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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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one thing's for certain

you guys will never tire of patting yourself on the back.

A democratic process

The Mormons passed this proposition in California. I didn't know Mormons had the majority vote in California. How come it is a blue state? It was just wrong the Mormons sided with the majority on this issue. How dare them have an opinion on this issue or take action at all, the Gay community has never express any opinion or taken any action against Mormons.


It's great to see that the church is being called out on the issue.
Don't forget that our government is set up to protect the MINORITY. You love the majority when you are part of it.

Not Suprised

Religous Bigotry. Please don't be fooled into thinking it is anything else. Do they really believe in the time honored tradition of marriage and want to be included in it? This is anti religion, and being able to project there agenda on us.

Facts Straight

Hey all you Mormon haters out there did you realize that of all the people that voted For Prop 8 not all of them were mormons. Interesting I guess it is not just the LDS people that oppose gay marriage. I love how whent he public votes and this is twice now in california the people that lose try everything they can to win. Sorry people you lost, now get over it and try again sometime down the road when again it will be voted that Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. Keep crying and keep protesting cause everything you do is not going to change the fact that the sanctity of marriage is between a Man and a Woman!


I find it interesting to see an American Flag flying in the picture. Basically you are protesting one groups rights to voice an opinion because it is different than yours. So what I am really saying is put down the American Flag if you can not and will not tolerate others rights as Americans. Your right as an American is strictly Civil that does not include Marriage.

Heidi in Wonderland

Yo, Heidi,

Sadly, your protests likely will have an eventual impact. I have no doubt that gay marriage will be made legal within the next 10 years -- if not much sooner. But this is nothing to brag about. Morality continues to erode the ideals of what this great country was founded on. The ideals of the majority are dismissed to offset the risk of offending the minority -- it doesn't matter who's right or who's wrong or whether the country as a whole benefits.

At least know a little bit about what you are criticizing. African Americans were always allowed in the congregations and allowed to be members. The prophecy always was that they would one day receive the priesthood. That day arrived.

Gays already are currently allowed in the congregrations. Sexual sin -- be it gay or straight -- will never be acceptable. The day when sexual sin is allowed will never arrive.

Kelly in Cali

What people fail to understand is that this issue is not about gay relationships. We know they're not going anywhere.

If gay marriage was legal, it would be required to be taught to very young kids as part of diversity.

Can you imagine a 9yearold boy who doesn't like girls at that age, being brainwashed and told he is gay because he doesn't like girls?

First graders in SF WERE taken to a lesbian wedding. They should be in class learning to read and write instead of being indoctrinated.

Gays in CA still have all the rights of a married couple. READ CALIFORNIA FAMILY CODE 297.5 Those rights were not taken away. Just the right to call it a marriage and require it to be taught in schools.

The people in CA have TWICE said NO to gay marriage. WHAT PART OF NO DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

Facts vs Myths

In Mass. children are read fairy tales about princes marrying princes in public schools

Parents by law CANNOT opt out of gay lifestyle instruction nor are they notified ahead of time.

Catholic charities in Mass no longer place children for adoption because the gov't said they MUST place children in gay marriages. Rather than betray their morals they will adopt no children to anyone.

This demonstrates the demands of a few usurping the rights of many.

Gays in CA still have the same rights as married couples. Read it for yourself CA Family code 207.5 THIS PROTECTION WAS NOT TAKEN AWAY UNDER PROP 8.

During the few weeks gay marriage was legal, a first grade class was taken on a field trip to a lesbian wedding. Children were being indoctrinated and it didn't take long at all until it began.


Gay people protesting against people in Utah for how people in California voted. I get it now. It makes perfect sense.

I don't like to admit it

But I have to side with the church and not just this church because aren't we all suppose to stand and do what we think is right..these guys should be no more stereotyped or generalized than what the protestors are doing to the members. Many lds members died along with members of other denominations so that the sacred vote could be used. There are good people here who are using that sacred right to vote..the protestors had the same opportunity to raise funds for the vote. The vote worked for a form of non-violent protest in itself as to which way the people wanted things to be ran in the election of the first african american and i am sure there were some members who voted that way with their sacred right...you have a right to protest but no right to intimidate!


I laugh at the No on 8 argument, "I don't think God descriminates." So let's say I'm a murderer, given your logic, he doesn't discriminate against me and wants me to continue on right, cause he doesn't discriminate... :| murderer, non murderer, we're all the same right?...

Hows it affect you?

I bet that most people reading this have never met someone who is gay. To leave peoples rights up to the vote of people who have probably never talked with or met anyone who is in the gay community is horrible. Does anyone else see this.

And for all those people who think being gay is a choice... How do you know? are you gay? Even though I am gonna say that it is not a choice you will not believe me. Growing up through school was hell, I lost a lot of "friends" who later realized I was no threat to their lives.

I tried so hard to be like everybody else.

And just so you know... I was raised LDS. I was baptized LDS and held the priesthood. I really liked going to church, until one day my bishop told me I was an abomination and had to be fixed. How would that make you feel? Would you still "CHOOSE" to be gay after that?

I just hope that some of you could get a better understanding of what its really like before voting on their lives. Have you been affected by any of the 16000 gay marriages?


I can just imagine the families in Massachusetts wishing they had a bigger LDS population in their state and regretting how much GUFF they gave the church for building the Boston temple!
Now their kids are being taught homosexuality in school.
The Catholic Adoption Agency had to shut their doors in Boston because they lost their funding and tax exemptions for refusing to allow gay adoptions.

30 down and 20 to go

30 states have marriage protection with 20 left to go. I hope the next election in 2 years we see more states following California, Arizona and Florida in passing marriage protection. States need to realize that the only way they will have true protection against the homosexual onslaught on marriage is to follow the democratic process and pass laws. This is "peaceful" war with no compromise. Either they win or we "the people" win. The people of California voted and won marriage protection and now the opposition once again is attempting to erase democracy and silence the voice of the people by going to the liberal courts. This will be an on-going fight from state to state until marriage and moral values for society are protected across the entire nation.

Fred Vader

For those LDS members who have, and will continue to rail against the prophets, please go read Helaman 13:25-26, 38 and see what the Prophet Samuel had to say regarding your behavior.

Enough said.

Roger Carrier

Good Times in Salt Lake wrote:
I have spend the last 20 min reading hundreds of comments for and against prop 8...I agree whats done is done...and how is this comparable to the Civil Rights movement back in the day.. Last time I checked I didnt get to choose to be born an African American...Being gay isnt a race of people..or maybe I'm just a silly Christian

Peace and Love

Would you please clarify what you meant about gays? Nobody is saying that gays are a different race, but the two groups with the longest history of discrimination are people with darker skin and gays.

If you are a Christian, please don't link your religion to a political issue. You can be against gay marriage but don't force your opinion down the the throats of others.

Sorry if I misinterpreted your letter. Thanks, Roger, a straight male, married 40 years. Gay marriage is no threat to my married. Is the marriage of Bob and Jim off in Arbuckle, California really going to destroy the country?


Poor picked on mormons.....you're so innocent. Just like the wolf crying out after trying to eat little Red. Get your hands off my rights. Wow, looking over slc papers and tv.........you have to dig deep cause anything gay or anti mormon is hid a thousand pages back...nice whitewash you all do there.


OK, after some research I found out that the Supreme Court undermined the voters in Massachusetts by voting 4-1 in favor of gay marriage.
WE need to be voting against the Supreme Court by having so much power when the people have already spoken!!


Im gay. Im mormon. My family loves me.

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