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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Plain & Simple

To Ken from Galt: Your source please that the majority of the money came from members of the LDS church. Another wild accusation with no evidence.

Did anyone ask the blacks?

Did anyone ask the black community why so many who went and voted Obama voted yes on Prop 8? I did. I teach in an Urban school of 600. 49% are black- 43% Hispanic- whites and other groups are the minority. I asked the parents of some of my students who supported Prop8. Here is what they said. I was amazed. They said-The gay community comes in to our neighborhoods looking for young guys to take to the clubs and use them until they are older. They dump them back into our neighborhoods when they no longer care about these older boys. They treat them like used garbage. Too many black women are raising children on their own or their momma's raising them. The gays do nothing to help the community. They don't go to their churches, their places of entertainment and they certainly don't live among the blacks. Black women are particulary angry at gays as man/daddy robbers. Black students are very cruel to gays and it requires a lot of work to protect the gay students at my school from the blacks who persecute them. These are some of the reasons for the vote.

John T

I am glad Californias spoke out. Gays live with it. They dont want you there. Great!


Be aware that the whole country has had enough of your nonsense. Once you would have been able to get away with bankrolling regressive legislation without people understanding that your church was behind it. I even knew people a little while ago who did not understand what Mitt Romney was up to, so I set them straight. And crybaby Gordon can go back to packing peas.
A pox on all of you and your phony way of life.


To the minority of Mormons who did not support prop 8- how were you able to vote against it while the church was using millions of your own tithing money to get it passed?? I don't get it.


I love how so many homosexuals call the rest of us "breeders", like pointing out that heterosexuals have the ability to have children of their own is supposed to be an insult or something. All it really does is show spite and jealousy. It doesn't hurt anybody, it makes us roll our eyes.

Mark Hales

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As, to be hated, needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.[26]

And let me add an additional verse.

Once embraced we protect it by law,
And reinforce our freedoms fatal flaw-
That the evil can change the legal decree,
To protect that which is of depravity.

They want to change the law


"The LDS church isn't the only church that spent millions of $s."

The Church didn't spend millions of dollars. It only made an in-kind donation of $2,078.97 to pay for the travel of Church leaders to a meeting in California. On the other hand the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops made direct donations of $200,000.

Please don't help these liars spread falsehoods by accepting their lies as truth and posting based on that assumption.

"You have equated Sexual Preference with natural rights. Race & gender are things over which people have no control. Sexual activity is. To bunch them together is a mistake. Sexual activity outside of marriage is a moral issue, which is why the church is involved."

Equal protection and due process under the law requires that the government not deny a person people marriage based on their race, gender or sexual orientation as the law is defined.

The law states that one man and one woman can marry so we do not discriminate based on gender. Nor do we discriminate based on race or sexual orientation.

We can't prohibit blacks, gays or women who are 30 from serving as U.S. Senators if they meet requirements.

I am I am

Back when the government originally told the mormons they couldn't perform polygamy because it would ruin the sanctity of marriage they had all these reasons why it was okay. Now it seems they are on the other side of the fence tell ing somebody else they shouldn't have certain rights because it would ruin the sanctity of marriage.

mormons, you need to stop thinking you are on top of the world and the only ones with knowledge or a plan. until you realize we are all the same you will be stuck.

Paul Thomson

Proposition 8 passed not just as a result of Mormon voters, nonetheless these gays are within their rights to protest peacefully, just as we were within our rights to vote yes on proposition 8. I hope that people will stay vigilant and protect marriage and protest to keep marriage a union between one man and one woman , in places were this definition has been eroded. In general society was built on marriage between one man and one woman, I hope that it can stay this way, supporters of proposition 8 must not become complacent to attempts from gay activists in the future.

Plain & Simple

To anonymous 7:18 a.m.: ". . .there are hundreds of thousands of church members that participate in sexual relations with members of the opposite sex outside of marriage . . ." I only except this premise for this argument. Even if your premise is true none of those sinners are on a "self-righteous high horse" and asking society to change the definition of their sin to call it marriage as is the gay community.

