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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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As a gay man, I know Jesus loves me. He loves my boyfriend too. Anyone who tries to use religion as justification for bringing hardship to others has never read any of Jesus's teachings in the new testament. I am a child of God, and He will give me justice from my oppressors.


They are singling Mormons out because they are the easy target. Mormons are a tiny minority of the people that voted for prop 8 in California yet they are being singled out. That's about like singling out the gays for getting Obama elected.


You can say we're hateful for defending our rights, but that's easy for you to say when you take all your civil liberties for granted


the real issue here is should the california supream court had given special protection to homosexual individuals, those protections that current law grants to miorities especially blacks, women, and the handicapted for what can best be called a behavior?

the court ruling flys in the face of justis. homosexuals were given every right granted heterosexual couple by means of civil unions. the gay community has not lost a singel right.

but if the court decision had stood and prop 8 had not passes. I and those in the heterosexual community would have perminately lost rights. those right include: having religious and moral issues desided in a court of law with out juditial bias. the right to free association. the right to be free from harrasment due to my moral and religious beliefs. seperation of church form the state.

a protest like the ones that happend by LDS buildings are enough to tell that the gay right crowd are willing to push there agenda on anyone. and do not care whoes right they trample on.

again what right have my homosexual brothers and sisters lost? juditial bises of the court that should not have been granted them in the first place?

The bartering continues

...and if you can find 10 righteous souls I will spare the city.

family mom

If we want to wear our sexual orientation on our sleeve I choose "Marriage" for mine. They don't get it.

A person can be of any sexual orientation and not choose to be married. Heterosexuals can be just as immoral as Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Lesbians, Bisexuals.

Marriage to me means I (a woman) have chosen to be married to a man, and commit to only him in my sexual relationship. It also means I have chosen to have children, our own flesh and blood.

If a Homosexual, Transsexual, Lesbian, or Bisexual wants that same kind of commitment, let them have it, but DON'T WEAR MY LABEL. It must be called something different, like H-arriage, T-arriage, B-arriage, L-arriage.

They want to wear my label, but I'm not willing to give it up. I wear it with a capital "M".

to Financial view

Are you kidding? Two adults in a same-gender union will contribute more in taxes even with the break than ANY typical Utah family that not only doesn't pay in due to tax breaks, but more often than not collects a bonus. 50% of Utah families pay 0 income tax...just about what the no offspring of same-gender unions won't pay.


Marriage is with a man and woman. Period.

For those who disagee, your time would be better spent trying to reinvent something else. Here are my suggestions for you to reinvent:
1)the sunrise being in the West and not the East
2)make the sky green and the grass blue
3)give fish legs
4)bring back the dinosaurs
5) make ducks honk and geese peep

The list is endless


so basically because they did not get the sanction of the government to practice immorality, they are going to harrass those who stand in their way. Make no mistake...these people want to destroy religion...and all it stands for.


I don't mean to be mean or cause a fight. I am serious here. All of you anti prop 8 people do not need to worry about all of this. I think Obama will somehow fix things so that it is leagle in all states. So just be patient. Also, in the meantime, why don't you just move to a state where gay marriage is leagle?

D Shields

Thank you Biologist 2 Cents. Well said.

Are we all forgetting that we all are part of the same humanity? Our species will rise and fall as all do. Some procreate, others don't. We are all part of the same group and the species survives as a whole. Why are some acting as if the same-gender attraction group is somehow separate and distinct and not part of us all? If "they" die out it will be along with the rest of us.

How about putting all this energy toward eradicating hunger, effecting universal education, getting our wits about us in balancing economic interests and ecological wellness? We could accomplishing so much more good with our time and resources.


I wish the LGBT community would stop whining and accept the word of the people (true democracy).

When LDS people couldn't convince the local and federal government with a petition for help, they fled to avoid persecution... maybe not a bad idea for other groups (i.e.. LGBT)...

Just a thought...

To: Boyd Hendersen 10:57

Boyd, you are excellent at giving half truths. I am very impressed. God did say "it is not good for man to be alone". Then what did he do to rectify the problem. He created Eve. And what a wonderful woman she was. God rectified the problem by creating a woman. You will also find many references in the Bible about marrying is between man and wife. Please state all the facts when you are quoting scripture rather than just half truths.


There were no rights taken away here. The people in CA still have the right to marry anyone they choose... of the opposite sex. ;)
Seriously, How can these people single out the LDS church? The last time I checked the LDS population is roughly 2% in CA. It certainly takes more then 2% of the total population to get a proposition passed. The proposition passed by 4.6 percentage points. So if every LDS person in CA didn't vote the measure still would have passed. These people need to get it through their thick skulls that this is the will of the people in CA and not a church pushing its agenda on the people of CA, AZ and FL!!!

to DB

And that's why our nation was founded as a republic, because too often the will of the people fails to protect the rights of all citizens. Democracy trends with the philosophy of the moment causing upheaval around every beguiling fad. For stability and prosperity look to less is more.

To Svoboda

Your opinions always make me laugh. Surely you know your name means "freedom" in Russian and other Slavic languages. So why the compliance-officer mentality all the time?

14 pages of comments!

I'm all for standing for something, but really. 600+ comments. Get a hobby. Go rake some leaves. Read a book or volunteer somewhere.

And to those of you PREACHING to me about my salvation. Ummmm ...... Wait, let me check ... Hang on ..........

Nope. Still don't care what you think about how I live my life or what I do in private. Because, oh yeah, it's none of your BUSINESS.


Gays were singled out first for discrimination. Folks feel richteous by pointing out the sinners, yet we are all sinners. This is a civil matter, not religious. No one is asking the Mormon church to change their beliefs or perform gay marriages. Gays just want the civil rights (not religioius that come with marriage. Rights of inheritance, heath coverage for a spouse and the children of that spouse, there are over 1000 rights that only come with marriage. That's what gays want. They aren't interested in the religous side of it.

Sad to see so many hard hearted people who don't respect the beliefs of other citizens. Shall we bash athiests now?

jan collins

how dare you was my first reaction - since then i have taken a new route -- i have told my friends to not buy products from the state of utah - not to visit the state of utah - and to write to you all about how they feel about the mormon church paying for and working on projects that are meant to hurt people.

hate hurts - and if you don't understand that you folks have done this through hate and NOT love then you need a civic lesson about the rights of individuals.

i hope that you change your attitude and denounce the actions that you have taken in california, alaska, arizona, and the list goes on ---- i don't care what you do as individuals but please keep your prejudices to yourself."

jan collins

prophecy fufilled

I find it interesting that those who claim the mantle of "tolerence" only believes it applies when their ideas or beliefs aren't chaleenged or contradicted. We (as an LDS people) have been subject to much worse than this , and it is just going to become more pronounced as the division between what's right and what's wrong becomes more blurred. Doing those things, in our homes, which we know to be right is far more efeective than any counter protest could be ( remember to pray for those who spitefully use you? ) what would the Savior be doing right know?

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