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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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I hope America strips the LDS and FLDS of their 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status. The LDS and FLDS are hate-based organizations.

My LDS apology to gays

Before having a gay son, I spoke against the so-called "gay agenda" with the passion of certainty that comes from righteously defending my LDS faith and God. I was not consciously aware of the hateful homophobia in my rants then any more than I was years before when I unconsciously parroted LDS racist views of Black worthiness prior to the priesthood change. Also, to ask gays to be content with civil union laws is like asking Blacks Mormons in 196o to be content with baptism and association when they wanted full acceptance and temple marriage. Yesterday I heard an LDS leader say that present persecution was a repeat of past trials for today's members. I suppose he meant those earlier days when Mormon leaders were defining marriage as between one man and more than one women. Victimology is in the DNA of our LDS historical memory. Earlier Mormons were just as blind to how their actions were a push that brought pushback as some present members seem to be. But alas, victimology has its benefits if used well. It paints the other as wrong, affirms the self as right, and now garners sympathy from historical religious foes.

Cody Derrick

I was in the thick of it all last night. I feel like we will look back on that moment someday and recognize it as a life changing, state changing, law changing, and life changing moment in our history. I was born and raised Mormon, went on a mission and was engaged to be married in the temple before I came out. Over the last 8 years my affiliation with the church was tied only to my name remaining on their records. When I read the article in the Tribune 2 weeks ago Sunday that spoke of the LDS churches involvement in Proposition 8, I decided it was time to go. It was perfectly fitting that the day before the protest at the temple I received the letter freeing me from the church that I have grown to more completely understand over the last 29 years. I was able to walk in the streets last night with a free conscious. Had I been there, knowing that I was technically still a part of them the night would have been bitter sweet. Thank God- it was just sweet.

Just doesn't seem to work

I have been trying to hook up an LPG Projecter for awhile now but I can't get it to work. Both the cords I have are "male" cords and they will not fit together. I need one "male" cord and one "female" cord to make it work. GO FIGURE


luvswoman: I guess what you are saying is that to be the 'true church' you have to change with the whims of the people on the earth at that time. So... you want a God that changes with the wind??? You want a church that says that gay marriage is acceptable in God's sight. Sorry, that isn't going to happen because God has said clearly that it is NOT right and never will be because he is unchanging. If you think the 'true church' is one that will tell the people what they are doing is right no matter what it is just so it won't face opposition from people like you, then you can find them on every street corner, help yourself.
I am glad though that the people who disagree with the majority vote chose to protest peacefully instead of defacing property, and posting hateful and disgusting videos.
Question: Please answer this for your group: Why are you targeting the LDS church? Please once and for all someone answer that question. Why won't anyone answer this???


Great, one more reason for the locals to revert to the herd. These are are nervous bunch here, please do
not disturb them.


Arguing with homosexuals is a useless adventure. They aren't right in the head - they can't see the failure of their own position: They argue for the right to practice their ways, as a matter of survival, when their ways (without the help of heterosexuals or scientists) will ultimately destroy them.

When someone pleads for a position that will ultimately destroy them, arguing with them is useless.

Teach. Vote. Pray. (Not necessarily in that order)


"As we did in 2000, Californias have overwelming choosen to support traditional marriage and rejected the rulings of activist judges."

I would hardly call a 52% majority "overwhelming". Obama's victory was overwhelming, not this one. California should be ashamed for having a process that allows ANY amendment be passed with a simple majority vote.

Dion in So Cal

Whatever. Where were all these so called "supporters" when it was a good time to rally, like BEFORE the election? Prop 8 passed fair and square, period. Stop the madness, homosexuality is not a civil right, it is simply deviant behavior just like someone who is unfaithful to their spouse or children. Stop trying to say evil is good and good is evil. All of us who faught hard to win here in CA did so because it was the right thing to do. And we did it at the "right time". Just a bunch of sore losers.


Let me see if I understand these sick people. They engage in homosexual behavior that is completely unnatural and truly demented, and then demand that everyone give them special "rights" to sanction their behavior? And when the voice of the majority of the people always comes out against such filthy and disgusting people (as in CA), then they take to the streets as if protesting will override millenia of social norms and really what should be the bare minimum of standards of decency for any civilization? These gays are not only sick and filthy, they amply demonstrate their low intellectual abilities as well. Even their protests are demented and filthy.

