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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Simplistic pro-gay logic

Posted by Scarlet:
"It was an awesome sight to see people united against discrimination and hatred."

So, supporting the millenia-old tradition of marriage equals "hatred?" How convenient. This type of rhetoric is not only simple minded, it's outright propaganda. My supporting traditional marriage does not equal hatred for gays - it only signals a respect for marriage. Plain and simple. It's as if you wanted to slap a piece of cheese between two crackers and call it a PB&J sandwich and then label everyone "haters" of crackers and cheese for not agreeing with your culinary revisionism. The arrogance is breathtaking, to say the least.

"How quickly Mormons forget history and how they were treated. The discriminated become the discriminators!"

Discrimination is a fact of life - some discrimination is bad, some is good. Unfortunately, the word has taken on a pejorative tone and it's flung about recklessly all too often. If I don't have enough money, I am discriminated against and not able to receive expensive loans. Fine line distinctions are made all the time in real life, and in the case of Prop. 8, many people discriminated on the right side of history, theology, biology, and society.


So, let me get this straight. Gays and lesbians are threatening to punish Utah for having a political opinion that differs from theirs by boycotting the state. So no gays and lesbians will visit Utah? I'm still waiting for the punishment part.

People have to remember a basic definition of being gay. Plain and simple, it's about who you choose to have sex with. At what point did choice of sexual partners morph into minority status and a civil rights issue?


The church has won for now. I'm sure that this issue will come up again and again. Someday, it may be legal. It still won't change my mind as to whether or not it is right. Alcohol is legal. I don't think it is right (and i'm not sure what the "benefit" is to society) but I can still live with it. I don't encourage anyone to drink just because it is legal.

Same for gay marriage. Even if it is legalized someday, I still won't promote or encourage it. I have friends that are gay. They are nice people. I respect them and their beliefs and opinions. I just don't agree with them. I'm sure they feel the same way about me and my membership in the Mormon church. Whether gay marriage is legal or not, I'll still get along just fine with them. But for now, it's not legal. If they feel so strongly that it should be legal, they should go about things democratically just as those who voted against prop 8 (and most of them were not mormons.) I think most that voted for prop 8 were not gay either. Not a fight between gays/mormons.

Tired of the LDS Church

Why does the LDS Church and it's members try to impose their morals on others? Obviously Mormons feel it's important that it's their duty to make everyone think like they do. Why else would they have such an active missionary program. If you don't believe in same sex marriage, then don't let them get married in your holy temple. Otherwise, why don't you just live your life how you want and allow others to do the same. We would all live happier and longer if we lived by that motto.


Civil rights are ALWAYS granted by the courts--never by a majority vote. Prop 8 will be overturned in the courts since it is a blatant violation of their state's consitution designed to protect a minority. As for the LDS church, why don't they spend their money on improving schools or helping the homeless instead of their usual patented brand of hate and fear mongering. What a terrible image this church has made for themselves.


The reasoning and justification many of the self proclaimed tolerant and open minded Prop 8 opponents use arguing against bisexual marriage and/or two sisters marrying is the exact same reasoning and justification many Prop 8 proponents use arguing against homosexual marriage.



California Mother

Gary at 4:56 PM. Thank you for telling the truth on why we fought and worked so hard for Yes on 8.

This was not about denying rights for those with same gender attraction. Not a single right was taken from you.

This was about preserving the rights for our children not to be indoctrinated by those who wish to educate our children to their belief system.

Truly our children are worth the fight and we will continue to fight for them with all that we have.

We do not hate those who are gay and we are not teaching our children to hate or be intolerant of them. In fact we have dear friends who are gay.

But we do have to take a stand when someone is trying to destroy the innocence of children.

My heart truly aches for those good people who I have seen and met over the past weeks on the no on prop 8 side. I feel that you and your relationships have been used by those who want to further the agenda of the destruction of the family and the innocence of children.

To: tourist_bypassing_utah

Sweet, I guess that's at least two less people on the slopes this year. This could turn out to be the best ski season ever. Please keep boycotting!!!

Sara in CA

I wish that people would stop saying that the "church" got this passed. We were asked to contribute and "we" as members did what we have done for years, we followed the leaders. We made the choice. I was not able to give money or time because of an injury but I did cast my vote.

One Flush Phil

Perhaps a bus full of protesters should travel to San Francisco to the California State Supreme Court building and set up their picket line there. After all it was the court that ignored pleas by the Yes on 8 side to postpone the start of gay weddings until after the Nov. election. How hard would it have been to wait 4 more months after waiting 5000 years? I know some gay couples who postponed their "special California wedding" until after the election to see how the court ruling held up against the voters. Since the court did not let common sense rule the day back then, chaos now rules it. Legislating from the bench is not effective governance. When I see the Constitution abused like this and the results that follow, I recall the words of John Adams who said, Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.


the constitution will hang by a thread and orrin hatch will save it


I've been on both sides of this argument at one point in my life and I'd say the LDS members will be eating their words in the next 10 years. The GLBT community will have these rights eventually - it's only a matter of time.

John C.

To Brandon: Just for your information the LDS Church donates to more disasters and charities then any other christian church combined. We do also build schools and travel the world to help bring clean water to villages in Africa. What have you done, but slander and baraide. These protest reminds me of my boy when he was 3 years old and didn't get what he wanted and stomped his little feet on the ground and yeald thinking that would work. How can you people who's abnormal actions and behavior if left to your own devices would slowly distroy yourselfs because you can't creat postarity. How can you expect the rest of us to accept it as normal. Plain and simple its not normal. Your only trying to fool yourselfs.

Plain & Simple

I've lived in California for 28 years. Prop 8 was on the ballot in California. It amended the California constitution. It applies only to Californians. However, I never knew there was so much concern and interest in our constitution from people in Utah.

Plain & Simple

To jlc: And just what rights would those be?

Plain & Simple

To Pete: ". . . marriage is a religious rite . . ." Try telling that to every fourth person who lives on this planet in the People's Republic of China. Last time I checked there marriages were only between a man and a woman and they are an atheist, secular governed people.

Plain & Simple

To Blue: You used the words "civil marriage" please define marriage for us.

Plain & Simple

To 18,000 couples: You can blame the judge for those folks being in limbo as he denied an injuction to put off marrying any of these folks until after the Prop 8 election. They waited for all of recorded history, but couldn't wait another 5 months. Good thinking there judge! No wonder the non-legal world has such contempt for the legal community.

Hey Bob

I'll tell you why the protests aren't happening in Compton, East LA, Santa Ana and Watts...because the protesters would have the snot pounded out of them and that would be the end of the protest.

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