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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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In reply to 'Overturn8'. "You are asking for equal rights". You already have that. I marry a person of the opposite sex and you can marry a person of the opposite sex. That's fair isn't it? Nothing unequal about that!


The LDS Church deserves the nation's gratutue for strongly opposing the destruction of marriage. However let's not forget that MOST Americans favor the only sane position on marriage. Did you notice that 70% of Black voters in CA voted for Prop 8?

Molly Pritchard

How wonderful to know the homosexuals will be boycotting Utah. Now if we can just get them to boycott Virginia, we may have a chance to remain a red state. Any suggestions?


Whether this specific issue or any other, any time a judge tries to create law from the bench, the citizens should stand up against that ruling.

Jugdes do not make laws! That is for the legistlative branch.

When did the Rule of Law become so off base in this country?


All Mormons did in CA was vote and seek to persuade others to vote as they did. This is exactly what anti-prop 8 groups did. There's no seperation of church and state issue.

Incidentally, these "protesters" are targetting the LDS church because they can get away with it. What other religious group can be targeted like this without stirring a national media outcry?

These two fact tell us a great deal about anti-prop 8 groups.


Did they protest the Catholics or the Blacks or the Hispanics who voted overwhelmingly for the amendment? Why not?


Life style choices should not be confused with Civil Rights. Many of us who are white and were involved in the heat of the Civil Rights movement, for people of different races, in the sixties understand this principle. A good number of us, along with the vast majority of black and latino voters in California, apparently understand.

There is certainly some underlying drive in this demonstrated passion of those who have chosen to forego the ability to create a family to adopt the traditonal family beginning title of married, but it is definetly not about a Civil Right. It is promoting a life style. When life style choices become the basis of Civil Rights the rights of civilized people will be at an end. We can all be thankful a majority of Californians saw through the convoluted "rights" arguments and hatred towards Proposition 8 supporters to vote for the sensible definition of marriage. Despite the loss gays still have the fundamental rights of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in this good country. The focus of their displeasure on one group of a coalition is frighteningly similar to a German Parties actions in the 30's.

stay focused

Said President Harold B. Lee:

You may not like what comes from the authority of the Church. It may conflict with your political views. It may contradict your social views. It may interfere with some of your social life Your safety and ours depends upon whether or not we follow Lets keep our eye on the President of the Church. (Conference Report, October 1970, p. 152153.)

But it is the living prophet who really upsets the world. Even in the Church, said President Kimball, many are prone to garnish the sepulchres of yesterdays prophets and mentally stone the living ones. (Instructor, 95:527.)

Why? Because the living prophet gets at what we need to know now, and the world prefers that prophets either be dead or worry about their own affairs. Some so-called experts of political science want the prophet to keep still on politics. Some would-be authorities on evolution want the prophet to keep still on evolution. And so the list goes on and on.

How we respond to the words of a living prophet when he tells us what we need to know, but would rather not hear, is a test of our faithfulness.

Protest Bastian

How about going and protesting Bruce Bastian who donated over $1 million against the proposition? That was the biggest Utah monetary influence. Aren't all you former Word Perfect employees pleased to see your hard work is being spent on something so worthwhile?

Too Late

Why do this protest now? It would have been more strategic to do this back when the LDS Church first started encouraging people to donate money. Now you just look bitter.

Ken from Galt

Follow the money folks. Where did the majority of the money come from to promote prop 8? The answer: members of the LDS church. Sure other churches and their membership were supportive, but not to the same extent as the Mormons.

Dewaine M. Brown

Three comments:
#1. Free agency is a powerful needed element in life. How it is used determines our destiny.

#2.The fruit of this decade were the result of seeds sown in former decades.

#3. Taken to extremes, one man and one women in marriage create a continuation of the human species in its normal trend.
Taken to extreme, same sex unions would in time terminate the human species.


Hey what's all the fuss about? Oh yeah, gay-"rights" activists are trying to DROWN OUT the constitutionally-protected free-speech rights of the Church (and other anti-change-the-definition-of-marriage supportors). Does that make sense?

For those who truly care about rights - rather than shouting and villifying others for exercising THEIR rights, go through proper legal channels and pass laws. That's all Californians, Arizonans and Floridians did - they went through the established, constitutional LEGAL process and got what they wanted.

Having said that, nobody is against human rights here. It is a lie to claim that pro-Prop 8 = hatred and bigotry. It is a lie to claim that Church involvement in fighting for what it believes is a violation of the separation of Church and State. Chanting those things over and over again - even 10,000 times - does not change lies into truth.


If it were not for the Mormons, the whole nation would be in deep doo-doo. Call the gay and lesbian community next time there is a natural disaster. For all the criticism, they are the only ones that stand for what is right. Sooner or later, it will be all churches against the one. And you know which one I mean. I hope Mr. Whipple, who planned to marry in April is saving himself for marriage. I don't even want to know if he jumped the....shark.


Why do I keep reading that the "Mormon's" are trying to impose their morals onto a people? Seems a deadlock, as the homosexual community is trying to force their morals onto the world. And no the "mormon Church" didn't "win this one" the voter did, that is until the courts take away their votes again.

be informed

Voters of Prop 8 needed to be informed about the issue by both sides in order to make an conscious decision. The vote was taken, the majority has spoken. In CT, very little information was given about the Constitution Convention. It was portrayed as an evil definately VOTE NO! I didn't even know what it was until the church members informed me (a way to fight back on the recently adopted law that legalized gay marriages.) It didn't pass and we are stuck with legalized gay marriages.


I too am LDS and love the church. I have to chime in here though because so many people seem baffled as to why all these people are so upset with our church and not the other groups that oppose gay marriage. They are upset because it is estimated that members of the church are estimated to have contributed 40% of the money to fight prop 8. I do think that many in our church show an amazing degree of intolerance toward homosexuals. I know that it's viewed as a sin and yes, I too believe that will be the judgement in the end, but there are hundreds of thousands of church members that participate in sexual relations with members of the opposite sex outside of marriage which is sin also and nobody looks at them as a threat to society. I think many members think they have an inside track on judging what is the bigger sin. Get off your self-righteous horse......sin is sin is sin....let's let God be the judge and love all of our brothers and sisters.

Calif Resident that Saw it all.

!!!!! That's all folks. The votes are counted. I don't believe that the hatred they exhibited in this has been matched in US history for any proposition. Spitting on campaigners, single finger waving, cussing, screaming, pushing, chasing those knocking on doors, and the horrible lists go on & on. The public is losing whatever tolerance they did have for them due to their hate-filled "demand" for it. One of our friends had their tail-lights broken out the day they put a bumper sticker on their car. Another had "No on 8" keyed into the whole side of their car. Now marching on the Mormon Temples? Defacing them?? How much more creatively can they spell "HATRED & INTOLERANCE?" Their rainbow colors are truly showing now. One color for each of their hate filled activities. Hang in there Mormons. The troops are coming to help you and the opposition is blowing the horn FOR you! (My signs were stolen several time...I kept spares on hand constantly. I am sooo glad I DID!!!)


Arc you can't be serious....


Mormons make up 2% of California's population, so who are the other 52.7% voters? (That's assuming ALL Mormons voted on this issue). I, a Mormon, would have supported Prop 8 whether the Church encouraged me to do so or not. A lot of us fear the judgments of God rather than the judgments of disrespectful people writing on the walls of our temples. But I do know there are good men and women out there, who oppose our views, and show respect, thank you to those.

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