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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Re: Roger Johnston


If you look at the Bible than Soddom and Gommorah looks pretty foolish and so does any other nation that legitamized homosexuality.

And since you brought up looking back at history, the Book of Mormon is a history of the people on this land and people who were dark or light, woman or man chose the wrong in the majority they were shown to be foolish and suffered the wrath of God. When they chose the right they were blessed and free.

When the people of this country broke the laws of God and had slaves they suffered the wrath of God by having to endure the Civil War.

So, the Founding Fathers were not perfect but they were right about following God just like Christians may appear to be self-righteous sometimes because of their imperfections even though they are right about choosing to live by God's law.

I suggest that people stop looking at the faults and imperfections of those who want to obey God on this subject and instead focus on what God says regardless of which imperfect person is saying it - nobody is perfect and that's why we need to follow God.

God Bless America!

Wouldn't it seem a lot more difficult to say those 3 words if we had legitamized gay marriage? How about "In God We Trust."

I hope God blesses California.

Read the History....

For all the ranting and raving from gay activists, you are not going to change millennia of documented history. Take a look back over the documented history of mankind...from the bible, the koran, the Tanakh and other writings, and ask yourself...

EVER..EVER..has there been a time in the written history of mankind ANYWHERE on this planet where same sex marriage has EVER, EVER been condoned by a society, and been DOCUMENTED as such, SURVIVED as such and to this day, can it be EVIDENCED as proof that same sex marriage is what all MANKIND want?

In 7,000+ years of documented "NO WAY!", do you honestly expect that you are going to change the minds of a people who honor and love their God?

You expect our God fearing nation to change a fundemental institution founded on HOLY principles in order to condone a behavior that his been recorded for millennia as being a perversion in God's eyes.

No one is taking away your free agency; You can be gay if you want. This nation's people refuse to go against their God, whether He is the God of Israel or Islam and give your perversion the holy name of "Marriage".


Californias quit whining, it could be worse; you could live in Utah. At least you had a chance to vote.

Here in Utah ther is no democracy but a theocracy, the church speaks and the legislature and sheep follow. There are no two ways about it.

Be glad you at least had a shot at representation in an election. That stuff just doesn't happen in Utah.


Get a grip folks. Has anyone out there thought of what God says about this. You cannot make sin right. God says not and we follow what He says. I am a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints and proud of it. I have members in my family who are attracted to the same gender. They need self control as we all do. I am thankful for a God who leads us through his Prophet Thomas S Monson. Enough said

Really? You're Suprised?

I'm an active member of the church who decided not support prop 8. What bothers me most about this whole ordeal is the fact that the church got involved in a heated political issue and is surprised by the negative press/protests...This is exactly why I'm uncomfortable with the church & state issues. As church leaders you taught us the principles, let us govern ourselves.

Used to live in CA

I find it interesting that the Gay Rights Activists are now protesting after the vote. If they really didn't want it voted on, they should have protested when it was originally put on the ballot. Why didn't they? Because they never thought they would lose in a state as liberal as California. So now, after they realized that more than half of the state doesn't want them to have gay marriages in their state, they attack an easy target.

The Yes on 8 campaign did a great job bringing to light the adverse effects of gay marriage rights. Thanks to all of you who funded and supported it. We did what we could to educate Arizonans on Prop 102 and we are glad it passed down here.

John Pack Lambert

It's ridiculous that this debate has gotten so nasty. If two people want to call their union marriage, I still don't see how that's an attack on my family. It's not. Are we just looking for fights? We've got real problems in this country right now...I wish we had this passion about education and health care.


God is dead. Humans have evolvedto the point where a diety is not needed to answer the unknown. Get over yourselves mormons and this god you speak of. You look pretty irrational to all us normal people. I know see why Utah is such a screwed up place. Utah, you can keep you laws and religion. We don't want either of them here.

