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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Just Some Facts

1. Mormons make up less than 2% of the population of California. There are approximately 800,000 LDS out of a total population of approximately 34 million.

2. Mormon voters were less than 5% of the yes vote. If one estimates that 250,000 LDS are registered voters (the rest being children), then LDS voters made up 4.6% of the Yes vote and 2.4% of the total Proposition 8 vote.

3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) donated no money to the Yes on 8 campaign. Individual members of the Church were encouraged to support the Yes on 8 efforts and, exercising their constitutional right to free speech, donated whatever they felt like donating.

4. The No on 8 campaign raised more money than the Yes on 8 campaign. Unofficial estimates put No on 8 at $38 million and Yes on 8 at $32 million, making it the most expensive non-presidential election in the country.


The members of the LDS Church did raise a fair amount of money for this, nobody's denying that. But the no-8 side raised at least $10 million more than our side did, so why are they complaining. They had the backing of major corporations, major celebrities that some people follow like sheep, and considerably more cash than pro-8 people did. They were the ones who demanded that this issue come to a head, and it did. They lost. I understand that that's disappointing for them, but that does NOT give people the right to deface the Temple of the Lord.

I was at that protest last night, standing up for my church leaders. We kept quite and just stood there peacefully, even though others near us were screaming back at the crowds. There were about 20 of us just there to support our church's stance on this, not there to pick a fight. We were insulted, screamed at, cursed at, we had people flashing us obscene gestures, and somebody spit on me. That is NOT love and tolerance. That is pure hatred. It was ugly. Those people last night did not want a peaceful solution, they wanted to cause damage.

to thin line:

no property was destroyed or defaced. the police monitered the entire thing and not a single protester was arrested.

you can try to demonize people who don't think that religion should control everyone's life but all they are is your neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters who expect their government to treat their relationships the same as it treats yours.

We could care less about what you believe or your own views of marriage or you exercising your religious rights. we simply expect the government to treat all men equal. regardless of whom we choose to be with the government is granting certain relationships legal rights that it is denying others based which violates equal protection clauses of the constitution.

my partner and i pay more in taxes than our married counterparts, we have to pay lawyers to secure visitation and inheritance rights that you take for granted. we could care less about the religious opinions, we just want a fair government, and so should all of you.


People like Brad Pitt donated 100K to the NO campaign. CA teachers had some of their paycheck donated to the NOs WITHOUT their permission. Various corporations donated big money too.
And here the LDS church members are the reason for the win. GOD answers prayers! LET this be a lesson to you Hollywood!


Democracy at work baby, deal with it. If you want to live your lifestyle in private, fine. Just don't try and promote it as equivalent to a relationship between a man and a women which is the basis of the continuation of the species. Even the procreation relationships have enough problems these days, and creating even more confusion isn't a solution to anything.


The voice of the people have spoken in California.

John Pack Lambert

People constantly misrepresent Loving v. Virginia. What was ruled in Loving v. Virginia was that laws on marriage that make distinctions based on race are in violation of the 14th Admendment.
The ERA did not pass, so there is no absolute ban on laws that make distinction based on gender.


It is only an estimate that 10% of the population is same-gendered attracted.

Tom Wall Hemet, CA

I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have a word to my Brothers and Sisters in the Church who are not happy with the Saviors position against same sex marriage. You seem to think you can outwit the Lords council and run His Church your way. How did a church teaching so basic as following our prophet get away from you. While we're on the subject did you raise your hand and sustain President Monson as your prophet, seer and revelator? Please think about who knows better God or man? You must speak to our Father about this I am sure he would like to discuss this with you.

Tom Wall
Hemet, CA Stake

To the tyrants who hate freedom

to thin line,

"no property was destroyed or defaced. the police monitered the entire thing and not a single protester was arrested."

He was referring to the Los Angeles Temple were they also held a protest. I saw the images of the gate to the Temple being defaced with the left post saying "bigot" and the right "liars."

"We could care less about what you believe or your own views of marriage or you exercising your religious rights. we simply expect the government to treat all men equal. regardless of whom we choose to be with the government is granting certain relationships legal rights that it is denying others based which violates equal protection clauses of the constitution."

