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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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I am disappointed in the headline "LDS stand on gay marriage decried".

It should read "LDS stand in defense of traditional marriage decried"?


The LDS Church will not lose tax exempt status and they didn't mix Church and State. That only works when they advocate a specific candidate from the pulpit. This was not an election of a person from a specific party. What is amazing to me is how comments spout "laws" that don't exist or are taken out of context. The fact is, the California courts were not authorized to allow gay marriage in the first place. That is not how this country works. We all need to go back to 7th grade and take US Government for crying out loud because this argument is ridiculous!

No real impact


"LDS Church is only 2% of the population of California."

If 80% of LDS members in California are eligible to vote,and 55% of them voted, and the majority or 90% of them supported Prop. 8 we would still not had a major impact on the outcome.

"The people of AZ & FL have also spoken. Last year was Nevada. Democracy voice has been heard in the State of California. Twice."

They want to force others to do as they want and do not care about our rights or the right of majorities to govern. They continue to lie about this being an issue of civil rights when it isn't since they are not denied any civil right because of their sexual orientation nor are they denied a license to marry because of their sexual orientation.

Any gay person can get a marriage license to marry a person of the opposite sex and do so under the same terms as heterosexuals. There is no question on the forms asking them for their sexual orientation. Nor are they denied the right to marry because of their sexual orientation. That would be discrimination and a violation of due process but it isn't.

Born that way?

Logic please!

1. If gay people are not born gay, then it is a lifestyle choice (one in which in the USA in 2008 two consenting adults may practice in privacy w/o fear of prosecution. Just as voting YES on Prop 8 was a lifestyle choice. So why be so concerned about it? Also, the civil rights analogy is bogus.

2. However, if people are born gay, then people with opinions that wish to deny gay people the "right" to marry may also be born with the tendency for those opinions and should not be held accountable for such.

3. Since when does a church that takes a political position loose tax-exempt status? Cite some legal authority please.


In 38 states you can be legally fired from a job for what you are trying to defend as a right.

Only an idiot would think that "A gay man isn't denied the right to marry a straight woman because he's gay or versa."

Living a lie takes on all shpaes!


Such interesting comments by people. The one defining truth: God is in charge and his laws and commandments do not change. Protesting or opinions that differ from God's, cannot change what He has set forth as His doctrines. It just goes to show how much our nation has become a godless society! The greater the wickedness of this nation, the greater the divide between good and evil. Where were the protesters at the Catholic or Evangelical churches?

Almost Comical

The LBGT community marching around the SL Temple is so ridiculous it's almost comical.

I say "almost", because it isn't funny. In the pictures, I see the faces of brothers and sisters who, spiritually speaking, are incredibly lost and confused. How tragically sad.

BUT...we've been warned that even many of the elect shall fall in the days before the Savior comes again! The LDS church will no doubt lose some former members over the gay "marriage" issue but their complaints will only help us find the truly humble followers of the Christ that much faster.

11,000 already married

One point I haven't heard anyone touch on, is the 11,000 people who were married within the last four months. The gay community is very upset because they believe that their marriages are going to now be dissolved. I personaly don't believe that their marriages should be abolished, because they were married when it was legal at that time. I do applaud the gay community for standing up for what they believe is unequal treatment.


As a result of gay marriage being legalized in MASS, the Catholic Adoption Agency had to shut its doors because they refused to allow gay adoptions. That is a fact!


I have spend some time the last few days reading news reports on the proposition 8.
One thing stands out very strongly to me. It is no wonder the gay people are so angry at the LDS. They have been lied to in very subtle ways over and over by their own gay oriented medias.
Their medias do not distinguish between LDS church and LDS members.
Their medias do not seem to realize being asked to support something is not the same as being told to support something.
Their media prints inflamatory articles with subtle twists to make an innocent sentence take on hateful tones. Substituting simple words like "told" for "asked". "Church" for "members".
It is said over and over that the Church funded the campaign. The medias have to know that was inaccurate.
Their medias seem to be determined to mislead the very people they are supposedly informing.
If you get your information from these types of sources it's no wonder there is anger.
It's time to back off and find out what is really the truth. Research before condemning.


Mr. Whipple mentioned that he planned on marrying his fiance in April. Why didn't he get married before this vote? If he was really sincere and stood his ground for what he believed in, he would have gone through with it in CA. He still can in MA however. It's not too late. But one thing he doesn't understand is that the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE has spoken LOUD AND CLEAR in ALL 3 states. Get a clue. And stop the hate!!!

