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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Question 4U

Are all Mormons this nasty and self-rightous?


There is a major difference between religious marriage and civil marriage......my partner and I are Roman Catholic...we would fight for our church's right to not recognize our relationship...the Pope has primacy in our faith, though we don't agree with him -- he is the law of the RC church.

However, we will fight for our civil rights to be full citizens in our state. Seperate but equal is not equal in civil law in the United States -- see Brown v Board of Ed 1954. We will prevail in the courts and we've come extremely close even with this vote because THE US IS NOT A THEOCRACY as much as some people would like that to be true. Individual rights have always ultimately prevailed in this country---read the history.

roger johnston

I love the "argument from majority" that so many people here use in this state. Just because a majority thinks they know better doesn't make it right. I wonder if this issue in future generations will look back and say, "they should have known better." Lets take a look back at some of the thing the "majority" thought was right....slavery...most people would say should have known better. The church of all people should know what its like to be thrown under the bus for "marriage" issues. They certainly weren't in the majority then. There is an inhert flaw in putting a vote to the public were the majority can impose its will on the minority. The majority time and again isn't always right...I guess cause "God" said so the earth is still flat and we are at the center of his creation.."they should have known better?" Slavery, womens rights, interracial marriage, etc all sound rediculious and we think we are so superior in our morality yet I argue we still wear the same blinders.


When the prophet speaks, the thinking may NOT have been done. It is good to see protests in front of church buildings. It should have happened years ago.

RE Question for U

Nasty and Self-righteous?))
Sounds like you are describing the Liberal Gay Activists.

I know that these Gay Activists will continue to 'kick against the pricks' until the millennium.

If God asked me what I did in this life?
I can say that I voted against Gay marriages and Abortions.
/Maybe that might get me in the door.... yo!

Re: Daniel

Nearly every law we have is based on religion. Read the Ten Commandments and you'll find the basis for our laws against murder, stealing, perjury, etc. To suggest that people can't vote according to their Church's teachings is to deny us our right.

Whether or not gay marriage will hurt society is very difficult to know at this time. Many turn to their own wisdom and 'compassion' when making their vote. Many others, including myself turn to God for the answer because we don't trust the wisdom of man.

We know you do the same and do not fault you when you vote against giving rights to bear arms. You think it's better for society and we get that and never claim that if the majority felt that way the laws would be constitutional.

The left's denial for us to vote as we see is best for society is the real oppression of rights and I strongly object.


The church to me seems to be the most pro-marriage organization in the world, not the most anti-gay. According to most Californians marriage is defined between a man and woman, not two guys or two girls, but one of each. Ah, what a day, finally. Quit getting it mixed up people, just accept what happened and live your life in your own closet!


The irs code talks about CANDIDATES not propositions.


To my fellow LDS members. We obviously are supporters of Prop 8. However, I think that we need to be very careful about the way that we respond to some of these posts. Remember, the few can make it look like they represent the masses. We are taught to be respectful I think that we can do a better job of that. Reach out with love, not with cutting words. We may not have the same views, but we can be civil and friendly.

J. Wright

Homosexuality = Gender Identity Confusion

All the 'gay marriages' in the world won't change that simple truth.

All the picketing in the world won't change that for homosexuals on a personal level.

You cannot take away others right to choose. You cannot control their minds and hearts to accept your confusion. You can only deal with it on a personal level.

You have chosen a dark and dreary path one in which there is no right turns. You cannot reproduce so you must recruit and therein lies the truth. You must recruit from children of heterosexuals. I don't believe that you would want this lifestyle for your own children. You would not inflict the misery you suffer on your own innocent progeny.

Look to the Light...Only God can heal you.

Info man

Years ago, my wife and I were having a conversation about persecutions that the church and it's members may have to endure in the coming years. It was hard to believe things could go negative. The church was receiving a lot of positive press throughout the world. It's future, as far as public opinion was concerned, looked bright.
We talked about the Presidency's statement, The Family, Proclamation to the world, the timing of it, (1995) and why it is so important. We felt that God inspired our prophet to bring this forth to reeducate it's members and prepare them for upcoming events. This Proclamation makes very clear Gods will for the church and it's members.
The gays will continue to move with their agenda to have gay marriage and adoption legalized, and legitimize their lifestyle through Hollywood, media, and public education.
The Church and it's faithful members will continue to support marriage and the family, and oppose those things that are detrimental to this institution and society as a whole.
Although we may be persecuted for our stand, we will also continue to grow with added membership of those who share our ideals and love of family.

I have a right to my believes to

The irony of this whole thing is overwhelming!
We, the LDS, have not rights to our religious believes??? Because we don't agree with yours???

What in the world are you talking about?