It doesn't violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution since you are allowed to marry on the same terms as others and aren't denied marriage because your sexual orientation. What's next? Not being able to serve in Congress unless you are a certain age is discrimination and violates the equal protection clause? How about freedom of speech? Will that mean that the government MUST print your opinions if they print a Congressman's who disagrees with you. Is that equal protection tyrant?

We must defend freedom


"Another thought: The LDS people and their Church must be doing something right in order to garnered such hatred and bigotry because of their stance in support of Prop 8. Meanwhile,all the other Churches who participated, sit back and watch as the LDS Church runs interference for them. Hmmm, interesting!"

The Archbishop of San Fransisco issued a press release condemning those who were targeting the Church. He did so even though it runs the risk of drawing their attention to his Archdiocese.

That took a lot of of courage on his part but I think Church leaders have probably spoken to others who supported Prop. 8 and asked them not to come to the defense of the Church because we don't want them to also become the target of these hateful bigoted tyrants who want to force same-sex marriage on the majority.

Let the sound of freedom and liberty ring from the hills to the cities of this great country and let's stand tall against those who would deprive us of our constitutional right to govern and enact statutes as a majority.

Now they are trying disguise their violent intent behind the Constitution but Madison condemned this.

John Pack Lambert

Either the 6:05 commentator is being sarcastic, or they can not comprehend the law that they posted.
It clearly only applies to actions in favor or a CANDIDATE. The church did not endorse or oppose any candidate. The church endorsed a proposition. That is entirely different, and if you do not understand the difference you have major issues.


the church only asked its members to vote not how to vote


Affording married people certain rights and priviledges, our government and legal institutions have blurred the line between church and state. I see why the religous organizations are against gays&lesbians getting married. If marriage laws were made equitable, then straight married people would no longer enjoy special rights and priviledges. They say marriage should be only between man and woman because they believe God wills it so, which is clearly a religous reason, and should not be enforced or supported by government. If "traditional marriage" supporters use cultural tradition as an argument against gay marriage, they are following in the political footsteps of those who were/are also against equal rights for blacks. Those arguments are outdated and biggoted. Married people shouldn't receive tax breaks and other special rights just because they are married, unless all people are able to get married. Religion and tradition are not acceptable excuses for legalized biggotry or discrimination. Equality and separation of church and state are ideas that make this country great. Our laws should express these values. I'm for traditional marriage, and gay marriage too. But, both should be legally acknowledged or niether should be.


The recent display of "protests" by pro-gay marriage adherents against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reminds me of Kristallnacht "the night of broken glass" when the Nazis "protested" against another religious minority with intimidation, violence and destruction Jewish property.

Why no peaceful passive resistance by the anti-Prop 8 group? Why no respectful civil disobedience by the pro-gay marriage group? Why no Christ-like attempt to persude with kindness gentleness or meekness by these gay-rights protesters.

Martin Luther King would weep. Gandhi would be shamed. And just maybe Jesus Christ would throw the "protesters" out of His temple. Again.

John Pack Lambert

To Steve at 7:55,
I do not think anyone has claimed that homosexual activists do not have a right to protest.
We have pointed out that it is sad that they do so by spreading lies such as that Mormons practice polygamy.
However, do they have a right to vandalize property? I believe the answer is no.
I think the other point people are making is this is not how we as members of the church deal with issues.
Those of us here in Michigan are not out protesting the defeat of Clifford Taylor even though it was the result of outright lies by his opponants.


The LDS church is the only one being persecuted for the passing of prop 8; That is such a confirmation that we did the right thing! satan knows where to blame, because he is pointing out to the whole country where the truth is. What a grand missionary moment! I am so grateful to know that even though few in numbers we may be, the Lord has used us in His hand as instruments, and we need to rejoice that we are worthy of persecutions for His purposes. This is prophecy happening before our eyes; Bring it on!....More be with us than be with them.


to follow thw money. the money didn't come from church funds. it came from members.


You don't get it. Nobody is upset that people voted against it, they're upset that the church spent millions of dollars supporting any bill.

John Pack Lambert

To pjw,
Over $8,000,000 is no song and dance. Then the church gave the city more property to secure ownership on land they already had purchased.
On the comment about half of California being Mormon the person was saying that mockingly about the claim that the Church is solely responsible for this measure passing. The commentator knew that they were saying something ludicrous, but it was to show how ludicrous it is to claim this was some sort of Mormon plot.

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