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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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California Citizen

The Mormon church should not "wonder" why they are being singled out by the demonstrators. It is because of the truly mean-spirited campaign they conducted on behalf of Proposition H8 and for the outright lies they promulgated so vociferously, unlike the other churches and organizations that merely supported it. They took it upon themselves and now they deserve what they get.

True Californian

Personally, I think Utah should take it's Church of Mo and withdraw from the Union. In the meantime, they should keep their money out of California elections, and stop dumping $20 million into fear monger commercials that had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Fight Back!

I just heard on the radio that protests continue against Mormon churches today in La Jolla and Oakland, California. There will undoubtedly be more to come. That is what they get for picking this fight in the first place. Your nasty church earned this black eye.


to what happened: The people in the church aren't any more contentious that ever before. Some are and they don't know when nice works better than whatever it is they are doing on here. Most people in the church are as nice as they ever were. :D
I wish there weren't those willing to let their emotions get away from them on both sides. Surely most homosexual people are nice people too. The ones I have known are. Kay and Barbara were great! (just in case they happen to be reading saying hi!) Always willing to take all those swarming bees out of our backyard. lol.
I think its pretty much a few on both sides stirring it up. Time to take the foam down a bit!

From A Gay......

For you information,Oregon does indeed celebrate Pioneer Day!

We are greatful that the mormons stopped in Utah.

Las Vegas

I have tried to keep up with this blog and I am continuously amazed at how ignorant people are. First, comparing what this vote did to Gays and what happened to mormons in history is awful. No gays are dying because of this vote, they are not getting ripped from their homes and tarred and feathered and killed in front of their families. Second, the leaders have every right to tell their people what God wants from them. That is why we have them. Third, when you say that you never voted to go against mormon plural marriage, you show your ignorance again. Plural marriage was banned by the US government and rather than protest or get in to a pissing contest, the mormon church leaders told their members to stop the now illegal practice adhering to the laws that were voted in. Why can't the Gays do the same thing. The church does not have plural marriage now and will never have it again as long as it is illegal! Suck it up and go with what the people want. We voted, you lost!

Gimme a Break!

"LDS official lauds work for California's Prop. 8"

"Elder Clayton says leaders 'grateful'..."

And you wonder WHY the church is now being targeted? It has nothing to do with your prophet, your god, or your scriptures. It has to do with your venemous conduct.


Once again, NO Church funds were spent on Prop 8. If individuals who are members of the Church spent their own money on prop 8 then so be it. It is the anti-Church groups that are being hateful and vicious. Get real. This is not a political issue and will not be influenced by any amount of protesting.

LDS in SoCal

It is ADAM and EVE not ADAM and STEVE. WHEN will you people get it. God had spoken through his Prophet and HIS living Church. What do you not understand about that?

LDS against Prop 8

Some of these comments are so out of touch with reality it baffles my mind.

1. Yes, there are LDS gays --- get a clue. Yes, I am gay. Yes, I am LDS --- served a mission and all. In the church since 1979. BTW, did any of you bother to see how some promiment LDS people are voting no on 8? Obviously not.

2. Marriage for gays will keep traditional marriages intact --- for fundamental LDS people, it's called temple marriage.

3. The repeating comment that somehow extending the same rights to gays as heteros have will somehow change how education is done or allow people to sue ministers baffles me. -- That is the underlying message on protectmarriage.com. But no worries, traditional marriages are alive and well, at least half of them are --- the ones that don't end in divorce.

4. By ignoring the rights, yes, rights, of LGBT community, and then turning around and saying, in the same breath, "we are not homophobes" is speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

5. And no, we will not let this rest. We will not stop, until equal rights are enjoyed by all. Until then...

To ScottAZ

Church funds were spend. It is documented that travel expenses of church leaders were contributed for a talk to the faithful, not illegal but they were spent. You are wrong in this part of your comment as well the rest of your comment. Hate breads hate and the LDS church is good about picking a fight with hate.


To all who keep saying citing the Bible and want to keep marriage a religious institution: Fine. Keep marriage in the church. Just don't expect the government to give you spousal social security benefits. Don't expect your employer to provide spousal medical benefits. Don't expect the IRS to let you claim your spouse on your taxes.
I'm glad so many of you think that homosexuality is a choice. Just one question. Do you think heterosexuality is a choice? Did you have to decide to love a member of the opposite sex?

california lds

I can't believe all that has been said about the church. What is wrong with the G/L groups that I thought was to be loving and caring, come on what you all have been doing is consider as hate crimes.
What members of the church has done was to stand with other's who voted yes on 8 because they believe that marriage is only to be between male and female.
And for your information I want to say thank you for all the attention as more people want to know more about our church and likes us even more. So if you think you will brake us down you wont for God will protect those who obeys his laws and his commandments from those who wants to do us harm, and if you hurt one of us you are hurting the SAVIOR.
Now let this go We VOTED now let the courts handle what they feel needs to and you all grow up children are watching and you all are sending a bad message of hate not peace and love. The LDS members don't hate you, we just love what marriage stands for.


I am LDS and ashamed at how many self rightous comments are here, are we only to be kind and understanding when we are among people who agree with our beliefs or do we recognize Gay, Straight or otherwise we are all Gods Children and should treat each other as Jesus would want us to???
I have read alot of hate hear and think it is just sad, not a Day that the self rightouse should be proud of...............

Get a life

Way to go California! You know there wasn't only mormons voting for this in Califonia. It's good to see other religions share the same beliefs. Get a life!


All these "protestors" are really demonstrating is how bigoted and intolerant they are! A temper tantrum! I say let them protest, it just shows the rest of the world what they really are! Put them on TV and let other people see their little tantrums and religious bigitory in action!

March Is Good for Church

I'm glad the homosexuals are marching on SLC. It's good press for good Americans out there. They get to see that the LDS stand up for something good in a world of devolving standards - the time-honored tradtion or marriage between a man and a woman. Notice something curious - the gays aren't marching on Catholic cathedrals, Jewish synagogues, or Evangelical chapels, are they? Remember folks, they were also big supporters of Prop 8. Go ahead, press. Give us the good exposure. For once, you're getting it right! And you don't even see that, do you? That's cool...


First of all, gays are not, as mentioned by many here, being denied any rights. They are indeed, as denied by many of those here against prop 8, requesting special rights. If everyone on the planet were gay or lesbian, we would die out within a century. So, it only works if only a few people are gay. So why do these people go around handing out propoganda? If it only applies to a few then it is indeed special rights.


"It's ridiculous that this debate has gotten so nasty. If two people want to call their union marriage, I still don't see how that's an attack on my family. It's not. Are we just looking for fights? We've got real problems in this country right now...I wish we had this passion about education and health care." by John Pack Lambert

that is hilarious...who has posted more passionately these past four months than you?


I don't condone attacks upon individual Mormons, but the Mormon church used its offices and influence to help fund a deceptive and fear-mongering campaign to deny an existing civil right to thousands upon thousands of law-abiding Californians (and prevent one for Arizonans and Floridians). It would NOT have happened without directives coming from Salt Lake City. It's about time the LDS church owns their intolerance.

Sore losers? Roe V. Wade didn't stop the pro-life movement. Why should Prop 8 stop the movement for marriage equality?

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