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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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All these other Christian churches need to pay homage to the LDS church. Prop 8 would've failed without us. WE are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to a moral issue at the polls. The people of CA have spoken not once, but twice! So, GO HOME!!!!!

Let's see

750,000 LDS out of a population of 38,000,000 and they somehow were able to vote how many times to equal 52% of the vote. My, MY, MY. Even if all the LDS were adults they still wouldn't eve come close to the 52% of the voters.

Satan will color a person's mind with hate and push them to attack his opposition, which is God's Church. He wants to destroy the family and will use any means to accomplish that. Nowhere in the bible can I find anything that even remotely approves of the homosexual lifestyle.

I see the homosexuals as showing their hypocrisy when it comes to painting with a broad brush all those who oppose them. They think nothing of using foul and vulgar expletives to voice their opinions and use every manner of incivility towards the Church which shows indicates to me their lack of Christ-like behavior. Where is the protests in front of the Catholic churches, where is the protest in front of the Jewish Synagogues, where isthe protest in front of the Baptist or Protestant Churches?


In the last days all the other churches will crumble and merge but the LDS church will remain strong.

High School Football vs. Prop. 8

Something occurred to me earlier. High School football tonight was a big deal. 8 5A high schools battled to further their place in the state high school football tournament. Proposition 8 was a bigger deal and there a lot of people against it. I would bet that more people showed up to the 4 5A high school football games tonight than protested at Temple Square.


The church will grow because of this! Wait and see.

former Salt Laker

The Evangelicals have won again! They got Prop 8 passed on the sweat and fiances of Church members and now the Church of Jesus Christ is taking the full brunt of it. Why is the GLTG community not protesting them? I have heard that as the gay community put their commercials featuring the LDS missionaries that there was a great celebration from the so called coalition that they were getting it all, the proposition passed and the Church of Jesus Christ is getting the worst press in years slowing down missionary work. I am sure these images of people attacking the Oakland and LA temples is making them giddy. We need to continue to reach out to our Gay brothers and sisters and watch out for the two faced evengelicals who cut and run at the first sign of consequences for standing up for what is right.

Think Of It This Way

As the concerned SL resident said in the story, "It's important that so-called traditional families support everyone's rights."

Really, it's infinitely MORE important that the traditional family, as the foundation for society, be protected and preserved so that EVERYONE can HAVE rights. When you take away that foundation, what do you have? RUINS AND RUBBLE.

I hope the activists will stop and think about this for a few minutes. Society CANNOT rest on the foundation of gay and lesbian "family units." Admirable exceptions aside, across the board, they're too unstable--and yes, credible scientific research HAS been done on this. The traditional family, AND ONLY THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY, provides the stability and the structure necessary to preserve society.

In the Civil War, Lincoln's immediate goal was to preserve the Union first, not free the slaves. That didn't mean he was pro-slavery--it meant that he put first things first for the overall good of society. Slaves couldn't be truly free in a "divided Union."

Proposition 8 and its equivalents in AZ and FL did the same thing. THE FOUNDATION HAS TO BE PRESERVED FIRST. Then we can talk about equitable solutions.


Fools who march to win the right to justify their sin.


Two things

#1 Getting married is not a "right", being free to choose to be gay and live with your partner is a right.

#2 Legally, Marraige is whatever the people decide it is, the people have spoken and decided that Marrage is between a man and a woman.

get over it and go sign up for a common law union or some orther thing that is legally the same as marraige and stop trying to force others to change their centuries old religious traditions.


Way to go mormons stand up for what you believe. Laugh it up gays your winning my support with your childish behavior..

Greg in Japan!!

I think it is awesome that Proposition 8 passed. It stands for the very principles the world has used since the dawn of time. And it is the way it should be. No rights were taken away. It just brought back the some of the world back to where it needed to be. God bless the people that voted yes. Its nice to know California still has enough people that know the difference between right and wrong.


What scares me is that only 52% have moral convictions.

Wayne in El Paso

Standng up for good will always be subject to critism. In society today, the liberal media and their kin will always line up against anyone with strong religious beliefs. It is typical of Democrats to always take the side of anyone that has views contrary to those of our founding fathers. Why these people so desperately want to destory our society and the values that made this country great is difficult to understand.


In the state of California all people have equal rights. There is no discrimination to anyone. Every person has the right to marry their heterosexual mate. All gay and lesbian couples have the legal freedom to marry the partner of their choosing in a domestic partnership. This is recognized in the state of California as having every legal right as a marriage does. This is not about equal rights, what they want is the title of marriage.


We had intially thought about skiing in Utah this winter, but just read about this wrong doing by the Mormon church, supporting Prop 8.
If it is true or not, we prefer to spend money elsewhere, someplace that does not discriminate
In these tough times , the traveler does have many
affordable choices other then Utah.

Love not hate

The actions of a few followers always seem to ruin it for the gay community and a few followers ruin it for the Church's position. Let's be kind. From what I've seen, the leaders of both sides seem reasonable. What would be a compromise solution? Let's think of a beautiful word. Call it "United" for gays with civil rights and "Marriage" for straights with civil rights. Both would need a divorce to dissolve the union. That seems fair!

Let the tyrants keep it up

The Deuce,

"However, the people voting No on Prop 8 wanted to take this issue to a vote and they got it. This issue is only found in a few states on both the east and west coast of the US. The sleeping giant lives in between. If you want to "bring it on" I am afraid that you may get your wish. Your protests continue to divide and create more hatred. Let's get moving forward and not backward."

They can keep pushing because it would be easy for us to get 34 state legislatures to agree to call a constitutional convention to define marriage as one man and one woman and it wouldn't be hard for us to get 4 more to agree to it either.

So I say bring it on because we are prepared to protect our rights. If they keep this up we won't have any other option but to resort to drastic measures and call a national Constitutional Convention.

Polynesian Brothers

I watched the video of our polynesian Brothers at the LA Temple on the internet. I understand they were arrested. It was obvious they were caught up in the heat of the moment and seeing the temple desecrated and the police doing nothing about it. I am not condoning in any way violence toward any person. I hope CA members will make sure they get the best defense they can. These guys did what many of us were feeling. Lets not leave these guys out to dry like the evangelicals have done to the Church for standing up for their faith in the heat of the moment. Please.


This was never, ever about protecting marriage. The YES on 8 people hide their bigotry and small mindness behind church and god. I am reminded of the bumper sticker "If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for its rights?


people should be able to love who they want. there are plenty of straight couples that cheat on each other and have pathetic relationships. why should they get more of a right to be together then somebody who actually loves each other. gays aren't going to go away eventually with the world becoming more and more liberal they will get their rights. they ARN'T going to just die away so we should just make it easier and not spend 20 million every year to prolong it.

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