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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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I will never understand how gays getting married effects me or anyone elses marriage. Not everyone has the same religious beliefs and it is truly appalling to force thos beliefs on others. Gays aren't asking for anything more than what other Ameericans have...equal rights. I don't care what screwball church supported this measure. It's hateful, mean and unamerican. Jesus is shaking his head in shame at his follwers who hide behind him as they spread intollerance and hate.

tired of it all

I read a lot of these comments. It all boils down to what the people voted for. The state of Massachuesettes voted to have gay marriage. It is known fact that it has caused charities to close their doors. It is fact that being gay is being taught as "NORMAL" in public schools. The LDS church did its research and has not told even ONE lie. NO, we told the truth, The truth always hurts those who don't want to hear it.

Lutheran from California

Speaking as a Lutheran from California, the question I have is, How come the Mormons are the ones standing up for marriage and family? Where's my Church on this?

Every Lutheran I know supported Prop 8 but my Church was silent.

We main stream Protestants need to get with the program.


The right to worship freely and the right to speak our beliefs freely are so important that our Founding Fathers gave us the First Amendment.

The free-speech war is lost. Hate-speech, hate-crimes, and anti-discrimination laws now punish men for their words. "Oppressing," "intimidating," or causing "emotional distress" to - in other words, criticizing - members of a legally protected group in the exercise of their rights is a criminal act under hate-crimes laws.

Our God asks us to teach repentance and obedience to His commandments. Due to Proposition 8, we can now avoid falling afoul of hate-crimes laws in teaching Gods law of sexual morality by teaching that sex outside of marriage is sin; we no longer have need to directly criticize homosexual practices.

It will not stay this way. The US Supreme Court, in Lawrence V. Texas, demonstrated that it is willing to look to foreign legal precedence, in opposition to the Constitution, American legal precedence, and culture, to ensure the politically correct results - against Christianity. The American experiment in religious liberty ends when the Supremes rule against us.

Thank-you, California, for Proposition 8. Our persecutors must once again act illegally to attack us.


seriously, you all need some intense psychotherapy.


It's comical that Mormons are out front defining marriage when just a few yearS ago Mormons were defining marriage as one man and anywhere from one to a few dozen women. Why do Mormons think they are such moral highbrows that they should be out telling everyone else how they need to live. I was a fifth generqtion MORMON BUT JUST BECAME DISILLUSIONED WITH THE WAY mORMONS HAVE TO ALWAYS BE TELLING EVERYONE ELSE WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING. lIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE..

tired of it all

We don't want our society turning into another Sodom and Gamorrah. Yes, they were destroyed because they were "GAY".
Hello, God will not bend to your whims.


The Opponents of 8 only care about their rights and could care less about mine. What about the rights I have as a parent and the rights of children who don't want this leftist agenda continually forced down our throats? I'm sick of it.

I stood out on corners holding signs in CA and you wouldn't believe the profane, vulgar, obscene actions of these people. I've never been flipped off so many times in my life.

There is truly hate in their words and actions and they will stop at nothing to get their way including perpetuating lies during the campaign and slandering the church. There is little to no civility or respect on the No on 8 side.

Shame on them!


Could it be that many of these protesters are ex-LDS, which creates a particular animosity? Many leave the church, but can't leave it alone.


To Philip C. Smith,

The University of Hawaii is not a real university, least of all for sociology.

To Tired of the LDS Church

To Tired of the LDS Church:

Why does the gay community try to impose their morals on others? Obviously gays feel it's important that it's their duty to make everyone think like they do. Why else would they have such an active protest program. If you don't believe in majority rules, then don't accept the results and whine until judges rule in your favor. Otherwise, why don't you just live your life how you want and allow others to do the same. We would all live happier and longer if we lived by that motto.


I find it interesting that so many commenters who pre-election were declaring how much time and effort they were expending to pass Prop8 are now backpedaling and soft-selling how effective they were. They're busy, busy, busy sharing the "credit" with everyone else who voted with them. What happened to the "leading the charge" attitude that existed pre-election? Why are you high-tailing it to the hinterlands now?

Are you uncomfortable with your success and what it means for so many of your loved ones and their inability to now create legally recognized family units the way you and the rest of their relatives and friends have?

