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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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so happy i left

I am so happy I left the mormon church a few months back. I left because I believed the history was full of lies, they preach hate and hypocrisy.

After reading these post and hear people talk about this issue, I thank god I no longer have any association with these people.


So you think that my being gay is a sin? I really don't care what you think and you don't care either that I think being LDS is a sin...so we are even. Get a life


Thank you LDS for supporting Prop. 8...they won't have our children to pervert...Roman Catholic


The LDS church isn't the only church that spent millions of $s. Anyone protesting in the Vatican??? You have equated Sexual Preference with natural rights. Race & gender are things over which people have no control. Sexual activity is. To bunch them together is a mistake. Sexual activity outside of marriage is a moral issue, which is why the church is involved. Laws are in place to protect gays to visit loved ones in the hospital, inherit when the loved one passes away, and even to adopt. What more do gays need? need does not equal want...What they want is a recruiting vehicle like the schools and other state mandates to impose the gay choice upon a heterosexual society. If everyone were to become gay the human race would eliminate itself in one generation.


I have to laugh at you heterosexuals...you spend so much time worrying about what we gays are doing in our bedrooms...I couldn't care less what you do in yours..if I did I would probably throw up


LDS Moral? Oh please...give me a break


Why are we targeting the LDS??? Because you stick your noses in other peoples' business where you are not welcome. Have you not noticed that most of the time your so called missionaries are NOT welcome.


Being gay is not a choice...don't go mouthing off stuff you have no clue about




As a Mormon I understand the position of the Church. But honestly I do not know the position of all the gays and lesbians. What are you looking for? Is the word marriage what your are trying to add to your relationship? Please use this forum to educate. Honestly if you do it with respect and civility many Mormons will listen to what you really want and feel.


Lets see, a male named Whipple is whining that he can't marry another man in Utah because a bunch of people in California, for the second time, against this arrangement?

Whipple clearly is far too much time on his hands or cannot find any real injustice to correct.


2% of California is Mormon. There are more gays than Mormons in California, which makes the fact that 77% of the money for Yes On Prop 8 came from Mormon sources mostly outside the state rather awkward for California's Mormons.


Hmmm, maybe all you Mormons are right. People keep saying that no rights have been taken away from me, I still have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. Well gay folks, maybe it's time to listen. If every gay man married a gay women, think of the tax revenue we'd deny the straight community, and boy could we mess with their heads! I've got great health care coverage, are there any lesbians out there who'd like to share my piece of the pie? Bring your kids too - the more the merrier! Or, how about this - we could all make a little extra money by marrying illegal aliens - you know, for a fee of course. And, there's an endless number who are just dying to get here! Wow, we could really pad our pocket books, couldn't we. Hey gay brothers and sisters, maybe they're actually onto something!


Yes, the "people have spoken." However, it will be resolved when the Supreme Court has spoken. Equality trumps bigotry every time.

Freedom will prevail over tyrant


"Why are we targeting the LDS??? Because you stick your noses in other peoples' business where you are not welcome. Have you not noticed that most of the time your so called missionaries are NOT welcome."

The law that we live under is our business as much as it is the business of those who opposed Prop. 8. You don't have a right to vote while we don't. Many non-Mormons donated to oppose Prop. 8 including Bruce Bastian who donated $1,000,000 even though he lives in Utah. Members of the Church donated on an average of $5,000 which is less then the donations of many supporters of same-sex marriage.

We have never stuck our noses in anyone's business. We don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home but it is our business what the law is and our opinions have as much right in the public square as does yours and to suggest that we don't or to target the Church for exercising the same right as other associations of individuals is tyrannical. Freedom will prevail and the enemies of liberty who want to force their will on the majority will not prevail.

David S

Man has the potential to live beyond his own narrow interests--through families: grandparent, parent, and children families.

No person, through the lives of their forefathers, the span of their own life, and the life extending through their posterity will ever experience the deepest fulfillment outside the traditional family.

Gays/lesbians, however great their individual souls may be, will never enjoy this enduring, extended kind of fulfillment.

Let those of us who trust family as THE enduring intuition of growth and happiness never be ashamed to protect it.

Gays NOT fair

Discerning between right and wrong is not "hate," unless you're given to self-serving epithets and propagandistic name-calling.

Try to be fair about this, at least - if voting for or supporting Proposition 8 is "hate" toward gays, then voting against it is "hate" toward heterosexuals.

The sniffy indignation behind "why do you care what I do in my bedroom?" is really laughable since gays has made it their agenda to CODIFY public approval for their private acts.

Plain & Simple

To Jason: Your tone was hysterical; source please of how tithing funds were used. You have none, but it sure is easy to make allegations isn't it? Let me try one. Jason hates Mormons. That was easy to say as an allegation but I have no source to back it up (except maybe your post).

Your comments on churches tax exempt statud convince of one thing. You are not a tax attorney.

"Our rights have been taken away from us." The amendment in California says, "Only marriage between a mand and a woman is valid or recoginized in California." Exactly what rights have you lost?

"The purpose of a supreme court is to protect the minority from the the tyranny of the majority." Wrong, the purpose of the courts are to see that justice is done, not legislate from the bench. Legislation is left for another branch of our government to do.

It's none of your damn business


"I have to laugh at you heterosexuals...you spend so much time worrying about what we gays are doing in our bedrooms..."

We don't care what you do in your bedroom. I have never given it a second thought but this issue is not about what you do in your bedroom.

Instead this is about the right of the majority to define legal institutions so long as the majority allows everyone to access it regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. That is the case here.

Gays aren't denied the right to marry a person of the opposite sex because they are gay while straight people are allowed to marry a person of the opposite sex because they are straight. Nor are gays denied the right to marry a straight person because they are gay. It would be a violation of due process to only allow gays to marry gays. A gay man can marry a gay woman or a straight woman and a straight man can marry a straight woman or a gay woman.

"I couldn't care less what you do in yours..."

It's none of your business what I do in my bedroom.

No means no!

Same sex marriage is not a constitutional right. Activist judges are to stick to the constitution and that document is not supposed to evolve. The saddest part of all this controversy is that this historic institution is being "hammered" by those who want to change it and won't take "no" for an answer. Activist judges chose to make this a divisive one when then told the people that their vote didn't matter and in essence that they were too stupid to understand the issue and the constitution.
By the way, "no" only has value for some groups if they're the ones saying it!
Prop 8 was right and it protects children from the agenda of those who want everything they live to be given public sanction. The people of California have spoken twice and all faiths and races have been the voice of their belief. If some don't like it, maybe they need to understand that voters see the long range social and moral implications of their demands and are willing to stand for what they know.

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