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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Apple Valley

I want you to know just how awesome it feels to stand up for Democracy. Last week I walked my neighborhood and delivered flyers reminding people to vote and asking for their vote on Prop 8. It felt wonderful to stand up for what I believe in and ask others to do the same. Later in the day I stood on the highway and waved signs that support Prop 8. Some honked in approval and others gave me the international one finger salute. It didn't matter. I was standing up for what I believe in.

I was in Westwood California on Thursday afternoon. My car has a support Prop 8 bumper sticker on it. I was honked at and called names and shown the one finger salute again and again. I just smiled and waved.

There is no hate in me. I believe marriage is between a man and woman. I am thankful to live in a Country that let's me vote and those that oppose my views vote. It is nice to know that others agree.

Driving, voting, hunting, and marriage are all privileges that the government has regulated for a long time. They are not rights.


Actually I think the LDS Church is getting too much credit for passing proposition 8. I'm flattered that we are, but actually we were only one of many organizations that were behind the effort. Thanks for the compliment though.

Valley Girl

When good people do nothing,

bad things happen,

Thank goodness the people of California are showing that they are good people, by getting rid of that that is offensive to us.

Brain Imbalanced

All I know is that gay people are liars, trouble makers and stomp their little feeties if they can't their way. The gay people are adults acting like spoiled tempered babies. It's totally disgusting to see adults act as they do. I'm totally repulsed to watch them. The protest last night was completely ridiculous!


Gosh, where did the LDS Church ever get the idea that homosexuality is immoral?

Oh yeah, the Bible!

Gen 13:13
Gen 18:20
Gen 19:5
Lev 18:22
Lev 20:13
Duet 23:17
Isaiah 3:9
Ezek 16:50
Rom 1:27
1 Cor 6:9
1 Tim 1:10
2 Tim 3:3
Jude 1:7
2 Peter 2:10

Check it out.....


I was born LDS and I was born gay. I have not been the target of much self-righteous hatred by Church members because I am still deep in the closet. But I have seen Church members say and so some of the most inhumane, hurtful things to other gays who have come out of the closet. Friends of mine have been beaten to within an inch of death by fellow LDS members. I understand such violence is the exception and most members would never do that, but that is not the point. The violence finds its roots directly in the anti-homosexual attitude and spirit that permeates the Church.

But here is the beautiful thing about being homosexual. You cannot tell by looking at me. I serve in callings and move about among my ward and stake members and nobody knows. I send money to support groups and gay rights causes and nobody knows. I vote against Proposition 8 and nobody knows. I stay in touch with my friends and partner using the internet and text messaging and nobody knows. My beliefs are mine and I answer only to God for them. But you cannot discover me. My closet is safe.


Are the gay & lesbian protesters going to head to Rome to protest in front of the Pope? Protesting the Mormon Church and the state of Utah is only a facade. It allows them to get in the news the way they want, and keeps the issue alive. I have no problem with that, but come on, were Mormons the only one's involved? Let's see some protests of African-americans or the Catholic Church, etc. It's time that the protesters show some equality or I will request that the tax exempt status of the Gay & Lesbian Associations be removed!


It really sad to see rights not offered to people in the 21st century. Maybe we should turn back the clock and take away the rights of others too. WOMEN,BLACKS....

Why not? if one group cant have full rights why not take all rights away!

I mean seriously think about it. If you discriminate on 1 group you clearly send the message that hate on all groups is fine!


Boycott Utah? It was the CA Mormons who donated their effort to this cause. God answers prayers. I must say that there is a difference between Utah Mormons and CA Mormons. Our testimonies here in CA are tested on a daily basis, we don't live in the comfort of the majority like Utah, we face more discrimination and the weak don't last here.


From what I've heard, the justification for homosexuality by those who practice it includes several features. One is that they have a biologically fixed and uncontrolable propensity toward having sexual relations with those of their own gender.

