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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Ogden Cares

Are you kidding me? Protect children? Are you implying that gays are dangerous to kids?

Christians have Civil Rights too

And Gays/Lesbians think that this is a matter of civil rights, what about the civil rights of Christians?????

In Massachusetts, kindergarteners are read books about homosexuality ending with men kissing men. "The King and the King"
One family wanted the ability to opt out on their children being inside the classroom when homosexuality was discussed and the school officials arrested the father. The parents are now home schooling their children.

Bring it on dictator


"Good job showing the world you are a bunch of discriminatory, hateful people, who come from a long long history of abusive religions. I hope you get your tax exempt status pulled."

For what? For our members voting in an election and donating of our own money to support those causes we believe in? The actual Church made a single in-kind donation of $2,078.97 to cover the travel of Church leaders who went to California to attend a meeting.

"Shoving your beliefs down other peoples throats and denying them the same basic human rights other enjoy is disgusting."

It's you who are shoving your belief down our throat and want to force the majority to obey you because you feel a minority has the right to change the law even though you aren't discriminated under it. It is disgusting and you are tyrant and a bigot. Now shut up and stop attacking those I love for our votes and our rights.

What are you going to do next? Stone an atheist to death? Burn some women at the stake? Maybe start a mormon inquisition? Bravo."

So that is how you want to play it. You terrorize us.

Civil Unions

How about we make "civil unions" the only thing the government does administer (for everyone) and then leave the churches to do whatever they wish? You could still give Catholic, Evangelical, etc. ministers the authority to perform legally-binding civil unions and then they can follow up with any type of ceremony they wish and call it whatever they like. Make everyone pay the same fees for a civil union license, and give everyone the same legal status, and everyone will have the same "civil right."

Why are homosexuals so bent on co-opting the word "marriage"?

This is not about civil rights as there are reasonable solutions (e.g. above) upon which a majority will agree, especially in California. (Try going down South with your tirade--good luck!.) This is all about "If you don't embrace my lifestyle, you are forcing your lifestyle on me!" Push people long enough and they will push back. Back off and talk.

Unless your more moderate voices stand up in protest of the hateful extremists currently leading your rabble, you will set your "movement" back years. Cool off a bit and try to understand why you lost in three states. (Please don't conclude it was the Mormons!)

They do to terrorize CA voters


"I for one find the Church's actions in this situation very hypocritical. They name their church after Jesus Christ yet there is absolutely nothing Christ-like about their behavior in this matter. Jesus Christ was a compassionate man who loved and accepted all-lepers,sinners, and homosexuals."

Jesus didn't condone or approve of sin. He accepted people who were repentant of their sins and did not judge them unless they continued in sin.

"If homosexuality is indeed wrong as the Church claims it to be, then homosexuals will be judged by God in the end. It is not the role of mere mortals to pass judgement on their own."

But you seem intent on passing judgment on us but that is different isn't it because you are always right and those of us who disagree with you must be demonized even though the Church spent a mere 2,000 dollars while other religions spent 100 times that and I mean that literally since the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops donated $200,000.

I have no problem with gays living their life as they choose but I will not stand by as they force their beliefs on others and try to terrorize the majority.


The Book or Mormon, like the 'Holy' Bible, is a nice read.


When the Church steps into the political arena, which is an unfair arena by definition, it should expect this sort of thing. No one made the Church be so public about Prop. 8 except the Church; it got itself into this mess.

ExMo Chad


Oregon celebrates pioneer day too. We are so glad they stopped in Utah.

Let's get real here

There were about 11 million people who voted on this prop 8. Over 5.5 mill voted to over turn it. Do you really think the LDS church had that much influence over this. There's probably not even one million members in that state. Most are just free thinkers and are not going to listen to the LDS church anyways. Most people voted yes to overturn it because that's they way they personally believe it should be. Marching on Temple Square over this result is just plan stupid by these folks.


I am all for civil unions myself, just as long as it's the only option for heterosexual couples as well.

These people are tyrants

Let's get real here,

"There were about 11 million people who voted on this prop 8. Over 5.5 mill voted to over turn it. Do you really think the LDS church had that much influence over this."

