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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Great! TRUE marriage has been defended, and the gay agenda has been revealed for what it REALLY is.
I live in California, and I got to vote YES on Prop. 8. It felt GREAT. Marriage isn't about two people in love wanting to share their lives together. A civil union accomplishes that. Marriage is about bringing kids into the world (that takes a man and a woman) and ASSURING kids' rights to having a male role-model and a female role-model. Marriage isn't about rights, it's about what is RIGHT, and "gay marriage" isn't it. You may eventually legalize it and gain worldly acceptance and validation, but it will NEVER be right in the eyes of God.

Granny Girl

I live in CA and worked to pass Prop. 8 - and reading all the comments above, I am amazed at the lack of factual information some of you have. To "Ashamed to have ever been a Mormon", please find out the correct information before you write. Yes, indeed, the California Education Code says that marriage will be, and is now,taught in schools. If the "NO" vote had won, new text books and new curriculn materials etc. would have to be provided for all public schools. And yes, there is a distinct possiblility that, if the "no" proposition had passed, churches would be required to perform gay marriages, or lose their right to perform marriages. No doubt you would love to see no more temple marriages in California temples?? It seems to me that the gay community has given themselves special names, and set themselves aside in special groups etc. -- why can't the gay community create a name special to themselves for the civil unions already permitted that would make it their own special "marriage"? Under the civil union provision, they already have all the civil rights that a man/woman marriage has.


Don't forget that Connecticut now ALSO allows gay marriages, not just Massachusetts.


I am LDS, and if I had been a resident of CA, I would have voted Yes on 8, too. Marriage is a sacred ordinance, between a man and a woman. It should stay that way. Let gays have civil unions, with legal rights, but not marriage.
The past few days, since the Election, have been sad for me. I supported Barack Obama, and I'm very happy he won, but I have lost a friend over it, who thinks Mormons can't be Democrats, and have the Spirit with them.
Then, when I heard about the vandalism at the Los Angeles Temple, and saw the pictures on the news, I cried.

I have never seen as much hate and bigotry as happened with this Election. The anti-Mormon sentiment was rampant with Romney's candidacy. Then, the videos of Republican rallies,with threats against Obama, fear and bigotry because of his name, lies and smears, etc. made me sick. Now this, one of the Temples being forced to shut down, by a mob of angry protesters who didn't get their way!

Satan is alive and well, and feeding on all the contention. Is persecution far behind?

mom of three

For those who keep saying how hypocritical it is for the church to say they believe in acceptance and love for all and then urge members to vote for prop 8, let me fill you in. We are NOT taught to accept and love sin. We are taught to love all mankind, but not sin! We believe the bible and it teaches that homosexuality is an abomination before God. God does not change or He would cease to be God. Therefore, the church will not change its' views on homosexuality no matter how many protest or even how many members are upset by this. Protesting won't change anything, it just stirs the pot.


I wonder why we supported Prop 8... hmmm, maybe because it's an abomination before God and flat out disgusting.


Hey "Mormons Out," can I have job?? I'm tired of having to lie about my gentile status in job interviews.


Since most people here are stuck in the past, I have observed far more parallels to the corrupt Pharisees from the Mormons than I have observed parallels to Christ's teachings. Just my personal observation.


After reading all 17 pages of comments on this story this evening, I want to say just a few things.

When a man and a woman commit socially, financially and sexually to one another, our word for that commitment is "marriage." That is what it is called.

Two men or two women making a sexual committment to one another is called "homosexuality," meaning one sex. Among religious people of all major faiths and through all recorded time, this has been a sexual perversion and a sin.

I personally object to allowing sodomy to be enshrined in law and to call it marriage. I am a Christian and believe the Bible and it's teachings on homosexuality. I take serious issue with the anonymous post that proclaimed "Our country wasn't designed to enforce the Bible." That is not true. The motto of the United States of America is "In God We Trust."

I believe that those who choose to practice homosexuality damage themselves and our society and its Christian virtues.

I believe that homosexuals have the right to choose, for themselves. They also have consequences for their choices.

Many of the comments on these 17 pages are heartbreaking to me.


Let them be gay. There's no future in it. It will die out with each individual generation.


