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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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As a straight LDS California resident who feels crushed by the Church's promotion of Prop 8, I want to personally thank all of you SLC supporters of human rights who will be demonstrating. It inspires me and restores some of my faith in humanity to see you making a stand for equality and compassion in the heart of Utah. I will be there with you in spirit.



At 5:30 tonight, there will be people gathering to sing hymns. Wear you Sunday best and a smile. Bring a non-bashing attitude.

It might be successful. I got a text message about it and it is being passed along to tons of people.


Let's just hope that the Salt Lake City officials (unlike those in LA) have the guts to confront and prosecute those who deface the property of the LDS church during these "peaceful protests." The photos of the graffiti sprayed on the fences of the LA Temple really showed the true colors of some of these gay-rights advocates. When your agenda is "tolerance, peace, and love for all who think only as I do," how can you be taken seriously? Those who call all members of the LDS Church "bigots" because they differ on a certain philosophical point - not scientific, mind you - are so blinded by their own religious bigotry that they become almost comical in their pathetic attempts to vilify the LDS Church. Why aren't these people marching around the local Muslim mosques whose leaders strongly condemn homosexuality, or likewise, some of the Evangelical or Catholic churches? It really is perplexing. So much for "tolerance" in the true sense of the word.


at first i percieved then i thought ...there is nothing wrong on both parts ...the lds have taken their voting rigths that they are entitled to..let them be ..the other religions should be talking peace not about or labeling people bigots..there are some very good people in there ..just don't generalize on either side!

Ashamed to have ever been Mormon

RE: "No one on either side of the question should be vilified, intimidated, harassed or subject to erroneous information."

How disingenuous. After listening to all the outright lies the Church used to promote Proposition 8 here in California, I find the previous statement to be totally ludicrous. Not only did they claim that gay marriage would be required to be taught in school, they also claimed that churches would be forced to perform gay marriages and close their charities. When I realized that the church was willing to lie for the sake of winning, I lost all respect for it.


when are the radical homosexuals going to protest at the NAACP, or the Mexican consulate or the Catholic church, all groups that also supported Prop 8? I guess the Mormon church is an easy target.

For What?

I don't know what they hope to accomplish. I guess they will show thay they can march till they're blue in the face, tired, cold and it will make no difference.

I also don't think there is any reason to put on a counter protest. The hardest fight to fight is one where there is nobody to fight back. a counter protest will do nothing but make them more angry. Then when this is all over, the law will still be the law.


Give me a break! First of all - this protest is happening in UT???? What??? UT didn't have to go through hours of this campaign and suffer countless offensive behavoir with the opposition!

Not only that - the "VOICE OF THE PEOPLE" has spoken ONCE AGAIN (jeesh!) ... in ALL 3 states, CA, AZ & FL! ANNNNNNND don't you think that the voice of the people is saying something LOUD AND CLEAR?

Man! There are a lot of DEAF EARS out there!! Get a life - this is SOOOOOOOOO old now...."after-the-fact". It would be like me standing in front of the white house waiving my McCain sign! Moronic!!!!

Yeah Right

All one has to do is read the comments posted on the other Proposition 8 articles in this newspaper to understand just how mean-spirited and abusive LDS church members are on this subject. Further, the Deseret News was willing to post most of those hateful self-serving and self-righteous posts. Shame on you.

Active Citizen

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of those that do evil, but because of those who watch it and let it happen." {Albert Einstein}

A thank you to all of you who supported Prop 8 and didn't watch it and let it happen. Unfortunately, those that oppose it will continue to cry foul. What's next?

Re:Dennis Jones

I am sure you are a loving and wonderful human being, however do you believe that this will go away? The no to prop 8 crowd views this as nothing more than a civil rights issue. As far as the LDS Church is concerned, does it really matter if it grows or not? Is that the goal of being LDS, to see how many people you can get to join? Since the LDS Church is about Love and Hope (in your words) what part of that is your church showing to the people who are being judged as immoral in your view. One thing that so many religious people don't get, is that you believe that what the Bible says is God's words. How about the people who are not Christian...Buddhists, Hindu's, Jews etc. The gay activists are actively petitioning to have the LDS Church's tax exemption taken away, because they have mixed church and state in this situation. They are fighting for what they believe in. When a church sends out information having members give time and money for pr0p 8, it has then become a political entity that will then be treated as a business not a church.


why are self righeous mormons in such denial... until something unfair happens to them?

very sophmoric...


There is a double-standard for gay people to participate in a free speech rally but then condemn the Church and it's members for doing the same thing by encouraging members to speak up on a matter which goes to the heart of the teachings of the Church - marriage and family. In fact, it was decided the way it should have been, by the people - not the courts. There was no constitutional right that gives gays the right to marry. But now there is a consitutional ammendment defining marriage.


Gays and lesbians had much riding on the outcome of Prop 8--a big part of their humanity, actually. They are angry, hurting and determined to keep working for a cause they believe to be just. About 160 years ago, a young religion called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was seen as wacky, wrong-headed, even evil. Remember persecution?

Try walking in a gay man or lesbian woman's shoes for a couple of hours. Gay people have been dismissed, beaten and arrested for congregating in their own bars. They are marginalized and overlooked in many areas of society.

Member of the LDS Church should, of all people, understand and empathize. You want gays to be all nice and shut up about this vote. They need to vent. It's their right. In another couple of decades younger people will have taken over government spots as well as key spots in the church. Time will soften such hard hearts.


when my children were little and they had temper tantrums the only thing that consistantly worked was to not react.
I am sure the proper people have thought out plans for dealing with vandalism attempts on church property.
We would be better served to let them do their jobs without our interferance.
The protesters have a legal right to their opinion so long as they don't become violent and destructive. Let follow counsel and not have a hand in escallating bad feelings.
We have dealt with it before. We can do it again. With kindness and restraint.

You lost...move on!

These protesters just crack me up. Why can't they accept the fact that they lost, and move on? In California they can register as domestic partners and receive essentially the same rights as married persons.

The California electorate has spoken. They don't want gay marriage! Just like Obama won the election. Those who voted for McCain, such as myself, have to accept the fact that our candidate won't be taking office. You can't win them all. That's life. Enough from the pro-gay marriage contingent! Accept defeat gracefully, be grateful for what you have, and move on.


I can't believe this church supports codifying discrimination.

it has to be the only western religion that supports actively striking out at a subset of the population.

as a Christian, I am utterly offended.

me again

Tonight I am going to protest Utah for being in Utah.

for equality, not againgst churc

I for one will be down there tonight. not to protest against the LDS faith but to show my support for those of the GLBT community. I have no problem with any religion deciding what they deem to be a marriage for their congregation. But i as an American cannot sit by while fellow Americans are denied rights that are given to me. That is why I will be there tonight.


Why aren't the protests occuring in Watts, Compton, East L.A. or Santa Ana. It was the Black and Hispanic votes (70%) that helped Prop 8 pass.

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