Not when we have less than a million members in California and the Church only made one in-kind donation of $2,078.97 to pay for the travel of Church leaders to attend a meeting in California.

"There's probably not even one million members in that state."

There isn't. There just a little over 900,000 and not all of them are qualified to vote, registered nor did all of them vote and some didn't support Prop. 8.

"Marching on Temple Square over this result is just plan stupid by these folks."

It also shows their willingness to terrorize anyone who disagrees with them and has the audacity to vote in a way they don't permit us to. Furthermore, our in-kind donation doesn't come anywhere near what the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops donated.

As for individual Mormons choosing to donate to support Prop. 8. That is their right and the Church didn't force them to. I didn't donate a single dime to Prop. 8.

A friend

It is so amazing to me that the LDS Church was the only one singled out --there were many other religions that participated in the Prop 8 results--please lets at least be fair!!!!! The LDS Church made a proclamation on the family and what constitutes a family long before Prop 8 was ever a consideration--why not defend a belief and not let a minority of people decide what is right and what is wrong!!! The LDS church has spoken--please respect its views.

not even a minority

The belief that 10 percent of the population is homosexual is based on discredited research done by Indiana University zoologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey in the mid-20th century. More recent research puts the number between 1 and 3 percent.
Why should 1 - 3 percent of the US population tell the other 99-97 percent of us how we should perform our marriages.
The state of California handled this correctly,
52 percent said NO-
Just ** LIVE WITH IT. **


Prop 8 passed! Time to accept it!
You could always move to MASS to get married!
Remember and never forget that, Marriage is ORDAINED OF GOD!
We will keep all of you protestors in our prayers, God knows you need them!
It's really sad to see the reaction be so hateful and violent especially in Los Angeles!
By their fruits ye shall know them!!


Gays have the same rights as everyone else, including marriage to an opposite-gender partner as is granted to everyone else. What they are demanding and trying to intimidate others for are special privileges to redefine society in their image. Why do they assume that their sexuality should give them special status above and beyond other Americans?

It's time to worship our masters

A friend,

"It is so amazing to me that the LDS Church was the only one singled out --there were many other religions that participated in the Prop 8 results--please lets at least be fair!!!!!"

There is over 11 million Catholics in California compared to a mere 900,000 or so Mormons. The U.S. Conference of Bishops donated $200,000 in support of Prop. 8 while the LDS Church made a single in-kind donation of $2,078.97 to cover the travel costs of Church leaders who attended a meeting in California.

There's a difference between targeting a Church who represents less than 2% of the population for supporting Prop. 8 while not protesting the Catholic Church that makes up about 34% of the population of California for its support of Prop. 8?

They see the LDS Church as the low-hanging fruit which they can pick off to teach others that they will destroy anyone who doesn't bow down and worship them. The Church isn't afraid though and will not be intimidated. We see this for what it is. Intolerant bigoted tyrants who want to deny the majority its freedoms and rights by trying to change the law by minority fiat.


To: A friend

The LDS church was singled out because they gave the largest percentage of financial support to support prop 8 and were very public about it. Their intolerance simply had a boomerang effect.


Marriage is a religous institution not a political. Twenty years ago the gay community called marriage an antiquated instition from the dark ages. So now they have to have it. What changed....oh that's right the money. Now they want the insurance money. So much for principles.


Between stealing, vandalism, slandering, attempted intimidation, death threats, singling out scapegoats, and other forms of hate, these people are starting to make totalitarian regimes look pathetic. The wiser step would have been simply to go to the California polling places and destroy any ballots with 'Yes' votes (which would have been congruent with their lack of respect for democracy).


"The ProtectMarriage coalition, which led the successful campaign to pass Proposition 8, was an historic alliance of people from every faith and ethnicity. LDS were included but so were Catholics and Jews, Evangelicals and Orthodox, African-Americans and Latinos, Asians and Anglos."

Only 2% of the population of California are Mormons. That is a small part of the population. If LDS Church had that much power don't you think there would be a bigger percentage of LDS members in California? 52% of the population passed this law. Do the math 52%-2%(LDS)= 50% that is non LDS!

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