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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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I for one will be at the protest to let the LDS church know that they cannot get away with such hatred during these times.
The people that have commented before me do not understand democratic process, and they truly do not understand equal rights.


i live in socal and i can tell you that the protesters at the LDS temple were a disgrace, to put it mildly. They really showed their true colors. Only 24 hours after a campaing where they tried to convince us that gay marriage would have no impact on religion, they've singled out and slandered a religion and apparently filed several lawsuits in an attempt to revoke its tax exempt stauts. All this because members of that church exercised its freedom of speech and lawfully engaged in the democratic process. I suspect these militant gays have set their cause back 20 years by their abhorrant behavior!


You lost this member.. Enough of the church messing with other people's right.. It's not even in our state!! Time for the church to do something positive to right this sinking ship..


Gays don't want special rights they only want the same rights as everyone else. What is wrong with that? How will it have any impact on your life? It won't, so let them be happy and get married as consenting adults. Discrimination is against the law. Prop 8 is blatant discrimination.

Re: Rights

"Being gay doesn't doesn't mean you get special rights. Thousands of years have defined marriage and now you want to change it. Laws are made because of experience. Nuff said."

How about this:
Being a slave doesn't doesn't mean you get special rights. Thousands of years have defined slavery and now you want to change it. Laws are made because of experience. Nuff said.


It is true that the Mormon church did a lot to pass Prop 8, but in the grand scheme of things, the percentage of Mormons in California is probably about 5-10% of the total population. The fact of the matter is that this was passed by the voice of the people in California. The overwhelming majority of the people who voted to pass Prop 8 in California are not Mormon.

Marriage is from God and it is not our decision to define what it is or isn't.

Re: Sarah

I'm with you! Hope of Israel rise in might!!!


protesting at temple square is a waste of time.
just stick with a lawsuit. A majority vote on civil rights is unconstitutional and it will be overturned as well. Its just a matter of time. And there will be gay marriage even in utah and Idaho and everywhere else soon enough. When that happens, tables will turn, and we'll be seeing ridiculous words and actions by people who are pointing fingers now. People will be free and represented under their government fairly and justly. Prepare your little mormon heads for it. Its going to come.
god bless


Being gay does not define me.


The church will come to regret having pushed for this anti-marriage measure.

lin in tn

This is a democratic republic. The people have spoken. Let it be.


Doesn't the church remember what it was like to be an outcast? Even still, romney lost cause he is a mormon republican. Dems are fair and give rights to all, even mormons like harry reid. Thanks to the church for trumping our rights. We now need to push the irs to no longer allow tax exempt status for the church...let's tax their tithing! You will lose temples...you will lose churches...you will lose members. But at least you have rights and deserve them. Just as those who wish to marry. The church should have fought the womens rights of abortion, assisted suicides, and the legalizing of marijuana...those are much worse!

Been there, done that...

The LDS Church is not the only organization which helped Prop. 8 to pass...a coalition of other churces, in addition to the majority of the citizens of California, are also to thank/blame (depending on how you look at it). I am proud for the LDS Church who always sticks up for what they believe, especially at a time when some may view it as unpopular, and anyone who wants to protest integrity will find few who want to listen. The LDS Church, from it's very beginning, has been the target of scrutiny--if you really want to make the Church look bad you should stop giving it so much credit and look the other way--otherwise, we have seen it all before--and it's just old news. One more thing--this wasn't an attack on homosexuality--it is a definition of marriage (I am curious as to why we need to define something that already has a definition ?!?).

silent voice

So why aren't the other religions being attack as aggressively as the LDS church? Sounds prejudice to me

Black and Latino Voters

Although the MEMBERS of the LDS church (not the church) helped to pass this very important proposition, the homosexual movement needs to give more credit to President-Elect Obama and the minority vote (70% of Black and Latino voters supported Prop 8).

If not for Obama, the number of minority voters would not have voted. Without their votes, Prop 8 would not have passed.

Why do we not see some protests at NAACP headquarters in California?

Bottom line, the people's voice was heard loud and clear: Protect families, children, and religious freedoms...


These marches are great entertainment value but have little political significance! I wonder if they'd still have their march if no tv cameras showed up?

To 1 Nephi 14

Amen. I too want to join other members at the temple tonight. We must be Christlike though and show strength of resistence to do evil back to those who come to defile the temple. The temple stands for everything pure and holy in this world and is as Noah's Ark with the world mocking Noah and his family as he built it only to pound upon it's doors for deliverance from the floods when they hit. The floods of evil, immorality, and hate have arrived let us now purify ourselves so that we do not drown in them and go to the temple tonight. Let us pray for our enemies and for ourselves that we may be full of charity towards them. I understand their frustration, but my Presidential choice didn't win and I'm not rioting and causing evil to come upon my neighbors for thier opposite choice. My right to have less taxes were taken away by those who voted both in congress and in the state against my wishes and with Obama he's made it clear they will continue to rise, but you won't see me destroying my Democratic neighbor's property over it.


I'm a member of the LDS church and believe homosexuality is wrong. However, I defend the right of the homosexual community to protest. Its a fundamental part of democracy to be able to have freedom of speech even if you don't agree with them. Second, the LDS church has a right to make a statement against proposition 8, also due to freedom of speech. A rally to offset the protestors is also democratic. However I question motives of people on both sides. Are people wanting to go out there tonight just to antagonize and look for a fight or to, as already said, "protect the temple gates and walls from being vandalized." Police will be there so don't worry about them vandalizing the temple. Both sides need to show more respect and class.


Proposition 8 was a meaningless exercise. The fact is that marrage is a religious rite and has no place in the government of the United States. Under the Constitution of the United States it states in the first amendment that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". States are prohibited by the Constitution from making laws that the Constitution prohibits congress from making. By codifying marrage the government endorses a religious rite as an official act of the government. What United States governments must do is eliminate marrage altogether from our laws. There is no legal reason whatsoever that marrage should be considered in any Federal or state law or local ordinance. To do so violates the 1st Amendment.


i am not lds, i am a born again christian and i am against same sex marriage. the lds have some of the most loving families i have ever seen. i do not know much about them but i do know i am 100% with them on this subject. i want to know why they are attacking just the mormon church. that just shows you how uneducated some of these people are. they want to blame someone, so lets get the mormons. well, i won't be there physically but i will be there in spirit to help guard the gates to the temple in slc. your born again friend and sister in christ

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