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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Romans 1:24-32

Scripture, literally being fulfilled.


As has been said, the vast majority of people who voted against changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual couples were not Mormon. Protesting is a great right, just be consistent and go protest in African-American communities, Latino communities, Baptist churches, Catholic churches, etc. Of course, it won't happen. Everyone knows the LDS Church is used to gain attention. The Church didn't come out with some new revelation against gay marriage. Their views have existed much longer than many of these people have been gay. It is important that we tolerate the homosexual community and it's rights. Just call your view of a coupled relationship something different. It's not marriage. I don't have a problem with what you call your realtionship, just don't try and change the name of what my heterosexual relationship is called. It's that simple.

Lin in tn

The people have spoken. This is our system. Move on.


Well, we can't really be suprised about Gays making a spectacle about this can we? Its what they do.

Don't Support Either

Marriage is stupid. It is a license to be miserable and be at the expense of the woman. Let the gays get married. Let them have the benefits of nasty divorse. They have the right to be just as miserable as us "straight" people.

Not only do I not support gay marriage, I don't support straight marriage either.....


i think that many in the gay and strait communities have shown they've exercised their rights, and 3 of the most important: the right of free speech, the right of peaceful assemblage and the right to vote. How many countries in this world grant those freedoms/rights? I'm glad that members of several churches contributed their time and money to fight for a cause they believe in. I'm glad to see people of all groups passionate about issues. This time, the right issue prevailed, the right prevailed and it always will.


Bishop William Weigand, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, Calif., is right on when he said:

"I call upon the supporters of same-sex marriage to live by their own words and to refrain from discrimination against religion and to exercise tolerance for those who differ from them,"

The biggest irony is that if all California Mormons who voted Yes on Prop8 had voted No, Prop 8 still would have passed. There are only 750,000 Mormons in CA, half or more are children; half or more are non-participating, so at best you had 100,00 to 200,000 Mormons who voted Yes. Prop 8 passed by more than 500,000 votes, with more than 5.5 million voting yes.

Why then does the no on 8 crowd think they should attack a small minority group with bigoted hatefull attacks.

If you want to attack the group that passed prop 8, go to innercity LA and attack the Latinos. Go to Oakland and protest against the Black Churches. But that wouldn't be politically correct, would it? Why donesn't the no on 8 crowd just get the CA legislature to pass an extermination order on the Mormons like others did in the 1800s.


Gays do not want special rights - they want equal rights. I have nothing against them having a union where their property, their adopted or natural children are protected and their campanions are given the right of inheriting, insurance rights at workplace, and the right to visit in the ICU (deathbed rights). They are human and created by the same God as I. Their blood runs reds, same as others. Do not condemn - and remember "judgement is mine - sayeth the Lord". Some people need to practice what they preach. I saw a sign at the protest last night (on TV) that sums it up for me "Straight - but not narrow." Let each seek their own happiness - gays are not a threat to traditional families - let us embrace them and make them welcome into our lives and homes.


I have friends who are gay and as a lds member, while I don't support their lifestyle, I respect their choice since they are my friends. They have the right to protest as well the church and its member had the right to support Preposition 8.


Nobody has the right to vandalize private property. So, if somebody tries to spray the walls of the temple, be sure I am not around.

Educate yourself

It is difficult to determine if the lack of education expressed on this issue is humorous or just sad. Many of those who shout "foul" or "lies" are obvioisly dissapointed, but more obviously uninformed of the facts. You have the internet. You can look up the foundational court cases that led to your doom. It is not in your best interest to scare straight Americans with law suits and such which sadly is what has happened. Be intelligent enough to see that. I think that you will find, and hopefully so, that members of this religion will give you a shoulder to cry on to help you through difficult times, but redefining marriage is a long entrenched ideology that will not change easily. Are you sure you have the... Stamina?


Being gay is a choice.....period. Deal with it. You are not a minority...deal with it.

RE: Boiseguy @ 12:35 a.m.

