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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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David In New York

It's ignorant to suggest that Mormons alone pushed prop 8 through. California has 36 million citizens, 750,000 of which are Mormon. What about the other 35 million Californians? Didn't they count. In this country we all have to live with the will of the majority... for good or bad. Respect for rights? Gay marriage is not an established right. Free speach is, and that's what the Mormon church was doing. Pretty hypocrital if you ask me. "Tolerence" should go both ways.

Don't be fooled!!!

But, the gay agenda people (as a whole) have NOT shown that respect, civility, or love back. They have not acted equally. They want equality, but refuse to show it in return when they don't get their way.

This whole thing is NOT about equality. Section 297.5 (a) of the CA Family Code says homosexuals have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities as heterosexual couples. Where is the discrimination? They already have the same rights so their argument there is hollow.


These people are complaining about how rights are being taken away from them. I've got news for you people. The law applies to everyone. The rest of us cant be homosexual either. So, no, no rights are being taken away from you. You are equal to the rest of us.

These people are complaining about how they are being discriminated against. I've got more news for you. As so many people here have already pointed out, being gay is a choice. If you think you are being treated unfairly, and if you dont like it, quit complaining and do something useful about it. Notice the word useful. Dont go handing out propoganda, just change and be heterosexual. There is absolutely nothing keeping you from doing it.

Lastly, many people are saying that the church was discriminated against and hated for something that we could change as well, so we, of all people, should know how it feels. Guess what! We decided to hold to our beliefs and turn the other cheek. You are standing by your beliefs as well. But dont do it by vandalizing and writing hate mail. If you want respect, show us that you deserve it.


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Re: Roger Johnston

You are absolutely correct when you say "Just because a majority thinks they know better doesn't make it right" but being in a free country means you have to live by the majority's vote - even if it is wrong. That is the rule of law; and if one day the majority chooses to allow gay marriage they will be just as wrong as they are today.

When the voice of the people chooses something that God has forbidden than the entire nation will suffer God's wrath. I am sorry that this is so hard for gay people (even though they still have the same legal rights as straight people) but the voters have chosen to live according to God's word in a Christian land. The founding fathers always meant for this people to be virtuous and live by principals taught in the Bible.

BTW, it is not self-righteous to vote for living by the commandments. Relying on your own understanding and going against nature's laws and centuries of procreative definition of marriage is. Sorry if you feel the way you do. Your way of life cannot continue more than one generation by itself.


laura...perfectly said!

Roger Johnston

Since I never mentioned the US specifically and to turn the argument into "the majority" again won that battle cause it was right is off the mark and lets not touch on it since so many sacraficed is missing the point. I would simply pointing out that we look back and see that Slavery, Women's rights, Civil rights movement, Earth being flat and not being at the center of our creation seem silly to us now but those people certainly and majority of them belived it to be so or ok. It was a question, will we think this is silly say 100 years from now? If you honestly believe that the human race didn't majority line of thinking, even in this country, think slavery, womens rights, african americans rights that the majority of the people were against them from the beginning whom is the one in ignorance? It is I sir who am cringing and not buying "it was just a concession." Since the majority of the founding father owned slaves. Again the questions stand, Are the majority always right and will future generations look back at our ignorance?

Church and State

I fail to see how the LDS Church can be accused of trying to force their religious beliefs onto others. Shame on those you have tried to twist Joseph Smiths words to prove that the Church is going against its own teachings.

How have we tried to force our beliefs on others? The only thing the Church has done was to ask the members in California to encourage their friends and neighbors to support prop8. How is supporting a belief that marriage is between a man and a women and has been supported by Muslims, Christians and Jews for thousands of years, any sign that Mormons are attempting to force their beliefs on others and using the ballot to do it.

The idea of separation of Church and State is nowhere to be found in the constitution. If anyone can find it, please let us know. It does keep the government out of religion though. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; How much plainer does it need to be. As to tax except status threats, again read the constitution; OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF


Re: Wow @11:10
Truth be told, there are right and wrong answers to most basic moral questions.
This is the difference between you and I. I have a clear direction that I follow in this debate, you are confused with your own position.

Tired in NC

This is a democracy. I do not like the outcome of the recent election, but I will support the new president and the leaders of this nation. The voice of the people has also spoken in the matter of Proposition 8 and the people of our country need to respect that, or move to another country. I will always believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman and GOD and always will be. I will also always believe in our Country and the rights given to us in the Constitution. It is time the protesters do the same.

