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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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re: MoHo | 8:01 p.m. Nov. 8, 2008


Sick of Prop 8

Let's move on.


re: Revoke tax exempt status | 6:05 a.m. Nov. 8, 2008

Give me a break. How many times did Obama, Cinton, ad naseum go to various democrat/left leaning churches and blame Bush and other republicans for all of the evil that is going on in this world.

Yes, please IRS, go after ALL these churches that decide to mix religion and politics. No exceptions.


Welcome to our lovely city. Notice the cleanliness, the courteous people, the order and the unique beauty of our families. Our city was scratched out of the desert by the ancestors of the citizens you are protesting. This grit is generational as is the depth of our faith and our testimony. It is probably not anything you will ever understand. We have been bullied before and grown stronger. Our concerns are multi-generational and are more profound than you could understand in a short commercial or soundbite. How arrogant and terrifying to assume that one is wiser than thousands of years of tradition, not to mention the Father of us all. How foolish to try to wipe out generations of wisdom in one generation. Are your motives truly unselfish? I wonder. I wish you could have seen the face of my teenage daughter that we adopted overseas a year ago when I asked her if she would like to have been adopted by two moms or two dads. It spoke volumes. By the way, if an earthquake leveled S.F.,I along with hundreds of other Mormons would be on the frontlines helping you out. Can you wrap your brain around that?

To my fellow Mormons

I think its inappropriate in most cases to be quoting scriptures to these people that are already feel hurt by this situation.

I fully support Propostion 8 and donated to the cause but rubbing it in by reading scriptures that make you sound like their personal judge seems against the counsel of our church to not vilify or be disrespectful in this situation.

Please be careful about how you talk to our brothers and sisters and remember to be respectful.

multiply and replenish the earth

was in the beginning...for a man and a woman...it takes this to do that. That is what marriage is all about and has been since the beginning. Marriage is fot this and for raising and protecting the children of that marriage. How do two men, or two women multiply and replenish the earth. Gay marriage is conterfiet marriage in the sigtht of God, man, and His church. The mother of the human race, created by God was Eve, not Steve. Get with it people. Just because they want it does not mean that they should have it.


the lord teaches us not to judge one another.

Re: My Prayer

People of various faiths can still love gays and lesbians unconditionally and vote their conscious. Just because I don't want to teach my kids in school that being gay is OK doesn't mean I don't love someone. That is a far-fetched accusation that protecting my children means I don't have unconditional love. Not supporting proposition would be unconditional stupidity and unconditional irresponsibility on my part as a parent.

By the way, I do have a love for the infinite and a relationship with him as well as people of many faiths and religions who voted down gay marriage. I am not sure who "the infinite" is to you but if he is the god of the Bible then I don't think you understand the scriptures so try reading them again. If he is another God then you should know that this country is a Christian nation which was founded on Christian principles. The founding fathers taught that the constitution was designed for a virtuous, God-fearing people and would work for none-other. The People have the ability to lose true freedom if they vote to do so against righteous principles. Freedom was preserved.

Friend of Plain & Simple

As posted by "To Doodles":

"..how does allowing gays to marry damage your society and your "Christian" virtues??"

Allowing gays to REDEFINE marriage to include same-sex relationships damages society first and foremost by ceating the illusion that gay relationships contribute to subsequent generations no differently than straight relationships.

The former cannot and will never contribute to child-bearing and raising in the same way that the latter, as a man and a woman are crucial to creating a child in the first place, and a mother and a father are both key components to that child's well-being throughout life.

Some traditional families are deprived of such an ideal by circumstance, not choice. However, in all homosexual unions, such a deprivation is purely by choice. The mindset that says, "One type of parent (mother or father) is good enough for my kid" is borne out of selfishness, not out of what's best for children.

I'm a parent, and there's no way on earth I'd ever wish upon my children (or other children) a situation where they couldn't enjoy having parents of both sexes and realize the unique contributions that only a father or only a mother could bring to their lives.

Re: Doodles

Dear Doodles,

Actually, our freedom was founded on Christian principles. This is a Christian nation who's constitution was based on principles found in the Bible. Your freedom was founded on Christianity and if it weren't for God you would not even have your freedom.

You don't even know your country's own heritage. The Founding Father's always recognized the hand of divine providence from the God of the Bible but shunned any state-sponsored religion by a specific church.

