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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Remember Anita Bryant. Pie anyone?

It's too bad Utah doesn't have fine enough soil to export any produce, so a boycott similar to that of the Florida Orange in the 1970's could take effect. Or is there something Utah does contribute that we could all live without (besides intolerance)?

Mormons out

I'm Director of HR for a large corporation in Utah. Every time a resume come across my desk with clear indication of LDS (ie missionary, member) I throw it in the garbage!

I suggest all those that have hiring authority in their organizations do the same.

Last week we had a company wide layoff. I used the opportunity to get rid of several mormons that proudly displayed a triple combination or picture of Jesus in their office/cubical. I expect more layoffs to come and more mormons to go. :)

This is my own private way to fight the battle one person at a time.

Glen Hufstetler

It is interesting that those who supported Prop 8 are considered bigots,and narrow-minded fanatics, while those who opposed prop. 8 are poor picked on victims why is it that the minority feeling and positions are always more important than the Majority. Why is the Christian concept of a proper family so important to the non-believers anyway? Prayer forbidden schools, is offensive to me, taking in God We Trust is offensive to me as is Gay marriage, I believe these feelings are those of most of the people in this Country

White-collar vandalism

Although I find it repulsive that the LDS Church encouraged its members to donate to a proposition that legislates morality, I also find it disappointing that protesters would vandalize private property. Sure, some of them have had a basic right ripped from them, but there's fault on both sides.

Prop 8 protesters, keep it civil.
Prop 8 promoters, you've already vandalized the rights of numerous couples.

(Response to "Let's just hope that the Salt Lake City officials (unlike those in LA) have the guts to confront and prosecute those who deface the property of the LDS church during these "peaceful protests.")

@ Plain and Simple

Well, for starters, up until last Tuesday gay couples had the legal right to marry in California- now they don't. This proposition removed those legal rights. Don't you consider removing rights once determined to be equal as discriminatory? Marriage, along with being a symbolic act to formalize a commitment made by a couple, is first and foremost a civil issue. Each and every marriage starts with a license granted by the state, not their church. Once issued, that couple can then choose whether or not to have a religous ceremony. Irregardless of their choice, their relationship is granted recognition, rights and protections by the government. My partner and I have been together for 25 years and as law abiding, tax paying citizens would also like our government to extend us these rights and protections. We have no interest in trying to change anyone's religous beliefs, we just want the ability to persue our own.

David S

To my replier:

I acknowledge your love of family and would never say homosexuals don't feel it. The question is whether we continue the legacy of love of family--of grandfathers, parents, children--or cut it off.

Tradition family is the clear, guaranteed, sure-fire, time-tested, unquestioned-for-millennia provider of the human need for love--love that requires sacrifice, duty, loyalty (to one's entire family--to FAMILY itself!) humility, unselfishness, submission, AND endurance THROUGH THE GENERATIONS.

It is the KNOWN course.

Nothing in society is more sure than this!

So for what would we put this, our very foundation, into question? For what better possible course would we risk teaching our children that there is a different--a better way--for anyone?

Sweet Low

Why does California celebrate Pioneer Day?

Because the mormons did not make it that far!

Being gay is a sin

It's in the bible. Crack it open and read it. NO truely religous person will disregard this doctrine, because if they disregard this sin they are wolves in sheeps clothing. BEING GAY IS A SIN PERIOD. IT'S IN THE BIBLE.

Yes, "I am, I am"

I agree with you! Isn't it interesting how the previously persecuted become the persecutors?

Aids guy

Coming to get you.

1,000 posts

Come on people we can hit the 1,000 comment mark. I am glad to see the online protest and anti-protest.


I for one find the Church's actions in this situation very hypocritical. They name their church after Jesus Christ yet there is absolutely nothing Christ-like about their behavior in this matter. Jesus Christ was a compassionate man who loved and accepted all-lepers,sinners, and homosexuals. I find it hard to beleive that he would support such blatant discrimination against his brothers and sisters. It is time for the Church and it's members to start practicing what they preach. If homosexuality is indeed wrong as the Church claims it to be, then homosexuals will be judged by God in the end. It is not the role of mere mortals to pass judgement on their own.


Good job showing the world you are a bunch of discriminatory, hateful people, who come from a long long history of abusive religions. I hope you get your tax exempt status pulled. Shoving your beliefs down other peoples throats and denying them the same basic human rights other enjoy is disgusting.
What are you going to do next? Stone an atheist to death? Burn some women at the stake? Maybe start a mormon inquisition? Bravo.

Yo Ralphie!

Our erstwhile Mayor has shown that he will only be Mayor for the special interest groups. Yo Ralphie! Way to be self-serving and let anarchy abound!

David S-to Mormons out

You're still invited to attend church at any Mormon chapel you wish.

And if any of those triples got left behind, you really ought to spend an hour or two browsing and reading.

A more important day awaits all of us than the day we get hired or fired from some job.

Aaron C.

PEOPLE! Pull it together! Take 5! We need to let this go and treat each other like HUMANS again!

MORMONS: You got your "one woman one man" definition of marriage protected in one of the most liberal states in America. Nice one.

GAY COMMUNITY: "The Church" has, by their involvement, made certain that people EVERYWHERE will be extremely vigilant the next time a stunt like this gets pulled. And it's likely prop 8 will eventually be ruled unconstitutional when it inevitably gets to the courts.

In the meantime, can we please remember that we are all US citizens entrusting our future well being in one another? Is it so much to ask?

The tone of the majority of these posts (from both sides) is disturbing. At best.

Real Discrimination

RE: Mormons out | 6:03 p.m

I hope you are a troll posting on the DN board because your company is going to have a lot of lawsuits coming their way. I have worked for many companies who are "diverse" and offer benefits to gay couples. It shows how petty you are if you are firing people based on their religion and not workplace performance.

Get over it and move on gay marriage supporters. We are tired of you tearing down every single institution that doesn't believe or support your beliefs and behavior. I doubt the DN has this many gay readers. The pro-gay marriage posts on this article are from a small group of individuals and others who hope the novice message readers get pulled into believing their is a mass movement in Utah sympathetic to gay marriage.

Your right to marry in California is a fluke due to judicial malpractice by judges who think they are smarter than everyone else in the state.

John Pack Lambert

To the 3:21 commentator,
Polygamy is illegal in Utah. It is banned by the Utah State Constitution, which may be the only state constitution that contains such a ban.
Your comment is one of the most irrelevant ones I have read. The Utah State Constitution has banned plural marriage since it was first written in 1895.


"Separation of church and state" isn't in the constitution of the United States. Stop citing it as such.

Warrior Heart

How can the Mormon church, or any church for that matter, claim to have a message of love and hope, when it chooses to make a minority feel unloved and hopeless? If you kick a dog, the dog will eventually bite. Why be surprised that a group that feels discriminated against is choosing to exercise their right to protest? Why keep kicking a minority group down in the name of love and hope? Where is the hope in this? Weren't we all made in "His image?" or did I miss the fine print somewhere in my bible that says "Love Thy Neighbor, unless they're gay." And did I also miss the part that says marriage is between "A man and as many women as he wants." If you want to talk about non-traditional marriage, the Mormon church defines it.

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