I have a right to believe that God doesn't agree, in fact dispises, the thoughts of homosexuality.

I believe the scriptures, as do the Catholic, Protestants, Methodists, Church of Christ, etc etc etc

And also thanks to you all, many more will become interested in our religion because they too see homosexuality as a perversion.

So what you are doing ends up in our favor.

And to you professors at the U of U who hold your students grades in your hands according to if they agree with your philosophy of supporting the gay rights for a better grade ... Shame on you for your discrimination! Yeah .. this is an OBVIOUS example of DISCRIMINATION.


I am a teacher and a library student in CA and I can personally testify that we are ALREADY BEING REQUIRED to teach gay agenda stuff--it's been in the social studies curriculum for YEARS (so you can't exempt your kid). Libraries have gay-promotion as part of their agenda as well. As to closing doors of charities, it has already happened in MA. And churches in Canada have already been forced to do gay marriages. The Church and the prophet did not lie--prophets are forthtellers as well as foretellers. We were merely warned by those who know about what might have happened should 8 have failed.
The gay community threatened that it will use education of our children to get their way. Once children have been taught that being gay/gay marriage is okay, they will vote that way. It is called brainwashing. The activist judges overturned Prop 22 so that they could honestly claim discrimination--thus villifying people who took a yes stand. The fact that we went from 61% to only 52% tells us that their agenda is already working. We need to be very afraid for our nation and keep fighting for righteousness lest evil prevail. See Mosiah 29:25-27.

Re: Mormons Disgust Me

What???????????? Out of the 900+ comments, by far, that one is the most ignorant.


There have been about 85,000 posts in response to this piece, and I don't know if I've read even one that mentioned God's will on the subject.

The reason members of the LDS faith went after Prop 8 so heavily is not becuase they don't want flamers to have any rights. It has to do with their belief that homosexual marriage is a grevious sin in the eyes of God and hence, destructive on society.

It would be like a group of Mormons wanting to write a future propostion to ban alcohol. Do you think their wouldn't be any resistance and demonstrating against the idea from the other side? As sure as hell their would be.


Do we really believe that slavery was ever a majority issue? Or was it a concesssion to create "these United States." Every time I hear the argument posed by Roger above... "Lets take a look back at some of the thing the "majority" thought was right....slavery...most people would say should have known better." ... I cringe. Roger, the majority eventually went to war to eliminate slavery because they never believed it was right. Many paid the ultimate price. Most of us don't see gay marriage as being equivalent to the whole civil rights movement and most of us, mormon or otherwise, are not buying the whole gay marriage as a basic human right thing.


Why are people screaming that the issue is about gay rights, when:
1. No rights are actually being taken away.
a. If you are homosexual, you may still vote
b. If you are homosexual, you may still own weapons.
c. If you are homosexual, your partner under the domestic partnership law, still protects as if a spouse.
d. If you are homosexual, no person will prevent you from using the term marriage though you are legally a domestic partner.
2. Polygamists are equally if not more effected
a. Under the amendment, no polygamists may legally marry since by definition polygamists seek out 1 man and multiple women.
b. Under the domestic partnership laws, no woman may marry another woman if she is already married to a man. So, the domestic partnership is bigoted against polygamists.


Utah is full of ignorance. Why do people here seem to think they are always right, that there is no other right answers in the world? Truth be told, there is not a right answer to every question.

I see self-righteous people on both sides of the issue. It is you, the extremes, that cause hatred between the two fractions. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but you cannot enforce them on another group.

J. Wright: You are the city on the hill as far biogtry goes. And you, my friend, cannot take away the right of a homosexual's right to choose to love whomever they please.


OK, it's as simple as this:

Those of you who voted YES on Prop 8 fear God more than man.

Those of you who voted No on Prop 8 fear man more than God.

LDS against Prop 8

Clearly, many things will not change. The LDS Church will never reverse its position, as many have outwardly spoken. Even though Mormons might be a majority, they clearly made their voice heard in the campaigning.

What fundamental LDS members fail to understand is that the LGBT people are not asking for special rights. The argument that traditional marriage has always been so is not true. There have been many kinds of marriages --- but I won't go there now.

Second, the LGBT community, as of right now, does not have equal rights under the law. Standing many times in Sacrament meetings, I have heard it say that "they are ok with unions, as long as they do not call it marriage." However, do LDS members come in droves to protect the rights of the LGBT community? No, they do not. But when it comes to limiting their rights, they vote and campaign fiercefully. Is there an unspoken message here?

While this Prop might have failed now, society is changing. This was a slim margin clearly showing how society is changing from the 2000 Prop 22. We will hold our ground. While we may not agree, we will gain our rights.

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