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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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wheat from the tares

It's nice that things like this come up every once in a while so that the Lord can separate the wheat from the tares (see Alma 14:11).

As our primary children remind us: "Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, don't go astray. Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way!!!"

mom of three

To Anonymous 9:43 pm: (and all of you who have made similar comments) Your comments are mean spirited and have not an ounce of decency! Your words speak a lot about you and that is really sad. This kind of speech does nothing to help each other see others' points of view, it just alienates people and makes you look like a "pot stirrer".

A reader...

DEAR Ashamed: if you don't think those "lies" that you call them aren't true...then you don't watch the news or read much...check it out before you claim it's a lie...it's right around the corner and happening already in some schools. My grandson has already experienced it.

Non-LDS Man Here

RE: You're THAT guy

How does my attitude represent or give the mormon church anything, when I am not even mormon. Your comment didn't make any sense.

To:wheat from the tares

Nice...I'm going to give you a solid 9.4 on the self righteous scale.

Re: Really? You're Suprised?

I don't think it's surprise on the part of most members of the LDS Church. It's disappointment that anti-8 people are acting so bigoted, and then have the nerve to call us that for voicing our opinions.

from MGL with wow

wow what is going on in USA. Homosexual is life style people choose and what. Democracy isn't anarchy. It's sign of world end.

man I gotta get out of this town

I live in LA, and I will truly celebrate the day that I will leave this state when I finish school. I feel that someday Church members will have to leave this modern-day Babylon so that the Lord will be able to do what he sees fit with the whole state, whether it be burn with wildfires, destroyed by earthquakes, or swallowed into the ocean. The Church used to have a stronghold in LA, but it has just continually gotten weaker and weaker, and it is because of the liberal mindset of the majority of people in LA and the entire state, including many churchmembers. I believe Church leaders have seen that the failure of Prop 8 or other similar legislation would/will be the beginning of a moral downturn in California and in the rest of the US. It's okay to take away any mention of God and the pledge of allegiance from school, but heaven forbid that we fail to discuss the alternative lifestyle choices of the moral minority. This is the beginning of the end, biblical prophecy will be fulfilled, as it always has, as the latter days wind down. Let me out of here!


All these comments are lame...no one is a bigot for having a view point. The religious right has as much claim to freedom of speech and religious beliefs as homosexuals. Ballot initiatives are the purest form of democracy we have. Those that would have Prop 8 repealed by the judges in California would love to have the government subvert the will of the people. If homosexuals don't like it they can move to a state where it is recognized. The people have spoken...end of story.

Friend of Plain & Simple

A little English and Math lesson for those who are spreading disinformation through their gender confusion.

"Gay marriage" is one of the greatest oxymorons ever.

Gay = man+man or woman+woman
Marriage = man+woman

Truth does not equal "hate." Nor does a belief and practice that differs from yours and is grounded in time-honored and socially beneficial mores equal "hate." You can scream hate a dozen times, a million times for that matter, and it won't change the truth, which is: Others who disagree with you have just as much right to voice their opinions as you do without those being ironically, erroneously and continually denounced and spat upon as "hateful." It's a shallow tactic, and can easily be seen through by anyone with half a brain.

Fed Up

I truly believe that the Native Americans, Black/African Americans, Irish Americans and the Chineses Americans deserve better rights than they have now. They have been through a lot more than anyone in this country. Gays already have their rights. What more do they need? Stop getting greedy!

Not to worry

Gov. Arnold S. of California stated this morning on CNN that the gay marriage issue will probably go back to the California Supreme Court and be overturned again. I am glad to see that Arnolds views on this subject have evolved and he is now in favor of marriage among the gay population (if in doupt, read the LA Times today). Not worry all, Arnold told the homosexual community to never give up for what is right. Stay strong and equal rights will prevale.


Anti California H8 are LDS too; plenty of us in fact. Be careful in discounting the opinion of your neighbour. I love all these commnets from Utah LDS. Very few I know in CA would spew such comments, amazing. I have a gay son and if push comes to shove I chose him, I believe his conviction more than most LDS who have posted here. All I see her from LDS is hate with no reason other then "that is what I have been told." Sorry for the rant, I am just an upset mom and frustrated with the church and some of the people.

no hate

I don't care what side of the fence you sit on...it is sad to me that a prophet of god asked members of the lords church to support the proposition and some have chosen to be in open defiance to this council? I don't understand.


It makes me sad. There are good Mormons, there are good Gay people. The Mormon Church's enormous financial support of this proposition is hurting both. Put the money toward more productive use.

Prop 8 passed

Nothing more to say than that. The legal process will work its way back through the courts, but the voice of the people of California twice have ruled that marriage is between a man and a woman. Guaranteed if the courts overturn this yet again, eventually nothing will be deemed illegal. Those in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage claim it is ridiculous to claim that the slippery slope to legalizing pedophilia (child brides), polygamy (multiple spouses), and bestiality begins with same-sex marriage, but that is the logical conclusion if the courts deem you cannot "discriminate" based on sexual preference even with constitutional verbiage. How can you think the FLDS could not claim polygamy and child brides are not to be discriminated against if same-sex marriage is legalized? No one is condoning any type of government interference in the bedroom or lives of same-sex practitioners, merely the democratically passed proposition stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. Civil unions and legal rights are available in California for same-sex practitioners but not marriage, so no discrimination exists by law.

Lamanite Man

Being gay is a choice of lifestyle. In the bible, this is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. The LDS church is doing what is best for its families and in keeping family traditions. The church is doing what is best for our children and for our future.

Do you have a crystal ball

How does the Chruch know that it is doing what is best for families. It seems to me that they are asking many parents to choose between the children who were born to them and who they have loved forever, and the religion. To those of you with high and mighty opinions about the happiness of families and what is best for them....perhaps your God did not deem you worthy to be given such a beautiful child in these so called "latter days".


I do think the church is awesome for supporting this... however it dont mean a thing if the people of california dont actually vote for it. so dont hate the church hate the majority of california. well on second thought dont hate anyone just become strait and you'll find you like it

Prop 8 Supporter

The liberals threw a ton of cash at this (more than the Yes campaign). They have screamed for democratic process. When that doesn't suit them, they have a tantrum. LDS folks accounted for 2% of the Yes vote... Why didn't these people scream a week ago when there was a vote to be had?

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