using my name in making posts. This is very disturbing to have others steal my identity.
I have to admit that this is the only race I really deep down cared about. Prop 8 passing is what makes it so I am happy right now.


Re: Active Citizen.

The world is a dangerous place because of the type of people who supported prop 8.

An Eye for an Eye

Hey, Jill, I'll see the cancellation of your family trip to Utah and raise you by aborting my family's planned trip to San Francisco because I don't want to subject my kids to the "All's well in Sodom and Gomorrah" attitude.

Now, have we really accomplished anything?

I guess "Wow" is in the eye of the beholder.


Hey Bored,

I can't think of a better thing to do on any night than standing up for Civil Rights. In fact, I couldn't think of anything better to do on Saturday night, which is why I was out marching in LA with thousands of other people, gay and straight, who think that taking away the rights of American citizens is absolutely wrong.

Even our Republican governor told us not to give up and expect it will be deemed unconstitutional.


I don't know about you but our Sacrament meeting was packed on Sunday. No empty seats.


To Fact vs. Myths

What part of No didn't we understand? The part that says that you and the millions of dollars that Mormons donated shouldn't be able to amend a constitution to ALLOW discrimination. Talk about going backwards.


The Gay Protest is getting pathetic. They have come to violence to get what they want. I have to agree that they have ticked a lot of people off. Those who have been victimized by their violence and tantrums are better people for what they have gone through. Gays are not earning people's respect at all.


Just like babies they through a "HISSY FIT" They claim to be tolerant. Only Tolerant of anythng they agree with.

It just shows what a bunch of babies they are. They will go away soon enough.

Re Annoyed 3:19 pm

Violence? The article I read said the demostration was peaceful. Regardless of where you sit on the Prop 8 issue, I for one am still extremely grateful to live in a country where freedom of speech is preserved. That's all I have to say about that.

A civil rights issue, Yeah right

Any of you remember how the civil rights of the FLDS were trampled in Texas. I dont agree with polygamy, the laws that stand with polygamy and same-sex marriage are fine with me. Just want to know where all these equal rights protesters were when the FLDS civil rights volition occurred. Seem the streets were pretty quite then. Is just that it is ok some civil right volition take place, just alone as they are ok with you.


To Reply at 3:19pm.

Read more articles! They have attacked people, vandalized churches, ect.

This is what you call freedom of speech?

And that is all I have to say about that!

Just Curious

Are they going to the headquarters of the NAACP to protest next? After all, 75% of black voters voted in favor of Prop 8.


religion is based on hypocricy and a reduction of civil rights. It's too bad when we have to bow to religious fanatics, like the mormon church.

I'll be back

Hey, Valentina, if your governor Ahnuld had any gravitas, he would have made a stand before the vote. If the proposition was unconstitutional, they should have not let it on the ballot.

You have judges writing their own laws, saying something is contrary to the state constitution. So the constitution is legally amended by the vote of your citizens -- and now you want to hide behind your liberal judges again?

Talk about subverting the Constitution.

What wooden, second-rate actor are you going to elect next? Keanu Reeves?


popular culture is based on hypocricy, excess, addiction, and regret and the elimination of freedom. It's too bad when we have to bow to secular fanatics.

oh what fun

the funnest part about being a yes on 8 supporter was when we got to follow every voter into the voting booth and put a gun to their head and threaten to shoot them if they didnt vote yes. Say all you want, the people spoke and said no to gay marriage without threat or coercion. What a the gays doing now? Threatening. What a bunch of hot air.

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