Does the victory seem a little hollow to know you've broken many hearts that are yearning for a modicum of recognition for their committed partnerships?

Maybe in the cold light of the day after it doesn't feel so much like loving your neighbor as yourself.


We are not seeking special rights, civil unions, or domestic partnerships. You cannot vote discriminatory language into the constitution. We will have Equal Rights. We will Marriage. We will fight! You have hate. lies, and neo-cons.
"Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bryan in VA

The LDS church is nowhere near being "terrible as an army with banners" that it will be someday. With the LDS being about 1.8% of California's population the gay marriage crowd needs to look for its villian elsewhere - like in about 5,000,000 California residences.

Darin to Phillip Smith, Ph. D

With all due respect, Phillip, with a Ph. D. from Stanford you should know what a rational argument is. No amount of wishful thinking will mean that every child will be raised in a household headed by both a mother and a father. And what has this got to do with gay marriage anyway? No amount of wishful thinking will result in the end of homosexuality. You, apparently, don't deny that gays exist, so what about this fact? Banning gay marriage guarantees a mom and a dad for every kid? Give me a break. If you truly want to help children, let's focus on social programs, social support to struggling families, etc. Who wouldn't be for it? Finally, some of those children are and will be gay, and for their sakes I do hope we will be able to truly love and help them - and I'm sorry, but "Yes, we love you, dear child, but there is something wrong with you" is neither a loving nor helpful attitude. Your "it's-for-the kids" argument is just one of the several shams that duped people into Prop 8.

family mom

I vote for less government. If the HGBLT people want a union, let them invent their own ceremony. Call it g-arriage, b-arriage, t-arriage, h-arriage, or L-arriage. Let them choose the name. Everyone knows there will be people at the edge who will want more, and will keep pressing for legislation, and thus, more government control over the family.

A democracy works best when the majority of the people want what is right and good, leaving government out of their private lives. When they don't, civilizations crumble. This is a slippery slope that may lead to family rights belonging to the government. YES for Prop 8 protects family freedom, and strengthens moral agency.

Because of the freedoms we enjoy, anyone can live with anything and be happy or sad, their choice. But what happens when the people turn over to the government all power and control over the family? What government controls it can also eliminate.

Marriage, where it began, has Adam and Eve married by God and commanded to "be one" and multiply. Family is flesh and blood. Life is about preserving the next generation. What will HGBLT do to ours? Lets be tolerant while preserving the family.

Boyd Henderson

Just because a couple cannot reproduce is no reason to condemn them as immoral, inferior, or otherwise inappropriate for true marriage.

God said, It is not good for man to be alone. THAT commandment was given even before the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth.

Marriage is about companionship it is not good for man to be alone prior to anything else. Couples are first and foremost couples, not parents or prospective parents!

Same-sex marriage fulfills this first and primary commandment of God: to NOT be alone. That is all the value to society marriage needs to provide. That alone deserves protection as a fundamental civil right for ALL individuals.

Thus sayeth God: Man was not meant to be alone. Marriage is divinely ordained to answer this eternal principle of human existence, for man to not be alone.

Condemning a fellow child of God to being alone by outlawing their right to overcome fundamental loneliness through marriage, and assigning them a status as second-class citizens because they dont overcome loneliness in the same way YOU do is fundamentally inhumane and contrary to the will of God!

Henry Drummond

Well Dr. Smith, what else are you prepared to do to make sure children are raised only in the best homes? Who else are you going to make ineligible for marriage? Maybe only higher income groups should be allowed to marry and raise children - there is certainly ample science to support that notion. What happens if a study shows that children who come from smaller families are better off than children from the large families my Mormon friends seem to prefer? Are you going to ban them as well.

This isn't about sociology - it is about human rights.

Too Bad

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Go America

We have no common ground on this issue.
Gays believe that it's all about love and acceptance and that they should be able to marry each other. That it does not hurt anyone or infringe on anybody else's rights.

Mormons believe that it is all about an assault on families and a continued deterioration of our society. That it is about trying to normalize abnormal behavior. That it is about legitimizing actions that are contrary to the commandments of God.

I hear the Gays shouting ME ME ME!! NOW NOW NOW!!

Mormons have a much bigger, less selfish vision of how this could effect the whole.

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