The Deuce

For Anonymous who hopes that "Holy Hell" comes the way of the LDS Church: History reminds all of us following the bombing of Pearl Harbor of the comment made by the Japanese Admiral who said that he feared they (Japan) had awaken a sleeping giant. While Pearl Harbor has nothing to do with or is similar to the current Prop 8 issue, the comment is. I am neither against nor for Prop 8. However, the people voting No on Prop 8 wanted to take this issue to a vote and they got it. This issue is only found in a few states on both the east and west coast of the US. The sleeping giant lives inbetween. If you want to "bring it on" I am afraid that you may get your wish. Your protests continue to divide and create more hatred. Let's get moving forward and not backward. I live in California and I am tired of listening to this everynight on the news. Let's find common ground where we can work from and not against. First, start by understanding what the real issues are from each side instead of yelling hate and bigot.


I recall in the last Vice Presidential debate, when both were asked, do you accept gay marriage? Both without hesitation. Said no,why pin point the Mormons? The people of California have spoken, this has nothing to do with not loving our gay brothers and sisters, It's defining what constitutes a marriage which was right from the beginning Adam&Eve,remember they were commanded to multiply and replenish the earth, mmm some how that doesn't fit the bill.I love the gay Community, but I can not support redefining marriage.

The Rational Truth

When it comes to divisive, hot-button issues like this, people on both sides inevitably over-simplify both sides while blatantly ignoring the much more complex middle.

"Gays want to steal our rights!"

"Prop 8 supporters are intolarant!"

"(insert homophobic insult here) are dirty, rotten sinners!"

"Mormon = Hate"

I could write a novel that would still not fully contain all of the over-simplified rhetoric uttered by both sides of this issue.

The truth of the matter is that none of this fire-blasting will get anything done at the end of the day. I am optimistic that gay activists will find a way to advance their agenda withought forcing the majority to conform to it and that religious people will respect gays and work towards compromising on this issue.

I don't mean to through a cliche out there, but you know what they say: "There's always two sides to every issue..."


It was an awesome sight to see people united against discrimination and hatred. How quickly Mormons forget history and how they were treated. The discriminated become the discriminators!
Love will prevail!!!

To CA members.

I want to tell you of my respect in standing up for not what man wants, but what God wants. My prayers are with you, and I hope that you will hold strong to the Gospel, because you are right now experiencing the buffetings of Satan.

When I hear of the anger and the protests and see the ad that the pro-gay people did, the vileness of it reminds me of what I read in the Bible of how the people had become in Sodom.

The core of the LDS church is the family, as defined by God, a father and a mother, (male and female). We have seen the family fall apart through divorce, abuse and addiction, or just plain selfishness. But to make such a mockery of something so sacred, as to gay marriage is appalling. Never, since this nation was established has there been gay marriage, and it is not time to change that. This country has not changed, the LDS and other churches have not changed, but more and more people are changing by embracing sin. Next they will want us to let all the rapists and murders out of prison.

Aaron Trulson

This will never be merely a secular nation so long as its people possess moral convictions.

Mr. Whipple

Mr. Whipple mentioned at the beginning of this article that he was planning on marrying his fiance in April. Why didn't he do it in CA before the vote? If he was really serious and stood for what he believed in, he would have gotten married. But it's not too late....MA is still legal!!

And doesn't anyone hear that the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE has spoken ONCE AGAIN ... LOUD & CLEAR in ALL 3 STATES??!! Get a clue. Stop the hate.

If you Doubt the Church...

To all the members of the LDS church who have doubt about how the church was/is involved in this issue, I have one piece of advice....Remember. Remember your testimony of the restored gospel and Jesus Christ. It is easy to doubt, always has been one of Satan's masked temptations. But the true strength of one's testimony is if church members obey when God speaks to man through his servants the prophets. Christ was despised of man, Joseph Smith as well. Should we as members expect any different from the world? Remember what you already know to be true and stop letting the doubt of the world enter your hearts. You'll find comfort is obeying the counsel of the Brethren.


I thank the LDS church and its members. They did nothing wrong by exercising their right to free speech. And they have taught me a valuable lesson in tolerance. I am not a member of the gay community and never gave their cause much thought until signs went up all over my neighborhood. By using fear to gin up crowds, they have succeeded in creating a climate of divisiveness and hate. And I am now a supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.

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