Frances Cervantes

Protest is part of the political system and a peaceful protest is a healthy political expression. I stand with all those gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and enlightened straights who recognize the persecution and bigotry that masquerades behind "christian" theology.


Let freedom ring! The people (not just the Mormons) have spoken. The freedom of choice through the process is a 2-way street! Long live our the democratic right.


Wow! Rocky was there? Man! How did I miss that? Rocky Anderson! I'll bet that was inspiring. What was I thinking? I think I will take a minute and just chant to myself and see if that gets me in the groove....rocky...ROCKY...nope. Can't believe I missed him. Dang.


Here in California, the news media mentions that the Church members donated lots of money for Prop.8. But what they don't tell you is of the millions that was donated to defeat Prop. 8, from very large corporations in the S.F. Bay area, such as Pacific Gas and Electric, AT&T, Wells Fargo, even the California Teachers Association. No, the media just mentions that the gay activists are now out to shame prominant LDS donators. I say shame on these corporations for using their money, of which I pay into as a customer, for something I don't stand for. Even the Democratic Party, and of course, the unions, got involved in trying to defeat it, but to no avail. Maybe we should use our clout with these types of businesses that we deal with, in order to offset their boycotts.


The population of california is 36,457,549. If we assume (unrealistically) that all of those people voted then that would mean that 18,957,925 (eighteen million, nine hundred fifty seven thousand, nine hundred twenty five) people voted in favor of the proposition. It also means that 1,458,301 more people voted for the ban than voted against it. One can hardley say that the church did this, it was the people who spoke. Period.

Good Vs Evil

I personally love my brothers and sisters who have chosen to participate in homosexual activities. But just because I love them does not mean I have to condone and sanction their immoral behavior.

The homosexual community has the right to call evil good and I have the right to call evil evil. Homosexuality is a sin, has always been a sin and will always be a sin. Even when they finally are able to convince the majority of society to call evil good they are still not going to be at peace and find happiness in their behavior.

If they want to continue to commit their sins they have the right to do so, just please stop asking me to condone and sanction their behavior by pushing for a state recognized marriage.


To Mr. luveswomen

Do you realize that if it had not passed and truly became law, that gay marriage would share in every classroom on courtship and marriage, parenting and family life? Do you want your young children exposed to that? I have no problem with gay's and gay rights. We have gays in our own family and enjoy being with them and respect their rights, but I don't want that influence to be openly talked about to my wonderful grand children, like it was the norm. I want my children/grand children to identify with daddy and mommy, not mommy and aunt Jane. Thank God that the proposition passed and the true traditional family can still hold their heads up high and be proud of God's idea of what a family really is.

Walk the Walk

I am delusional or aren't other churches involved in this issue also? Does the Catholic church, Baptist church and other christian denominations that are Bible based churches believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman? WHY ARE YOU CASTING THE BLAME ON THE MORMONS? Is it because they have been more organized and vocal in support of their beliefs? IS THIS STILL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Come on people. Walk the walk. If it is what you believe, you still have the right to say it. Peacefully.


When this eventually hits the church where it counts (in their wallet),
they will receive another high-profile "revelation." It may take a while
but sooner or later, their pocketbooks will take a hit. (Can you say
"Take the church" ? Tax all churches.


Wow! I decided to do a little bit of math. As of 2007 the LDS Church had about 750,000 members in CA. 10.24 million people voted in the election, and approx. 5.2 million in favor of the ban. That means that if every LDS Man Woman and child were able to vote and did 4.45 million people still voted in favor of the amendment. The LGBT communty has made the LDS people thier wipping boy becuase they weren't smart enough to voice thier opinion before the election. They are barking up the wrong tree. If they want to be accepted They need to change thier own image(Its tough to relate to the image of a 250 Lbs man dressed as dorthy). I do not believe the LDS church will ever change its stand on the definition of marriage. For them it is far more sacred an issue than in most religions. But if the LGBT community want the practical benifits of marriage (IE: tax, care, ETC.) without the name i doubt that they will stand in the way. They may even find an ally when comes to thing besides the definition of marrage.

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