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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Several of my companions were gay. Im not. I accepted them, they never hit on me. I like to live and let live. Im sure they'll be gay all their lives....they told me they never liked women.

@facts straight

You know up tell know I have defended the LDS church and there right to engage in the process but I am sick of the excuses, how cares those that did so that where not LDS are just as wrong but it does not justify the LDS voters behaviors. So say what? you want call me a hater you know what I dont care anymore, I am tired of defending you and your hateful self righteous behaviors, so if that makes me a hater, how cares? you destory peoples lifes sorry but thats hate. deal with it.


Wow, I cancelled my family's holiday vaction to Salt Lake. We lost some deposits. But I don't want my kids to be around that kind of narrow influence. The boys have a lesbian aunt who they love and respect. We're going to some other place, out of respect for her, too.

Bob Th.

I read out church's information on being singled out by gays, and read world newspapers about the same. I think we're getting what we deserve.

The animals are smarter

It is in the Bible. God put Adam a(MAN) and Eve a (WOMAN) together. The animals get it and they don't even read. What is natural is for a man and a woman to marry. Come up with something else if you want to that can tie you together, this concept is already taken. People who live together (without a commitment of marriage) don't protest they should have the same rights as married couples. I am sure there is something you could think of with all that energy you are putting into fighting for whatever you think are your rights.

If Pro-gays Were Smart

If the anti-8 crowd were smart, you'd shut up and stop protesting.


You "claim" you only want respect and to be treated as equals and that was why you wanted to be able to legally marry. "Treat us like you treat others!", you screamed.

How can you not see that after the citizens of CA voted "no" against gay marriage earlier (in 2002?) and then again "no" last week that your friends and neighbors legally, democratically voted against your wishes and now the way to garner respect is to quietly, respectfully abide by the wishes of the MAJORITY of your friends and neighbors?

It's like arguing with my wife; when I'm wrong, the more I argue the more respect she loses for me. How can she not?

And so it is with you...

Mormons Rule?

So what about Florida, Arizona,& Arkansas? Florida and Arizona stopped gay marriage. Arkansas banned them from adopting. I bet it was all the mormons in Arkansas, dirty little rats.

Fact: The majority (as witnessed in the recent and past elections) are against gay marriage.

Sure the mormons helped pass Prop 8, but people still had to go to the booths and vote and they did. NONE of the ads were deceiving or lies, let's just say they were for the sake of arguement they were, welcome to the political arena.

California Native, California Livin'

California Father

All the protests in the world won't change the truth. Homosexuality is sinful, but it is also unnatural, illegitimate and destructive to society. God fearing people everywhere need to stand up for the truth. This conflict will continue until the second coming. Making gay marriage legal is one more step in forcing the gay agenda on the rest of us. One of the arguments for passing prop. 8 was that it would lead to conflicts and a loss of religious freedom. They called this a big lie! So it passes and what do they do? Protest at churches thereby attempting to restrict our religious freedom of attending church! Our way of life is at stake, and our freedom to live our religion and teach our children correct principles. No matter how hard they try, homosexuality will NEVER be natural, legitimate and accepted by God.

Why Marriage?

Is it because domestic partnership doesn't sound as good as "Marriage?" All "rights" are equal under the domestic partnership laws of 2003, except you can't go get a marriage license. Do you need it to define your "love?" Or do you need it to rationalize or mainstream your lifestyle? The lds church has NEVER come out against domestic partnerships or the rights of gays UNTIL they wanted to redefine Marriage...tolerance? We've been doing it all along.


To Heidi in Wonderland,

You said, "Gays already are currently allowed in the congregrations. Sexual sin -- be it gay or straight -- will never be acceptable. The day when sexual sin is allowed will never arrive."

If sinners are not allowed in the congregations, there will be NO CONGREGATION!

I am a sinner. I don't struggle with a sexual sin, but the sins I do struggle with are no less sins. I am in the congregation.

The Church is supposed to be a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints!

Gays are welcome in the congregation. So are adulterers. Liars are also welcome. So are thieves. Even the accessory to murder, Saul of Tarsus, was welcomed in the ancient congregations! Jesus ate and drank and socialized with such people. The Pharisees condemned Him for keeping bad company. He replied that His ministry is specifically to the sick and the lost sheep of the house of Isreal: the sinners--the sexual sinners, liars, theives, prostitutes, hypocrites, proud, arrogant, adulterers, fornicators, and even blasphemers!

ALL sinners are welcome into the congregation. ALL! Anyone who tells you otherwise is NOT teaching Jesus' doctrine!


