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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Travis Gibby

The LDS church has exercised their first amendment rights. These people have a right to exercise theirs too. The LDS Church is saying that they have been singled out, but the simple fact is that 45% of the out-of-state funds came from Utah donors which is largely a response to the LDS church's stance urging members to donate to protectmarriage.

The protest last night was a peaceful demonstration. Those who pretend that it was anything other than that betray their own homophobia. I watched a man on the news stand up and say, "I do not hate Mormons and neither should you." and the whole crowd cheered.

I hope that one day people will stop bickering over what consenting adults do in private. Don't we have more important things to worry about? Why does the government need to define marriage at all? If you think that gay marriage is wrong, don't marry someone of the same sex. But I think that for the government to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman sends the message that homosexuals are second class citizens. If expressing that makes me intollerant than I'll just have to be intollerant.


All groups are being protested against. We are in SLC of course we will march on HQ and Temple Square. We deserve the same rights as you. How does this destroy your marriage or your family? If you don't like us don't look at us! You will never stop us, we will win and you know it!!!


thanks to the opponents of prop 8.... the LDS church will get some new baptisms/investigators from all this attention. This is great advertising. Thanks again.


If the chruch insists on injecting itself into politics then this is what they should expect.

Travis Gibby

Jan Collins,

I understand your frustration, but you need to understand that not all of Utah is LDS, and not all Mormons agree with the stance that the LDS church has taken on this issue.



It doesn't matter how much letter writers try to set the record straight, debunk the lies and half truths directed at the Church, they the perpetrators wouldn't listen anyway if you were to say it to their faces. Reading the nonsense posted by these haters on this thread just demonstrates how evil, mean and hypocritical these people can be. It's not about honesty and fair play. When these people who are supposedly intelligent, who completely over look the fact that many other Churches took part in Prop 8 in California, or other Churches in CA who said no to prop 8, then their intent is to destroy the LDS Church, and their cries for equality is nothing more than a by line and charade.

I'm wondering if those Christian groups who identified themselves as born again or Evangelicals, those who trashed Mitt Romney during his quest for President of the USA are getting any satisfaction from the trashing the LDS Church is getting from leftist radicals because of it's support for CA's Prop 8?

I'm still waiting

for the protest to come to my house here in Idaho. Please come. Looking forward to it. A Proposition 8 supporter of MY OWN FREE WILL AND CHOICE.


It was the will of the people of California now shown for the second time that marriage is to be defined by the majority. All the people who don't want Obama to be president aren't running in the streets to get that decision overturned.


Its YOUR rights next! Beware the slippery slope...


I live in California and when the papers did a survey to figure out why the proposition was rejected it found that the large majority of the black and Hispanic communities voted against. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I would bet there are more Black and Hispanics then Mormons in California. They felt it treaded on ther rights and voted accordingly.

to Travis Gibby

the most intelligent thing i've heard all day! well put!

Make it personal and we will too


"If the chruch insists on injecting itself into politics then this is what they should expect."

Richard John Neuhaus said it best "In a democracy that is free and robust, an opinion is no more disqualified for being religious than for being atheistic, or psychoanalytic, or Marxist, or just plain dumb. There is no legal or constitutional question about the admission of religion to the public square; there is only a question about the free and equal participation of citizens in our public business. Religion is not a reified thing that threatens to intrude upon our common life. Religion in public is but the public opinion of those citizens who are religious. As with individual citizens, so also with the associations that citizens form to advance their opinions. Religious institutions may understand themselves to be brought into being by God, but for the purposes of this democratic polity they are free associations of citizens. As such, they are guaranteed the same access to the public square as are the citizens who comprise them."

These protests target the Church because of its choice to exercise its constitutional right to participate in free elections.

We won't be intimidated.

CA Yes On 8 is Great!

I want every good Latter-day Saint who has commented to know how much we appreciate the support from all of you. We have seriously been through a battle over here and I am pleased to say I did not hear of one LDS person who lost their cool while being viciously attacked by the No Supporters. The press has been so negative and biased and I really find it refreshing to know we are not alone. A lot of the people supporting No on 8 were not gays but people who are immoral in some other way and do not like Christians and other religious people in general. We all need to find way to validate the way we live and we saw a lot of that here. There are a lot of angry people and they found the church members to be an easy target. I guess they have forgotten how willing followers of Christ are to stand strong in the faith. A little check into history will tell them that this people will NEVER back down. No Unhallowed Hand will stop the work from going forward. Wickedness Never Was Happiness! Marriage=One Man~One Woman, period!

TO; Think @ 12:19

I am curious, and this is a serious question. What rights do the gay community not have that married people have? My understanding is that they do have rights of inheritance, insurance, etc. I don't know what rights a married person has that a gay person doesn't have.

We do not deny gays marriage


"All groups are being protested against. We are in SLC of course we will march on HQ and Temple Square. We deserve the same rights as you."

You have the same right to marry as does anyone else and aren't discriminated against because of a sexual orientation. You can marry on the same terms as any other person but if you want to redefine the terms you must do so through the democratic process.

"How does this destroy your marriage or your family"

It doesn't but a I don't recognize or promote a lot of things that don't harm me or my family.

Just because I'm not harmed doesn't mean I'm forced to recognize as an individual or collectively as a voter the choices of others.

"If you don't like us don't look at us! You will never stop us, we will win and you know it!!!"

We aren't trying to stop you from doing anything. It is you who are trying to force us to do something and ordering us and those who represent us to give you marriage licenses. Do whatever you want because no one cares but we won't be forced to recognize it.

thin line

Tyler said"

"and as soon as a group gets involved in politics, they are subject to political protests. Deal with it."

Yes and you are free to protest all you want.

There is a thin line between peaceful protest and rioting. When property is destroyed or defaced and physical violence is committed that line will be crossed and then law enforcement will step in. If it really becomes out of hand, the National Guard will also step in.

Bill Moss

10% of the population is gay. It's genetic.

Thank you to the demonstrators

Mormon church members were the largest source of financial contributions to the yes on 8 campaign, by far. This is exactly why the church is being targeted for protest. This money funded a dishonest and deceptive campaign to have discrimination written into the constitution of California. This is the first time an existing right has actually been removed. To those who say the majority spoke, our constitution provides for the protection of the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Minorities need not rely on the mere good will of the majority for their rights. The church should be embarrassed and ashamed for their role in this.

LGBT are not asking to be married in a mormon church or temple. We hear, 'we love you, it's the sin we hate'. If you love us so much, then leave alone and stop trying to impose your religious dogma on the rest of us. This is the third civil rights issue the church has been on the wrong side of in as many decades: the ERA, equality in the church for those of African descent and now this.


Another thought: The LDS people and their Church must be doing something right in order to garnered such hatred and bigotry because of their stance in support of Prop 8. Meanwhile,all the other Churches who participated, sit back and watch as the LDS Church runs interference for them. Hmmm, interesting!


Go to the CNN website and check out the Prop 8 map of CA detailing each county. To me, I think we won by MORE than 52% !

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