You pick: Mom or Dad?

Children raised by homosexuals either have two mommies and no daddy, or two daddies and no mommy...

So, which one is completely unnecessary, mom or dad?

No, this is not a "hateful" or "bigoted" or "intolerant" post, it's a very important point about homosexual marriage and how it affects children.

Do you homosexuals REALLY believe that kids are 100% A-OK without either a mommy or a daddy?


A tendency toward homosexuality may not be always be choice, but acting upon homosexual urges is most definitely a choice. And the same goes for any biological urge known to man. Those urges that absolutely cannot be controlled are known as "sicknesses" - is that how you want to classify homosexuality?

But even worse to me than the choice of acting upon homosexual urges is the choice to force society through judicial fiat or overturn of public referendum to accept your "private" deviant act as normal.


I am just baffled how people, under the direction of their church, spend millions of dollars to take away the legal rights of fellow Americans, can be so astonished and insulted when the people they're working against get upset. Then they complain when their opponents march on someplace that they hold to be sacred. Did they ever stop to think that the 18,000 legally married gay couples in California also believe their marriage vows to be sacred?

It should also be pointed out that the proposition passed by a very narrow margin. Also worth mentioning is the fact that around 62% of voters under 25 voted against the proposition while around the same percentage of those 60 and older voted for it. Come next time who will there be more of? My bet is on those under 25.

Plain & Simple

To numberous posters: Lots of charges of discrimination and equal rights being demanded. Could you specify what equal rights have been lost from the passage of Prop 8 and how Prop 8 discriminates against you? I am anxious for your reply.


There are alot of opinions on prop 8. I'm troubled with this judging others. Becuase God wants everyone to be happy. I just don't see how the church supports the subject of judging others. The LDS Church explains only God has the right to judge, and mankind has no right to judge. Just because they're a sanctuary of religion they're not God and should not be judging anyone. They don't have to allow it in their church, but they are taking their judgements into the public. Mixing state and religious rights. You don't choose to be gay. If you're happy keep doing what you're doing. Love each other, support each other. Keep fighting for what you believe in. Don't let the government, state, or LDS Church win by being miserable.


Me, I'm looking forward to the first gay president, and I hope she's a woman.
There. Did your heads explode? Good.

To David S

David S, I think you're overlooking one important thing - we too are members of the same families you speak of. Where do you think we come from, Mars? The love and respect we have for families (biological and otherwise)is at the very least equal to yours - please don't think that just becaue you're staight that you've cornered the market on love and respect of your family - how absurd.

Their rights aren't violated


"As a Mormon I understand the position of the Church. But honestly I do not know the position of all the gays and lesbians. What are you looking for? Is the word marriage what your are trying to add to your relationship? Please use this forum to educate. Honestly if you do it with respect and civility many Mormons will listen to what you really want and feel."

Because the majority doesn't agree with them they need to resort to force, intimidation and lies and they have repeatedly tried to hijacked the civil rights movement which has nothing to do with this.

Blacks never asked for additional rights or for any change in the definition of any institution or law instead we only asked that we have the same access to the same thing for the same price or under the same terms and that we would not be denied based on our race.

Legal marriage doesn't discriminate based on race, gender or sexual orientation. A woman can marry. A man can marry. A gay person can marry. A straight person can marry. A white person can marry. A black person can marry and do so under same terms.

Hard Ball

It is time to play hard balL.
Not only is it important to boycott the tourism industry but to boycott some ot the church's other activities. In the spirit of free agency: You don't have to go on your mission if called. If you are a parent you do not have to send your child to a mission you do not have to pay for it. Do not go to the BYU for your education. Boycott the BYU. Do not attend their games. Do not donate to the Alumni Association.
The Sundance film event is small. Think big

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