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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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To: not even a minority

If we follow your logic, why should California, with over 30 million residents, listen to a tiny sect like Mormonism? Get over it yourself!

California - Yes on 8 Volunteer

I was happy to be a volunteer for the Yes on 8 campaign and to donate my time and money. People of all faiths joined with us to help pass this important proposition.

I'm told there are about 750,000 LDS people in Calif. and there were over 5 million "yes" votes cast. Obviously there are other people who believe that traditional marriage is what they want for society.

This is the SECOND Calif. vote! Prop 22 passed in 2000 at 61% and now again in 2008 at 52%!

The African American vote was 7 to 3 in favor of this proposition. The Latino vote was 53% in favor of Prop 8.

If Prop 8 had not passed I don't see all of us going up to West Hollywood, Long Beach, Laguna Beach or San Francisco to protest. We would accept the will of the people. Those protesting obviously are not. They were so convinced this would not pass.

The people who are protesting have no idea how much support that people of other faiths are showing to those of us who are LDS during this time. They are shocked at the outlash toward the Mormons.


Go get married in Mass. or Conn. it's still legal there. If gays want to get married, do it, I don't care, just don't bring your issues into the classroom and into my children's lives, they have enough to deal with, they don't need to hear about men being with men blah blah blah. I don't want to be the one to explain how that works because some teacher has to explain it in school

Clear Thinker

Hey Warrior heart,

The LDS Church has not done ANYTHING to promote hatred to these guys. The only thing the Church has done is to reaffirm their position that marriage should be between a man and a woman. It's amazing that we even have to define that, but this is how crazed the left has gotten.

On the other hand, you've got these crazies running around, threatening lives, name calling (homophobic, bigoted, narrow-minded, etc.), parking vans outside of prop 8 supporters homes with signs accusing the occupants of being all kinds of things, vandalizing LDS temples, mocking doctrines and buildings that are sacred to LDS, threatening to hire private investigators to look into the lives of prop 8 supporters, and so on. Why? Because some LDS chose to exercize their constitutional rights of expression and political action?

THIS IS TOLERANCE? THIS IS FREE SPEECH? The left has no intention of tolerance/free speech. They want us to accept their ideals, and we can just cram it. Well, for one, I don't accept that pathetic arrangement.


To: not even a minority

Modern research has concluded that between 2 and 7 percent of people are exclusively homosexual, not 1 in 3, as you stated.

Even if it were lower than 1 percent, it is unconstitutional to vote to ratify legislation that oppresses a minority without the 2/3 majority of legislators at the very least. Our founding fathers knew this and designed our constitution for these very situations. It's Constitution 101. Prop 8 will never last.


Over 800 comments on this article alone. I get the feeling that neither side is going to budge; yet both sides blame the other. I am convinced that the LDS church will not get the Lord to change his mind. I am convinced that gays/lesbians as a group are not going to quietly go away. What are we going to do?


The number of Mormon people in California is irrelevant. It's the amount of financial support that the Mormons donated to the "Yes on 8" campaign which has made them the target of protest. Try to use a little logic.

To all the hateful tyrants


"The LDS church was singled out because they gave the largest percentage of financial support to support prop 8 and were very public about it. Their intolerance simply had a boomerang effect."

The LDS Church didn't donate any money to support Prop. 8 except to make a single in-kind donation of $2,078.97 to cover the travel expenses for Church leaders who went to California.

On the other hand the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops donated $200,000 and the Knights of Columbus donated $1 million. In addition the California Conference of Catholic Bishops issued the following statement "...we strongly encourage Catholics to provide both the financial support and the volunteer efforts needed for the passage of Proposition 8."

The LDS Church issued a similar statement and some members chose to respond to that request. Others did not.

If you take the total $27 million that individual Mormons donated and divide it by an average of $5,000 (some would have given more and some less) we arrive at a total of 5,400 Mormons donating to Yes on Prop. 8. Thats a small percentage of the Church's membership.

No matter how you look at it. The Church played a very small role.

RE: Mormons Out 6:03pm

Since the Mormons were not the only ones to vote against the proposition are you treating the Catholics,Latinos and the African Americans, etc the same at your company.

I hope that one of your "lay-offs" is reading these comments and figures out who you are and then takes legal steps to handle it!


I can't understand just what rights that they are talking about? I don't have the right to marry another man, my wife doesn't have the right to marry another woman. There is no unequal treatment. Besides, nobody is saying eliminate domestic partnerships, they just don't want the definition of marriage to be destroyed. Why all the fuss? Can't the GLTC let it be? In my opinion it's them trying to destroy my right to marriage (husband and wife).


My questions for the the "No on Prop 8" protesters: Do you need the state to tell you you're married? Do you need the state to validate your relationship and by extension your sexuality? Do you need everyone to approve of your lifestyle? My advice to you is to accept yourselves and stop asking others to accept you.

Stop deluding yourself


"Modern research has concluded that between 2 and 7 percent of people are exclusively homosexual, not 1 in 3, as you stated."

7% of U.S. population is approximately 21,079,796 or an average of 421,595 people per state.

Your statistics are really screwed up if you think that many people have been proven to be exclusively gay. A 7% exclusively gay population would result in a drastic decrease in our population over the years. California's population is 36,553,215. The adult population of California is 26,100,000 which would mean that 7% of the population of California who are gay would be 2,558,725. If that was true then this vote should have easily went no on Prop. 8. Just over 10 million people voted in California which means that a dedicated population of 2.5 million would be half of their total vote.

This numbers may not be 100% correct but you get the message. For 7% of the population to be gay would have results in a) this proposition overwhelmingly passing or a very high percentage of heterosexuals are opposed to same-sex marriage, and b) with that kind of population being exclusively gay it would result in a drastic population decrease.


I hate California anyways. Let's put it for a vote in Utah


I truly believe it is only a matter of time before the resolution is made that the government's only duty is to grant couples civil liberties thus giving civil unions to both heterosexual and homosexual life partners.

Let marriage be governed different from church to church. The abstract criteria and ideals of the label of "marriage" can be left for the institutions from which they came to sort out. If marriage is sought, a couple could then go find a church which welcomes them, giving same-sex couples a number of options (i.e. Episcopal, MCC).

I can see no other solution which would appease everyone, a solution for which we should all be striving together.


Stop deluding,

If you are wary of the results of modern research, you may hastily look up the current statistics on the online encyclopedia of your preference under "homosexuality." There you can also be informed of the sources of the research conducted.

RE: Mormons out

Who was the lousy 'HR' director that states they fire people based on religious beliefs? If you think this is an idea that helps your company, you may want to publicize it as a special advantage that consumers would want from you. Don't let it being not only unethical but also illegal stop you, convince them how much morally superior you are that you can make such a decision against the laws of the land and probably the policies of your own company.

Howdy from Cali

I think the LDS Church is the only organization in the world who can elicit protests and picketing from both the evangelical community and gay rights mob (though for very different reasons, of course). On that basis alone we must be doing something right. Should make for an exciting General Conference next spring! Life is good!

Aaron C.

RE: Eliza 9:37pm

That's a well thought out, intelligent comment. I like your plan. Count me in.

Hopefully we can all be civil to one another on the inevitable path to acceptance.

Most of the things being said here (on both sides of the argument) would NEVER be said if we were all in the same room together.

big momma

Those who continue to protest against prop 8 are only hurting themselves. When they deface private property and yell hateful things to to anyone who disagrees with them, it only makes me feel stronger about keeping the definition of marriage only between a man and a woman. Go home to CA or maybe you should move to MA?


Hey the last time I checked the Bible's first marriage was between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

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