To RE: Laura

That's right, I believe it because I read it in God's book - the Bible - which covers the history of the entire Old World and shows that whenever nations condoned homosexuality they were destroyed and I have this thing called a survival instinct.

There are other books of scripture like the Torah and the Book of Mormon which also cover the history of entire nations or continents like the New World and testify of the same things.

The world has enough witnesses and histories. Those who do not learn from history repeat the same mistakes. What praphanalia are you reading and how does it trump 7000 years of history?

What Happened?

I am straight, but left the church many years ago for my own reasons. I belong to another church now (and have no intention of going back), but I did not remember it being so contentious and so apparently full of ill will. In fact, it used to seem the opposite. What happened?

Very appropriate

THANKS REALLY| 8:11 a.m. Nov. 9, 2008
"I think its inappropriate in most cases to be quoting scriptures to these people that are already feel hurt by this situation."

I think it is very appropriate. The scriptures are for everyone not just the believers. They have a lot of good counsel too and serve to put the learning of the world in its perspective. If you do not give a person the opportunity to learn the other side of the argument they really cannot exercise their free agency.

Jake Brubaker

Proposition 8 is right. Gay marriage is WRONG, and it`s lifestyle is WRONG too. Look at the stats! God knew all along, it was not for human consumption. Give your heads a shake, and get right with the Lord! After gay marriage, they will want to adopt pure little kids into their den of hell, they are out to deceive the world. Resist corruption!


oh brother! now I've heard everything.


Kudos to California for passing prop 8, it was and is the right thing to do. The lifestyle is wrong and perverted and one day these folks will have to stand before the Lord and explain themselves. The church has the moral right and responsibility to speak out this and they have done so , but the people of California have spoken ever more loudly, so give it up and let it go.

Defining Marriage??


It's comical that Mormons are out front defining marriage when just a few yearS ago Mormons were defining marriage as one man and anywhere from one to a few dozen women. Why do Mormons think they are such moral highbrows that they should be out telling everyone else how they need to live.

Mormons never pressured society to change the definition of marriage in fact they wanted to keep to themselves and live their lives in peace. When the United States Supreme Court ruled against polygamy, the practice was stopped. Contrast this to the gay movement.

Homosexuals have lost none of their civil rights. Have they been sent to prison for being gay? Have they been disenfranchised for being gay? Have they been denied the right to sit on juries because they are gay? Have their homes been invaded unlawfully in a search to find evidence of illegal cohabitation? Have they been forced to leave the country? All these things happened to polygamists. Can you truthfully say that the Mormon Church has hurt gays like this. Trying to compare polygamy to gay marriage and the denial of civil rights is like mixing apples and oranges.


I think the LDS Church should have its tax exempt status revoked as they are no longer a spiritual institution, but rather, a political machine. It would help our economy.


Opponents of Proposition 8 insist that the electorate is softening and that the future is bright for their cause. They better get busy. With each passing year, California becomes more Hispanic and more African-American. Evidently, the majority of folks in those two demographics still think that having children is a good thing and that marriage between a man and a woman is the way it should work. While liberal white "educated" folk in California work on the gay agenda with their dogs, cats, and same-sex partners, the very demographic that primarily opposes them is growing exponentially. Those who opposed Proposition 8 may have seen their best chance evaporate before their eyes this year. At last check, each passing year notes fewer and fewer states without amendments/legislation proscribing gay marriage. Y'all have a long row to hoe and you better make hay while the sun shines because it's looking more and more desperate for you....


I thought the people of California voted not the church. What makes a democracy work is that after the election, we all accept the decision. I did not vote for Obama, but I accept him as my new President. Only once in US history did people not accept the people's election result and that resulted in a bloody civil war that divided the nation and thousands lost their lives.
A key foundation of a democracy is when the people vote via the ballot box and we all accept the decision. Yes, we may continue to protest but peacefully and without targeting any group or individual. "Play the ball and not the man" is what my coach used to tell me.

re defining marriage

please define a few years ago.

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