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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Gay= bigotry and hate. Want proof! Go watch the protestors.

Say again?

The reason why the United States of America promotes marriage between a man and a woman is because it is socially/economically the best bet for the country and for people. Not all marriages are stable, but stable families do form a backbone and stability for their country and their children. There are studies that prove this.

If gay people want to co-habitate that is their RIGHT, but it is NO ONE'S right to redefine marriage as stated by law. And NO JUDGE IS TO TELL ANYONE HOW TO VOTE, or take away the right to the law making process of this nation. If the courts just decided everything, WHY WOULD WE NEED TO VOTE? The result would be tyranny by the courts. AND THAT would go many different ways...FOR or AGAINST ANYONE.

Our country was founded on checks and balances. The vote in California was, for me, a check against judges telling everyone else how to vote.

Thomas Olsen

Marriage is a "RIGHT" for anyone other than one man and one woman?
I'll make a deal with those who support anything other than Marriage between one man and one woman.

As soon as any other compination of sex, ie. male-male, female-female, male-male-male, female-female-female. . . you name it, have a natural biological child on a regular basis, (other than ONE Man and One Woman) without any scientific help, then I will consider saying ok to marriage for them. If they can't (and they can't because nature won't allow it)I stant on "Marriage" for ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN"!!!!! End of argument, period.

Therefore, if a right is not god-given than that right has to be taken from someone else. Is that the kind of "Rights" we want to have in this world?

I for one do not.

wake up

you are protesting against Prop 8 and the government that gave us the rights to protest things that we don't believe are right. You are also protesting against God by trying to be what you are not. Of course you can protest all you want, but the fact is, you were born either a male or a female. God doesn't make mistakes, humans do!


In re: Voice of the People and others like him

"The prescriptions in favor of liberty, ought to be leveled against that quarter where the greatest danger lies, namely, that which possesses the highest prerogative of power: But this [is] not found in either the executive or legislative departments of government, but in the body of the people, operating by the majority against the minority." -James Madison

I am amazed that the LDS Church, who in the context of its history so clearly understands what it means to be a minority deprived of its fundamental rights by a mob majority, became in turn a leader in front of a majority who is denying a minority of its right to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience.


I'm a gay Episcopalian from Massachusetts trying to evaluate the assertion of LGBT protestors that the LDS is actively anti-gay, beyond its role in California politics. I think some of the comments here reflect an animus that unfortunately bears out the perceptions. I am worried for the physical safety of gays in Utah.


The mormon god and jesus is not the one I know. With all the hate the mormons have I would suggest they take a deep look at who is at the head of there church and examine the values of the leadership.

Nigel UK

When a letter is read over every pulpit from the First
Presidency of the LDS church, that is church doctrine. The thinking is done for you, you are commanded to obey. Every Mormon bishop in California was instructed to inform you,based on your tithing,how much you should contribute to Prop 8. There is no choice in the matter, it is pray, pay, and obey. If that is not acceptable to you then it is time to leave the LDS church.

Gene Smith

Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no gray area. Who decides what is right and wrong? God does. He tells us through the scriptures. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Bible is pretty clear why that place was no more.

Good for all the people who stand up for what is right. We need more people to take a stand for right in this country and in the world. Right does not mean hate, it means truth. People who do wrong hate the truth.

Clint in Sevier

Lookie me Lookie me
I am gay and you must accept me

You Gays are out of control and I for one am glad the LDS Church stepped up. No other church or organization contributed as hard or so much and I am proud that marriage in CA is still between a man and women. Thank you my Brothers ans Sisters. We did the right thing and once again set the example for others to follow.


Doesn't the Prophet have a little something better to do than take away the rights of homosexuals. I believe there is a ~5 billion dollar mall that needs a little attention. All the while people starve and die in poverty but we can shop. Why on earth champion the gay rights issue when there are far more human trageties occurring. Building a mall or banning gays rights will not serve humanity. I just don't get the mormons but then again it is a business and I am not am business man.

Good Job!

GOOD JOB voters of California! Yeah for democracy! Hooray for the LDS an any other church that stands up for what they believe in, and allow their voices to be heard on this MORAL issue.

Let the poor protestors protest, it's like the sorry other person who throws the game board in their tantrum after they've lost. One they go too far, the rest of the moral country will organize against THEM, and shout down their pout.

Believers in God will overcome the amoral in the United States of America!

Beth Anne Kitchsunich

We say "Let them protest", "Let them whine", "We win" and "You lose." We say this all in the name of Heavenly Father??? I think some of you LDS need to take a look at your comments and think about what you type. We are not a mean spirited people but many of you make us look bad. Agree or disagree we need to be respectful. I disagree with H8 and so did about fifty percent of my ward. It has been a sad month or so and now all you are making this much worse with your comments. What is wrong with some of you!


I am an active LDS Member.

You would think that of anyone to understand what it's like to be left out, bullied, and persecuted against.. it would be us..

It makes me so sad to read and hear all these people making judgement of others.

Love one another.

RE: Kitchsunich

No need to ask what is wrong with us. There are free thinkers in the LDS church and some are compassionate beyond a photo opportunity. It is great to think for yourself on subjects and you know what I could care less what my ward members care. I love the church and serve the church well but you know what, I am strong enough as a women to leave and not look back if this kind of action is the trend.

Non-LDS Man Here

To: RE: Kitchsunich

Your comment above shows that you obviously don't even have a testimony of the the Mormon gospel, if you are willing to leave and not look back easily like that. So what is it about the church you love, the social aspect of it all?

mom of three

This thread is so sad. It is sad that the LDS church and its' members are being called "mean spirited, judgmental, nasty, etc...". just because of their religious views. Most people who are deeply religious will hold these same views, not just the LDS members. Unfortunately what I am seeing as mean spirited, judgmental and nasty is the way that churches and temples are being vandalized because of the views the church holds. I hope and believe that most homosexual people do not agree that this is right and would not condone it. While the LDS church has stood firm on upholding the law concerning the definition of marriage, they believe that gay couples should have civil rights, access to a partner's health care and insurance, death benefits etc... and have stated this many times. Please be nice everyone. Stating your views is fine (without all the sarcasm!), but bashing each other is unproductive! I've been saddened by the cruelty on here.


Missionaries are going to have a tough road ahead. I think we are in for though times and converts may be hard to come ny. I hope I am wrong but this is my fear.

You're THAT guy

TO: Non-LDS Man Here

That kind of self righteous attitude is exactly what the Mormon Church doesn't need. I can't believe the amount of people on this blog who try and prove another's apostasy by there 2 sentence post on Prop 8. I'm embarrassed how many members choose to react with a "holier then though" attitude, it's sad.



Washington celebrates Pioneer Day Also...

Yes indeed we are glad the mormons stopped in Utah and did not make it this far west either!

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