BTW, atheism or humanism is its own religion so saying that you don't want to have Christian values pushed on you is really saying you want to push your humanistic religions on us - which will actually destroy the freedom of this country.

If you don't like living in a Christian land you don't have to live here. Christians accept and love people from all religions but they don't have to give up the values of religion our freedoms are founded on. You are free to practice whatever kind of lifestyle you want, even if it is perverted but don't pervert the values of this great country by changing its laws - keep it to yourself.

Re: To Doodles

See Re:Doodles - really meant for you.

The Rock

Liberals always look to the courts to win what they cannot win at tha ballot box.

Want to be call a really bad name? Just disagree with a liberal.

Disagree with the gay activists and you are a homophobe.
Disagree with Obama and you are a racists.
Try to rein in the excesses of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac when they brought affirmative action to the mortgages and you are a racists.
Disagree with abortion and you are a sexist.
They have names at the ready for every occasion.

different perspective

it seems to me that everyone is overlooking the fact that everyones rights have been affected not just the GLBT community. I no longer have the right to marry a man due to prop 8 just as any gay man. homosexuality is defined as a sexual attraction to the same sex, they still have the right to marry an opposite sex person, but choose to ignore this right of theirs because of where their sexual preference lies. it seems all very ridiculous to me that laws should have to argued around the sexual preference of a minority

Sislis from Spain

why are the protestors complaining. A vote was put, all those wishing to vote did so, and the outcome, legaland fair was not to their liking. Tough. It must also be pointed out that LDS. are not the only religious group involved, so where are the pickets outside other religious buildings??? Could it be because "they", the pickets, know that the laws of God and of the mass of people are the same. Marriage is between man and woman, always has been, and, one hopes, always will be.


I could not agree more with the comment posted above by "Hello my fellow Mormons". It is true that Prop 8 is the correct choice, but by quoting scripture especially the B.O.M we (as members of Gods true church) are, in a way, not loving them, but bashing with them and one thing we can not do is convince them of their sin. Love the sinner hate the sin!


Sadly, i suspect most of you posting on this site do not know a gay person - and within your own families likely someone who is gay would not come out in such a hostile environment. Likely these are your sons, daughers, brother, sisters, who for reasons unclear to you leave the state, and go to NY or California to find happiness and peace. So you all reinforce your beliefs and alleged "knowledge" with each other, never gaining any fresh perspective from an intimate one to one talk with maybe someone you love, who happens to be gay. If you had that talk, I think your eyes would open to the subtle truths of what is universal - the need to love, be accepted, and belief in your fellow man. This was what was all shattered with Prop 8

end of time

Think for a moment.
If we allowed a small state like NH to have only married gay couples.
Refused to let any gay couples in that state adopt children.
Within 2 generations all the married gay couples in NH would be gone.
Not quoting scripture-
God didn't set up the Garden of Eden with Adam marrying Bruce and Eve marrying Beth.
This earth life we have known would have ended.
Satan knew it- God knew it.
Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their own sakes.


to sureshot 2:16

you say that you do not have the same rights as "married" people. civil unions gives you every right a married person has with the lone exception of the name.

why do you feel that you are being discriminated against? because prop 8 vacated the special protections and case law you needed to push your agenda forward and down the necks of unsupecting people.

How can you say that you should have the same leagle protections granted minorites espcailly African-Amaricans. have you gone through what that community had gone through simply for having more skin pigment. how about women and the handicaped. they are easy to see and understand why they were granted special protections the kind the california supream court gave the homosexual communities.

the only way to identify a homosexual is by his or her, its behavior. that is why the vast majority of minorites blacks and hispanics voted for prop 8.

so why attack or protest against the church. maybe because mormons have been discriminated against more than any other religious organization in this nation. maybe because they get a pass for attacking mormons.

so just how is bigited here? it's not the mormons.

Plain & Simple

To Straight Guy for Gay Rights: You define marriage and you will get the good reason you are looking for.


Gays will never be satisfied because they know what they are doing is wrong and they just want another way to justify their actions... hate to break it to you, but prop 8 or any other law will never satisfy your insatiable appetites for that which unnatural. Yep i said unnatural, face the facts of your problem by yourself and quit making it everyone elses problem!

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