Homosexuals have the right to choose, just like a woman has the right to choose. A woman's right to choose "Abortion" is the wrong choice in my opinion, but she has that choice. A gay person's choice to excercise his Gay tendancies to have sex with someone of the same gender is his/her choice and nobody is trying to prevent that although many believe it to be wrong. However trying to make it the NORM to be "Married" as a husband and wife have had the RIGHT to be since the beginning of time is WRONG and beyond acceptable in society. Why can't you just be "gay" about your ability to have sex and a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex? Why do you have to have this "In Your Face" attitude? It's wrong, and the behavior is wrong, yet you push for more and more and more. GIVE IT UP! Be happy with the perversions you excercise now, stop trying to push it down our throats! Your downfall shouldn't be the downfall of the whole society!


Fact: The Church has made it clear, the Savior has made it clear in the scriptures! What else needs to be said? If your LDS and you don't agree with the Church, then you obviously don't agree with the Savior because you don't read about what he says in the SCRIPTURES ON HOMOSEXUALITY. Therefore my suggestion is you do 1 of 2 things: 1. Repent and be sorry and get your act together. 2. Ask your bishop to have your name removed from the church records because you obviously don't agree with the Church's doctrines, nor that of the SAVIORS DOCTRINE! With that as the case you are in a very sad lot of selfishness and denial of what the Savior has said since the beginning of time, and you are being a student of the Devil and what he wants you to believe. If you have been to the temple, go back and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! Your being dupped my friends, and selfishness and pride are controlling your thoughts, not humility, compassion and love. So many accuse the Church and it's members of hate and persecution, when quite the opposite is true, we feel for them, and love them.


The people spoke. Marriage is between a Man and a women. It has being and it will be. If those people want to push that again. we Will defeat them. We are the majority. Thank goodness.

To: Doodles

"I believe that those who choose to practice homosexuality damage themselves and our society and its Christian virtues."

Thats your belief- but honestly how does allowing gays to marry damage your society and your "Christian" virtues?? Seriously they are not the ones trying to take your rights away! Personally I believe your opressive Christianity has done more to damage our society- which was founded in freedom and justice for ALL.


I am strong for PROP 8. I don't care if Gays marry, i really don't. I just don't want my children being taught in school that this is natural. Its not. I don't want children to be adopted into these gay marriages either. Its not fair to the children. They have no choice. They end of having a dad and a dad, not a dad and a mom. thats why I vote yes on 8


Our "Non-member" friends here in California have been thanking us for all of the work that we as members here did to get Prop 8 passed.

My prayer

is that Religion is abolished from the face of the earth. I feel in my heart that I have a relationship with the Divine Creator, however the religious dogma that causes our world to be divided is nothing more than religion. My experience of being a part of the Mormon Church for nearly ten years, is that its members are fully commited to an organization and rarely do they have a relationship with the Infinite. When we as a people can learn to love each other unconditionaly without any strings attached, then and only then can we grow as a people. When we continually want to prove that our way is the right way, all we are doing is strengthening our egos. I have know ill will to any of the Mormon population or the Mormon Church, it is all that you know.....When the LDS Church is pushing their agenda on people who are not interested, people who live their lives through spirit realize their egos are doing all the talking. Have a great night....Love


Our new elect president said it. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Thank you very much

RSL Forever

I'd like to thank all the out-of-state gay people who stayed in Salt Lake County hotels for helping pay for RSL's new stadium.


Bring more people next time - we need more TRT funds for the expo center/arts district/acquarium/etc... My heartfelt apology to Utahns who havn't stayed in a Utah hotel in the last 10 years who think THEIR tax dollars have gone to the stadium.


This is crazy. So, you can't get married. Too bad so sad. The only reason why most of the Gay/Lesbian population wanted this to pass was to have society giving them a pat on the back a hey it's o.k. to live this type of lifestyle. Well, at least you are not being attacked for your lifestyle choice just for your wanting need to feel normal. Well, the masses have spoken and your lifestyle choice isn't going to get the green light from the masses. Keep living how you live; but, sorry marriage is between a man and a woman. Not a man and a man or a man and a cat etc.
By protesting it just shows that you can't accept the facts. That even though a judge granted a right that he didn't have the power to grant. That the checks and balances of the popular vote vetoed his decision.

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