As a scientific research librarian, I have done a study (just out of curiosity and never published), of the medical and biological literature databases, and have found that there are (conservatively) at least 2-3 times more scientific literature that links a biological propensity of the brain and alcoholism versus a biology propensity of the brain toward homosexuality. The real number is there is probably about 5-10 times more evidence for a biological propensity for alcoholism than for homosexuality.

Why is that our society treats one behavior that may have a biological component as a negative (alcoholism) and the other as a given, uncontrollable action, never to be questioned.

Personally, I believe there may be a biological propensity to many of our numerous negative behaviors. Our job in life is to resist such propensities. As a practicing LDS, I believe God would not put us on this earth without the power to overcome those propensities. Thanks for listening.


I wonder why so may guys on here are taking up for these loser guys. Geeze! Men should be men and women should be women, and attracted to the opposite sex from what they are. This is how we were all made by GOD. Quit twisting things around to fit your sick perversions.


To Phillip Smith,

Yes, we need thoughtful discussion based on reasoned empirical studies.

But we also need carefully considered meta-analyses rather than biased summaries such as you provided.

As a claimed scientist, you should know better than to declare vague, nonspecific support for a position based on "Professors... who studied THE ISSUE." That is not scientific, that is rhetoric of the most UNscientific kind. You attempt to give the illusion of scientific credibility without any science behind it. Moreover, science is not about "ideals." No scientist worth their PhD would ever "indicate" what you have claimed. None.

More importantly, to claim "the best unit for preparing the next generation" requires an agreement on what "best" means. The "best" outcomes for society are not always the "best" outcomes for individuals, couples, or groups, and vice versa.

Finally, you completely ignore and are unqualified to speak about the POLITICAL ETHICS of gay marriage. Even IF "uphold[ing] by example this [hetrosexual] ideal" is good, that does not mean "we should hold to and encourage all others to do so," especially through Constitutional Amendments voted by popular vote rather than Constitutional Convention and debate among ALL branches of government.


The LDS Church strongly encouraged its members to participate in a concerted effort to remove the existing rights of a minority.

Of course gays and lesbians are angry! They are fighting for their families!

Would you do any less?

Oh the hypocrisy!!!

My favorite part of the whole article was the interview with Chandelle Bates. Does anyone else see the fundamental problem of her teaching her children "compassion" while calling the church "disgusting" . . . . or is it just me?


What do they honestly hope to accomplish by holding a rally? It doesn't make sense. Being gay will never be a right, get over it.


Any LDS member who opposes Prop 8 needs to read the scriptures a little more thoroughly. Homosexuality is a sin and "the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance." (Alma 45:16)


How nice that someone can demonstrate their opinions with toddlers in tow. When I did that at a rally with my toddler, he was struck in the head with coins from a moving car going 60mph. Other people had rocks thrown at them, profanities, nudity flashed - crazy stuff, all from opponents of Prop 8. Was that the experience of the opponents who gathered at the temple? Hmmm, interesting.

Thank you

Thank You Catholic Church for your press release. Moral people should be united.


This is really wrong! So all the movie stars and the Ca. Teacher Union and Power Co. and all the ther rich people that poured money into the No on 8 vote we should go down and picket around their places. Also, I think that it is very telling that the LDS church is being so reconized as being the fource behind the vote - wait to go other religions! You want us to join with your coalition and then you let us take all the heat! Maybe if you had stood stonger yourselves then we would not be the ones to get all this hate thrown at them. I guess when the Lord has need of a fight He know who he can count on!

Timothy DoRight

Holding picket signs is a social event, and a meaningless expression of anything in the 21st century.

The reason they are choosing the mormon church is because they always turn the other cheek. If they did this to the catholics or the baptists they would be nursing bruises right now.

mormons make up less than 3% of any given population in the united states. What this really should be viewed as is an attack on religious freedom by an even more meaningless hate group, i.e. the GLBTs of the country.

What a joke.

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