I'm actually glad that this is happening because it is opening many eyes that have been blind.


to Michelle...very good and an astute observation. Unfortunately I doubt any will listen. You have to feel sorry for these angry and misguided men and women. When they chose to be gay or homosexual they chose the consequences..that's the way it is. Their lifestyle is not acceptable by the majority and if they want to continue to live that way they may have to go back to their closets. We don't want to see or hear about their escapades. It is nauseating and we want to protect our families from this type of behavior. We don't hate them, we just do not accept their choice to live against God's will. Hopefully they will simmer down and we can start living our lives once again without fear or their rage and behavior. That is my prayer.

Civics Lesson 101

"FaithNoMo | 11:33 a.m. Nov. 10, 2008
It's great to see that the church is being called out on the issue. Don't forget that our government is set up to protect the MINORITY. You love the majority when you are part of it."

Hey, "FaithNoMo", no, in fact our gov't is NOT set up to only "protect the minority". If it did that then the voice of the majority would mean nothing.

Hmmmm....strangely like the pro-gay crowd is trying to do now. But!, I digress...

So what IS the government established to do? They are to enact laws as voiced by the MAJORITY of the people with the Constitution being our guide and, no, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that allowing homosexual marriage is a God-given right.


How many of you straight people went through a phase when you were in elementary school and hated the opposite sex? Normal people grow up and mature and outgrow that mindset. How many of you threw a temper tantrum when you were small because someone said "no" to you? This just proves how immature the gay population is, both sexually and emotionally.

what a laugh

I live in No gay marriage California. On the front page of today's paper there was a color picutre of the protesters at the Oakland Temple. It said that their protest closed nearby offramps for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. How stupid can they be thinking that ticking off thousands of people who can't get from point a to point b because of their childish ranting and ravings, is going to help their cause. Last night on the news it said a different protest also disrupted traffic. Keep it up. We are not threatened by you. We KNOW who is on our side.

The judges in California

The ignorance continues ---

To those who label the Supreme Court of California to be liberal judges, read up... These were the judges who overturned Prop 22.

Ronald M. George, (since 1991), appointed by Gov. Wilson; elevated to Chief Justice in 1996
Marvin R. Baxter, (since 1991), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Deukmejian
Ming W. Chin, (since 1996), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Wilson
Carol A. Corrigan, (since 2006), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Schwarzenegger
Joyce L. Kennard, (since 1989), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Deukmejian
Carlos R. Moreno, (since 2001), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Davis
Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, (since 1994), Associate Justice; appointed by Gov. Wilson

Makeup of the Court
Six justices were appointed by Republicans (George, Kennard, Baxter, Werdegar, Chin, and Corrigan) and one by a Democrat, Moreno.

- - - -

To LDS who feel singled-out and Mormon-bashed --- (sorry) --- in the same vein that you feel the democratic process is in place by voting ---

* marching is also democratic
* taking the issue to court is also democratic
* voicing our opinion is also democratic
* calling those who sponsored the issue in a free debate is also democratic

Just a Dad

LDS Father of four young children in Utah. Gays have the right to marry who they want, just like the rest of us. Religion has no right in Voting stations. Some of you that voted against Prop 8 will be denying some of your own childrens gay rights, you just dont know it yet. And when it happens, you just may regret it.
Besides, our falling economy, housing market, crashing dollar, loss of jobs, and much more crisis should be a greater issue than just another American way of trampling over peoples rights. Let the gay community be. Lets worry about our country and our own problems in our OWN homes. And nothing more.

Just a Dad

Correction: Those that voted for Prop 8.

What is there to debate? Nothing

To Roger Carrier,

You said, "I dont see for the life of me how gay marriage hurts anybodys marriage."

That's understandable. If you can't see how changing the definition of marriage affects society and the fundamental institutions of marriage and the family, then fine, but you are the last person who should then speak for anybody else's marriage. No offense.

You also say, "If a church or person doesnt believe in it, then fine. But dont pass laws against it."

If marriage is defined as between a man and a woman, being gay does not exclude anyone from that definition. No law has been passed against gays marrying. But with how much debate there is on the matter, apparently an ammendment clearly defining the law was very necessary.

It is done. This is yesterday's news. It just proved to be a matter of democracy running its course. Now that it has, it is clear that the decision upholds marriage as being between a man and a woman, without discriminating against any civil rights. Other unions may still lobby for benefits that government may have attached to marriage (But government benefits don't define marriage, either).

To Laura:

"The Catholic Adoption Agency had to shut their doors in Boston because they lost their funding and tax exemptions for refusing to allow gay adoptions"

They chose to shut their doors. They did not lose their funding. If they stayed open, they needed to do same-sex adoptions because they take public funds.

I think this is the type of "erroneous information" lds.org said was coming from the no on 8 side.

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