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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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waste o time.

Gays want "equality" so they are going to protest and yell garbage at 1 member of a larger coalition. The church's members donated not SLC. I guess they will be walking around every house who donated to the cause. Your "solidarity" will notgain you much support. There are far more people in California who voted for the proposition than there are members of the LDS church. GET A CLUE!


The Church did not put their funds into this but does have the right to urge us to fight for our values. So individuals donated money and worked on this project in conjunction with other faiths.
The Church urged civility and said they do not take a position against some things like rights of inheritance or hospital visitation.

Are these protesters not aware that the LDS were only 1% of the population of California and that the Catholics were equally involved? Are they going to march on the Cathedral in Salt Lake too?

No, of course, we are the easier target.


I plan on attending tonight but I want to know if it will be peaceful enough that I can bring my 9yr old son with me.

Joe H

This whole protest makes sense... I mean, half of California is Mormon, that is why the gay ban was approved...

Robert Oh

Thanks you Jacob! OXO

Tom in CA

Prop 8 in CA prevailed, and now the sore losers once again want to throw out democracy. They do not want laws, just their own "rules".

If you want to place "blame" on the Yes vote, please consider:

The CA African American community who voted OVERWHELMLY for Obama, voted 80 to 20 against gay marriage, and IN FAVOR of Prop 8 - without this vote the proposition would have lost.

The Mormons played a relatively small role in its passage, all things considered - and mind you, many Mormons voted NO.

What say you??


Right On!! If I didn't have to work I would be there. How sickening, the church calls it's people to back a law in California so they can help to abolish peoples rights. It blows me away to listen to some of the church doctrine that teaches acceptance and forgiveness then this.... I am a straight male that loves women, life and my rights to do and be whomever I want, as long as I don't interfere with others right. I don';t know where the church gets off sometimes, but I feel bad for all the good people that belong to it and really believe it is the true church...because actions like this prove it is not.

Wake Up People

Get a life. Do you really think the church cares if you march around the temple? Being gay is a choice not a right. Too bad it won't be 30 below tonight.


This is going to turn ugly as soon as some elderly folks try to access Temple Square and the protesters get in their faces. So what's next...gay marriage supporters standing in front of LDS chapels. The protesters will lose their drive after a couple of weeks and go back to complaining about everything with their lives.


I guess these folks don't think you should get involved with your community and defend your beliefs.



solo man for equality

I encourage everyone that wants equal rights to stand up with me and thousands of others tonight. I cannot stand by and watch as my brothers and sisters in the GLBT community are discriminated againgst. I shall stand up and fight for their right to have a loving relathionship as I do with my wife.


Like protesting will do a whole lot of good. This will backfire.

By the way. I used to be very sympathetic to the gay community. No more.

The GLBT community is proving itself to truly be the most bigoted and intolerant.


I'm having a hard time understanding people that want to be different from what has been established for hundreds of years in accordance to the laws of marriage but excpect to get all of the same benefits. When you chose to be gay you consiouscly choose to give up certain rights and privilages. Either live with the consequences of your choice or buy a island way out in the middle of the pacific and create your own little gay society. Quite trying to be different and fit in at the same time.


I would like to thank our wonderful gay friends for contributing to our City's revenue by spending money while they are here. Shop away! Protesting is a right, stealing the definition of marriage is obviously not. The people have spoken.....it is democracy at work.

Be Real

Come on, be realistic. This is the second time the voice of the people have said no to gay marriage. Doesn't the gay movement believe in democracy? Maybe all of us that didn't vote for Obama should stage a protest. Maybe we could get some activist judges to override the will of the people and have McCain put in as president.

Bayou Vol

Anyone know if the church will be suing the Gay and Lesbian Center of Los Angeles for the property damage caused yesterday at the temple? Anyone know if the handful of members that were physically attacked will seek hate crime charges against the Center?


Why is it not okay for people to fulfill their duties as an American citizen and vote, but it is okay for you to go protest at a place that is sacred for many many millions of people?

Why is it that you say the LDS church hates gay people and you cry about it, but then you go and are hateful towards the church?

Seriously...stop for a moment and think. You're being a little hypocritical.

Bayou Vol

Who's on teh Lord's side who? Now is the time to show. We ask it fearlessly, Who's on the Lord's side who?
The stone cut without hands to fill the earth must grow. Who'll help to roll it on? Who's on the Lord's side who?
Our ensign to the world is floating proudly now, no coward bears our flag, Who's on the Lord's side who?
The powers of earth and hell in rage direct the blow that's aimed to crush the work; Who's on the Lord's side who?
Truth, life and liberty, Freedom from death and woe, are stakes we'refighting for, Who's on the Lord's side who?

Henry Drummond

Using political activism to enforce religious beliefs works both ways. What is the difference between using political muscle to "defend traditional marriage" against gays and using political muscle "defend traditional Christianity" against Mormon Political candidates such as Mitt Romney? You have sown the wind and you will now reap the whirlwind.

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