Re: Laura

It really comes down to this:

Those of you who voted YES on Prop 8 believe you know what God truly wants, because you read it in a book.

Those of you who voted No on Prop 8 just want gay marriages to be treated as 100% equal to heterosexual marriages. If you believe that the gay population has all the rights all ready, under civil unions, then it should be no big deal if we get rid of the concept of marriage and we all just have civil unions. Sounds good to me, just along as everone is treated 100% the same.

What is that smell?

I'm neither gay nor Mormon. I don't like either one of you. You both belong in a zoo.


the issue here is the definition of marriage. I am all for all of the benefits of marriage insurance , health care, etc. being given to gay couples. However I am not ok with the redefinition of marriage. This is not about acceptance as much as it is indoctrination and limiting parental rights or a churchs right with regards to marriage. If you believe the commercials for prop 8 were exxagerated then you are mistaken as these things are happening in Massachusetts. There are priests and ministers being sued over not performing gay marriages, there are documents being given to kindergartners portraying things that should be left to the parents to discuss. The alarming thing is that twice now in california this resolution has passed and now we will endure the legal trials over this. I am appalled by the protests that are spewing such hate yet they proclaim to be accepting of all. The truth is they are accepting as long as you agree with their point of wview.

Sal K.

It is a bad idea for mormons to post in defense of these. The more and more you post the worse you all look. It is sad and I do not think the mormon church will recover from this blunder.

re- LDS against Gay marriage

Standing many times in Sacrament meetings, I have heard it say that "they are ok with unions, as long as they do not call it marriage."*********************
What kind of sacrament meetings have you been standing in?
I have never heard anyone speak in a Sacrament meeting agreeing with civil unions.
The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS has always stood against Homosexuality and if you commit that act, you will be excommunicated or dis-fellowshipped.
You are either anti-Mormon, which many of these comments are- or you have never set foot in an LDS church.


"I would really like to know how you Gay and Lesbian Coalition contribute to society as a group. All I ever see is a "take, take" attitude. If you would take the time to go give service to someone in need instead of protesting you would get more respect."

Could you have made it clearer that you've never met a gay person? Like it or not, gays are involved in pretty much every aspect of American society. They contribute to the arts, the sciences, etc. Yes, they do give service. The fact that you think otherwise shows your complete and utter ignorance.

Captain Obvious

Protests are a sign that our democracy is thriving. Good for them.

"It really bothers me that the gays are being so nasty about it. It is exactly how they don't want to be treated. I don't know any LDS people who spew hatred like they are doing towards us."

It's pretty obvious that you haven't been reading this thread. Overall, the Mormon commentators have been far more spiteful and hate-filled (no matter how much they deny it) than the anti-Prop 8 commentators.


"When you chose to be gay you consiouscly choose to give up certain rights and privilages."

"but they need to understand that being choosing to be gay..."

Most gays do not choose to be gay. That fact won't change, no matter how many times you may suggest otherwise.

The End


So who gives anyone the right to say they are right and the gays are wrong.. People arent born and grow up and find out they are gay.. they are born that way.. with certain genes, hormones, ect that makes their body feel the way it does.. im not gay, im not LDS, but i feel that this has gone to far.. how many LDS families have a member that is gay ?? I would bet quite a few, but would they love them less?? We are all put here on this earth by one person.. Treat people the way you want to be treated.. If god intended us to be the same, it would be a very boring world.. God made us all different for a reason. So why try and tell someone that they cant do something that they feel is right? I have no problem with people that are gay, ect.. Because they are different doesnt make them less of a person..

this is all about power

much has been made of the sacredness of "traditional marriage" ... the problem is, throughout much of recorded history, women in "traditional" marriages were nothing but the property of the husband and were child-producers for the benefit of the husband and his family ... they were required to bring an acceptable dowry ... if they were royal born, they often were used to cement strategic alliances between countries ... today, partners in marriages may, MAY, be somewhat more equal (though i think many women still have not reached parity) ... but i find it amusing that many of these newly emancipated now are saying that other human beings should NOT be able to marry ... for many years the church taught that persons with a genetically determined skin color were not quite good enough ... that has been remedied, at least officially ... now the issue is that other people, whose attraction to the same gender is almost certainly genetic, are being marginalized ... we haven't learned much, have we?

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