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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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I don't get it they didn't get it passed so they want to go to court to get the decision they want.

I believe that the vote of the people should beat a single judge anytime. It was not like 12 people voted like a jury. This was a jury of your peers but the jury was 5 million people voting to keep marriage between man and women.

You should fight not for marriage right but tax rights as a civil union.


I find it interesting that in Arizona the ads against the proposition were all stating that everyone should vote no on the propostion because there were so many more improtant things to be concerned about in our county and the world. Now that it has passed it seems to be the number one issue on the minds of those who opposed the ban.

You can protest all you want it does not change the fact that homosexuality was, is, and will always be a sin, and will never be condoned by the church. we as a church have endured and worse and I am sure we will endure more ridicule and persecution in the future. All that does is increase my faith and determination to fight against evil. The faithful members of this church know these battles are coming and will not shirk their responsiblities in defense of our creator and his church.


Doesn't that conflict with the announced boycott of Utah? How can you boycott Utah and show up at Temple Square at the same time? That community desperately needs an organizer.

John T

I think the reason the Mormon church is being targeted is because of many people's perception that the church violated the separation of church and state and violated its tax exempt status by lobbying so hard for the passage of Prop 8. I don't think we actually separate church and state anymore. I don't know why the Catholic church has been given a free pass on this one. Too big, I suppose. They were also heavy contributors. Another issue is denying homosexuals the right or privilege to marry for all time regardless of what we learn in the future about human sexuality. We aren't a bunch of Iron Age shepherds lost in the Sinai. I think it's too early to call this one over and done with. Time will certainly tell.

Gotta love democracy

I hope every one who goes gets a wake up call that It happen in CALIFORNIA. This is UTAH. You guys are off by A couple few hundred miles.

Oh Yah I heard that the PEOPLE VOTED and the MAJORITY won. Imagine that. Wow that was hard.

What is so hard to understand that marriage is between a husband and wife? You have mother and a father. Not two fathers. Not two mothers. One Dad and one Mom


It is quite illuminating to see all the kind messages of good will directed towards the people exercising their constitutional right to assembly. It tells me all I need to know about the LDS church.


Next week we need to go to Roam and march around the Vatican. Then we will... where is the Sons of Columbus's temple?


Last I checked, African Americans in SoCal overwhelmingly (70%+) voted in support of Prop 8. When's the protest in Compton planned?


Good. Excersize your freedom of speach. But if any thing happens to the temple.... Mormons where I am from do have tempers. Just a warning.

can du

Why are gays targeting the LDS church? Deep down, they know. They instinctively know The Temple is both a symbol and a center of a real power. In an odd way, they actually have a testimony that the church really is what it says it is.
This is yet another extention of what we call "The War in Heaven."

Why Now?

I don't get why marches, protests, and so forth are being called now. Why not last week, before the votes were cast?

It seems that would have been a better time to galvanize support for the cause.


Everyone knows that the LDS Church sent out a memo urging its members to support prop 8. Everyone also knows that the church requested members to either call or go to California in order to support prop 8. I live in Southern California so I know these are the facts. I also know that the LDS's members donated nearly 40% of the money that supported prop 8. So if people are still wondering why people are upset with a specific church, it should be no suprise. The LDS Church crossed the line between "seperation of church and state." There is no doubt that the LDS Church got way to involved in a political issue and now they are seeing the results of their actions. It is insulting when people keep saying that the LDS members are only 1% of the population in California or what about the Catholics or Protestans who supported prop 8. We all know this, however other religious groups gave their oppinion and then they stopped pushing the issue in public...the LDS Church didn't. This issue will not go away.


I think some of you are being very closed minded about this gathering. People, be they gay or straight, can get together and peaceably assemble with out it going bad. You have painted the people going to this rally mean spirited people and that is not the case. They just want their voices heard. They will go and listen to to some speeches and do some walking. Believe it or not it is a constitutional right for them to do this protest as much as some people would like them to have none. They can gather where they would like and peaceably assemble which is exactly what they will do. There is no reason for such an up roar about the protest. In years down the road the rest of society will realize it is their constitutional right, notice I don't say religious but constitutional, to be married and have families. Just like people realized that African Americans and Women have just as much right as white men this will happen for the GLBT society as well. They will have their day and what a better nation we will be for it.


Consenting adults have the right to engage in relationships of their choice (even if immoral), but there is no "fundamental right" to have a government of the people sanction or approve a relationship that the majority deems immoral.

These gay activists don't know the meaning of the word "bigot." They are the ones who refuse to acknowledge that anyone else has a reasonable and sincere opinion.


I am so sick of the protestors. Take your challenges up with the courts. Get off Church property and respect the wishes of the majority. It seems like you have nothing better to do with your time than harrass members of the LDS faith. It will only make the faithful LDS members grow more intolerant of your immoral lifestyle. Get a life. Furthermore, do not vandalize church property especially our temples. How would you feel if your houses and cars and reputation were marred, slandered and defiled. Pathetic.


My goodness. Yeah, let's protest one church in a different state because they asked their members to support an issue that this church believes in. Let's negate the freedom of religion. Are you going to protest at the Vatican, too? What about airing a commercial with nuns storming a gay home? I would love to seee little old ladies and some karate moves. At least it would be more true and far more entertaining than the rediculousness of tonight's protest. The only good thing I can see from tonight is freedom of speech. Too bad it will fall on ears that are listening to something much more important: the truth.


As a Californian, former Mormon and BYU alumni, I would also like to express my sincere thanks to those of you in Salt Lake City who are demonstrating on behalf of civil marriage equality for all. I am sickened by the ignorant viewpoints expressed on this web-site. I'm sorry I can't be there to join you.

Jon B. Holbrook

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members have the right of freedom of speech and religion as does any other citizen of the United States. Any group that would try to intimidate or otherwise take away these rights because you disagree with them are, in fact, violating the very principles mentioned in the first admendment.
Civil discourse on emotionally-charged issues should be the rule. All Churches and other civic groups both religious and secular have the right to speak out on moral issues.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members have the right to take any legal action to protect themselves against any potential nob violence.


To all those members of the church who think the church leaders made a mistake by speaking out on this subject, it's time to separate the wheat from the tares.


Basically the argument "gay-rights" activists use is that homosexuality is an unalterable characteristic akin to race, hair color, etc. Where did this view come from? It came from those who have such feelings, as a way to justify them.

But the fact remains that there is no scientific evidence supporting this. And people got along well for thousands of years understanding that guys marry girls, and girls marry guys. Perhaps homosexual feelings come more easily to some people, and maybe it's not their fault; but it is not an unalterable characteristic.

In most Christian faiths it is generally understood that having such feelings is not a sin - it is acting upon the feelings which constitutes sin. But, again, in the Christian viewpoint, such feelings can and should be overcome. If a homosexual person really wants to change, they can. It is not unalterable.

Identity characteristics from birth is an easy excuse to accept if you want to rationalize gay marriage. But the whole "civil rights" argument hinges on whether or not it is an alterable characteristic, choice, or decision. I believe that it is.

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