Have you ever read the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution?! California is able to decide this on its own because it is a power that is NOT enumerated for the federal government by the Constitution.

I believe there are now 30 states that have protected the definition of marriage, the most recent additions being CA, AZ, and FL. Do you see a trend?

The GLBT community has domestic partnerships in CA and civil unions in other states. Why is that not good enough?! If there's a problem on the federal level, seek to add "Civil Union" or "Domestic Partnership" to the federal code instead of seeking to change the definition of marriage.

You are trying to legislate the approval of a preference, not a right. If you want to live in love, nobody is stopping you by securing the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman only. Go ahead and speak your mind according to your First Amendment rights. You are free to do so. Just realize that traditional marriage will continue to stand the test of time, because we will stand up for it!


I, like so many of you here, am strongly in favor of Proposition 8. However, I grudgingly admit that these people DO have a right to protest.

Also, has anyone but me noticed that these rights are more and more frequently being used against the church? First the protest at President Hinckley's funeral, and now this. These people need to get a life and realize that democracy means the majority of THE people, not the majority of YOUR people.


If the real issue was support for gay marriage, I could buy that. But it goes much deeper. The gay/lesbian agenda is to change what is taught in our schools, to have our children indoctrinated with the gay lifestyle, to change a generation's understanding of traditional marriage and families. Gee, in a couple of generations the human population would begin decreasing. Unless, of course, artificial insemination became the norm to perpetuate life. The gays/lesbians want to change a generation by infiltrating our schools, court system and the very fabric of our traditional society, and then indoctrinate our children with the gay/lesbian lifestyle. If they don't get their way, they oppose open voting -- or make it illegal to home school -- or take away parents' rights to choose what is taught in public schools. Don't talk to me about tolerance and acceptance. It is your way or the highway. America has gone way beyond reason to ensure the rights of those with alternative lifestyles and beliefs. But each time you get a concession, you demand something else -- taking away another right of the traditional, God-fearing people of this country. Where does it end???


In response to the second comment made that being gay does not give entitle you to rights and the history of marriage....

Thousands of years have also denied women the right to own property and the right to vote.

Thousands of years have also upheld racial discrimination and subjugating minorities to actual or quasi slavery.

Simply because historical analysis supports a particular position does not entitle that position to an unquestionable and unamendable status. Civil rights and women's rights have shown that past discrimination was simply wrong.

Can't change Science

Two Plans were proposed in the Council in Heaven. A war was fought that resulted in 1/3 of our brothers and sisters forever loosing their ability to have a body and to procreate. The battle rages on today with millions choosing the same state. No matter how we vote or what the courts rule, no matter how we fight for or defend our point of view, no matter how we dress, cut our hair, or change our bodies, no two women in any kind of civil union, marriage, or sexual relationship or no two men in any kind of civil union, marriage, or sexual relationship, will ever procreate. Neither Heterosexuals nor Homosexuals can change science; not one whit.


Please tell me what is the difference between "hating a mormon' and 'hating a gay'? Wouldn't they both be hate crimes? Where in Prop 8 was the word 'hate'?


Next you need to go protest at all the houses in California that actually voted for it. See ya in California!!

Steve again

Also, it's just a tad bit hypcritical to rant and rave about how you are being discriminated against, and then single out one single church, especially one thaat probably had little or no effect on the outcome of the vote. Prop 8 would have passed without the LDS church. SO why do you protest against us, huh? WHy not somebody who had an effect on the outcome? I am of the opinion that these people are really just seeking to complain.

You're Kidding, Right?

I find it amusing and a bit perplexing that members of a church would protest its church's official stance on a moral issue. Are you kidding me?

Either the church is wrong on its stance, and you therefore are dumb to continue your membership in it (because if it's wrong, it ain't a "true" church), OR YOU are wrong. I don't see any in between here. Not on an issue like this. It's pretty cut-and-dried as far as this church is concerned.

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