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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Financial view

Strictly financial and sticking to facts. If same sex mariages were to take place there would be tax breaks for the same sex married couples. However those couples cannot produce offspring. So they would take tax breaks but not feed back in to the system. It takes offspring to continue a workforce and a tax base for the future. It does not seem fair that man and woman relationships would have to fill that void.

Re: Your Post is Offensive

Amen, brother. I could not possibly have said it better myself.




5,424,916 voted for Prop 8. Last time I checked there weren't that many Mormons in CA. Perhaps the gay groups should see that this goes a little deeper than support from the LDS church.

Eagle Tail Speaks

You want me to politically "normalize" a behavior that I believe to be morally wrong? I ain't gonna do it! I can not help. I will not help.


Gay rights activists are trying so hard to make this an equal rights issue likening themselves to women and blacks. The difference is that it ISN'T immoral to be a woman and it ISN'T immoral to be black. It IS immoral to be a practicing homosexual. Wrong is wrong.

What about sexual predators or those who are 'genetically' prone to violence? Are these people, "who can't help it," entitled to equal rights too?

There is no such thing as being genetically gay. There might be a tendency there, but we ALL have a choice.

If one is Christian, one cannot accept that God on one hand will say that being homosexual is an abomination and on the other create people that are gay. God is fair and just and will not ask us to do anything we cannot do.

We cannot let alternative lifestyles that degrade a moral society bully or intimidate society.

Let's continue to stand up for what is right.

Civil Rights?

Please be aware of the hateful agenda of the people who pervert the use of orifices. Please note that they demonize the LDS Church for its support of Prop 8 while speaking softly of the dignified support of other Christian groups of Prop 8. This strategy is as old (and effective) as civilization itself--DIVIDE AND CONQUER! First, separate the most vocal and active of the opposition, in this case the LDS Church, from others of like mind, weaken the opposition by pealing them off one by one. Yesteryear, I learned in Civics class (no longer taught, too American) that the Frenchman Alexis deToqueville opined that America is great because America is good. When America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. So gird up your loins, put on the whole armor of God, the barbarians are at the gate. This battle will rage on, it will be long and unyielding against people who clamor for tolerance but have none for anyone else. It's not tolerance they want but rather to indoctrinate.

Go Jazz

Hey enough will all this gay marriage talk Jerry just got his 1000th win. That's what is truly important.

My oldest son

He worked very hard in Orange county where he lives and works to get prop 8 passed. He said at one time he respected gays but not any longer as the abuse he and others had to suffer even prior to the vote was disgusting and something no person should have to experience. I personally object to allowing sodomy to be enshrined in law and to call it marriage. To allow gays to marry sends a terrible message to all children. The risks of more power to the gay agenda is scary. More activist judges will trample on the rights and freedoms of moral expression in opposition to homosexuality. I am proud of LDS for their line in the stand. People everywhere will come to know who REALLY has moral standards and has the backbone to stand up for our Biblical(and Book of Mormon) moral teachings.The reason the LDS Church is taking the brunt here is because Satan knows all too well who he hates the most and who will fight back against evil.


tourist-bypassing-utah? Goodness. How immature. So let me think???? Everyone one Utah is mormon and everyone in utah is a bigot and everyone in utah owns the ski slopes? Yes! you are really thinking straight here!!
Utah will really feel pain because of your stupidity!!


"As for the LDS church, why don't they spend their money on improving schools or helping the homeless instead of their usual patented brand of hate and fear mongering?"

The LDS do spend their money as you suggest. I disagree that picketing constitutes a superior form of humanitarian service.


I as a veteran and an American support and I am willing to defend the Constitution of the United States.
Under the constitution we are given the freedom to practice our religion. Those that would denigh that right should be called terrorists.

RE:Boise guy

So in your opinion the vote of the people of the sate of California doesn't matter..I've never seen a bigger group of cry babies in my life..You lost get over it. I haven't been an active memember of the LDS church for years..But the courage of the church in this last episode has made me rethink my inactivity..Oh and I will go striaght down to the temple if the church needs my support.


I was trying to think when LDS Church members have gone en mass to California (BYU football notwithstanding) and the Church has made direct contributions... oh yeah... all those wildfire, earthquake, and flood cleanups.

Straight Guy for Gay Rights

I wonder how Joseph Smith or Brigham Young would have felt about this? Persecuting a group because you don't agree with them....eliminating their rights to be happy.

The LDS church is anti-gay, no question about it! I would love someone to give me a good reason why marriage must be between a man and woman. Don't give me the "thats how God set it up crap". I want a really good reason that explains to me how it impacts your life.


The smugness expressed by many of the Mormon apologizers on this board is rather sickening. And you call yourselves Christians?

Frank Kameny

We are interested in obtaining rights for our respective minorities as Negroes, as Jews, and as Homosexuals. WHY we are Negroes, Jews, or Homosexuals is totally irrelevant, and whether we can be changed into Whites, Christians or heterosexuals is equally irrelevant.


Tired of the LDS church. Does that mean you are tired of the Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, etc etc. They voted against it too and evidently think marriage should remain between a man & a woman.

You Gotta Be Kidding

Really! This is the strangest protest ever. If it weren't so terrifying, it might be funny. "The law is only the law when it goes my way," the protesters seem to be saying. Or perhaps, "My vote should count more than yours." Or,"You have a right to your opinion as long as it doesn't disagree with mine. There really was a time when America was a kinder, gentler country. I remember it well. That's what we ought to be demonstrating for now. You protesters and rabble-rousers have taken something precious and lovely away from us. The most pernicious, four-letter word in the English language, H-A-T-E, has become the password of the masses, and the world has suffered because of it. Bring back kindness, respect and civility, both in word and deed.
Allow Americans-and all people- the right to voice their opinions through the ballot box. And let the voice of the people be heard! Get a life, you protesters! Turn up your hearing aids and accept the voice of the people. This is not the cause of any one grooup or religion. It is the collective voice of Americans exercising their rights. Live with it!


To California Mother @ 1:43AM...

"This was about preserving the rights for our children not to be indoctrinated by those who wish to educate our children to their belief system"

Are you kidding me? Isn't this exactly what your missionaries do world-wide on a daily basis? I've never had a couple of gays show up at my door....

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