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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Bigoted attacks on Mormons for the part they played in the coalition are incredibly shameful. Granted, their membership contributed large sums of money. Only a small number of mormons consisted of the total of individuals who supported Proposition 8. It is discusting the GLBT community of California would attack and deface sacred etifices (LDS Temple Grounds)in their attempts to express their displeasure in the democratic process.

Novel idea

If California doesn't want the gay community (and the vote demonstrates that while people say they are welcomed they really aren't) then why doesn't the entire gay community pack up all of their money, businesses and people and move to Vermont, a state that will welcome them openly and permit them to marry? That would teach California and rally the gay community to one state where they would be welcomed with open arms. And while we're talking, taking the gay business out of Utah and protesting the Sundance Festival would be a great lesson to Utah, one the people of the state may even welcome themselves if they sit down to think about it!


I yahoo searched states with similar type constitutional amendments and found there are now approximately 30 with the recent additions of CA, AZ, and FL. I doubt that the LDS church had much sway in say Nebraska or most of those 30 states. Utah? Sure. Idaho? Sure. Arizona and Hawaii? Probably some. Otherwise, no. Obviously, there are more than just Mormons that think marriage should remain between one man and one woman.

Southern Californian


We, the people of California have spoken....twice. If you are gay and want to get married, move to Connecticut or Massachusetts.

Your response to the fair outcome of a democratic process just reinforces why we must hold the line on morals in this country. You are already showing how you want to take the religion out of churches and try to force people to try and accept perversion as truth.

Gay rights means trying to force people to be afraid of worshiping a God who loves all BUT does not tolerate sin.

Man and Woman

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

To James 8:57

You should read the history of the Edmonds-Tucker Act which forced the LDS Church to end polygamy. Hundreds of LDS men were ripped away from their families and thrown in prison. Federal officials, without search warrants, forced their way into LDS homes, looking for polygamists. Dozens of LDS Church leaders went into hiding, including President John Taylor, who died partly because no doctor could reach him.

There's no doubt in my mind, if the gay and lesbian community had the means, they would pass a similar law, forcing the LDS Church to allow gays to marry in its church, otherwise, the arrests, raids and hiding will return.

If the LDS Church is only delaying the inevitable, how will the inevitable come? By harassment, threats and intimidation, followed by laws which strip away freedom of speech, assembly and religion?

Isn't freedom wonderful? (As long as you agree with the gays and lesbians)

Get off your High Horse

Lisa Young,

"There should be a separation of church and state on this issue."

Separation of Church and State doesn't mean that any Church doesn't have a right to participate in public square and urge their members to vote against issues that impact the Church. Our right, as an non-profit organization ends at the same line as any other non-profit which is that we cannot support or endorse a candidate for public office or a political party.

"Until all LDS families step up and adopt children outside of their families they have no right to stop other citizens from forming families and adopting."

So you decide what our rights are. It seems to me that you think you are the only person who matters. The majority of Californians don't share your view but you know more than they do because Lisa is so intelligent and her worth is greater than millions who disagree with her.

Unless you adopt every child who is up for adoption you have no right to stop others from speaking out on this issue. Until you feed the millions who are hungry and weary you cannot judge us so descend from your high horse.

Jason Berntson

I'm glad that these protesters took the time out of their lives to protest one of the most blatant violation of Human rights that this country currently practices. Neither religion nor the government has a right to define what groups of people can't marry.

If religious organizations want to decide who can and can't marry, they should start campaigning to eliminate the use of government-issued marriage licenses.


1st of all, homosexuals do have equal rights with everyone else when it comes to marriage. Heterosexuals can't marry anyone of the same gender either. Love isn't the issue. The government shouldn't be legislating emotions.

2nd of all, does Rocky Anderson advertise, "Have protest sign, will travel"? Good grief. Rocky is attracted to protests like flies are attracted to manure.


This is not the business of the church. Or its' members. They can believe what they want. But when they come into the secular world, into the society that includes me, they have overstepped their limits. Now they are foisting their baseless nonsense on me. Prior to that, well they can do what they want. Now it's personal. And I'm not gay. I hope holy hell comes their way. Wings need clipped. You can believe what you want. If I can't, and it's because of you, watch out.


The Irony in all of this is in the fact that the "Protection of Rights" has hardly ever been accorded to the Latter-Day Saints.

I think it is ironic that the rescinding of Executive Order Number 44, dated October 27, 1838, issued by Missouri Governor W. Boggs, "The Mormon Extermination Act" was only struck from the laws of Missouri in 1976.

Homosexuals who choose to attack anyone, including "Mormons" need to get a grip when they choose to pick on a people who more then any other, save only the African American population, know what it means to be discriminated against.

Your cause is not just. Get over yourselves and your unwillingness to see that what you are doing is not justifiable in any law book or constitution including the original law book, the Holy Bible.

From California

I voted yes on 8 and I don't need to answer to anyone for that choice only to my Father in Heaven.
I don't blame the protesters from to be in the streets the one who are to blame are the 4 judges in the California Supreme Court they did open a door and now we are paying the consequences. This judges we need to hold them responsible for what it is going on. This is the first time I voted as a new american citizen and they are already questioning my vote the lesbians and gay community so....why to vote if they are not going to respect my right?

You demean what we went through

Thank God,

"They were won only through the courts."

Actually, we endured decades of segregation because of Supreme Court rulings, not in spite of them and it was finally through the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act and our marches that we obtained full civil rights.

"Gay and lesbian couples are no different. Thank God for the Constitution that guarantees Equality for ALL. And thank God for the Courts that enforce it!"

You don't want equality and I'm tired of your lies. Blacks never asked for anything that whites didn't already have. We asked for them on the same terms and did not demand different terms. Let's take the issue of marriage since it has direct bearing on this issue.

Black men couldn't marry white women because they were black while black woman couldn't marry white men because they were black. We simply asked that race have no bearing on who could marry and that blacks and whites be granted marriage licenses on the same terms. Gays already have this because of all the work civil rights activists put in.

A gay man isn't denied the right to marry a straight woman because he's gay or versa.

Southern California

If the vote were held again today, there would be even MORE votes in favor. These demonstrators have shown their true colors and people are not sympathizing with them. The dye has been cast. So let it be written, so let it be done.


What I find interesting about the photo is a person holding up a flag, which in my opinon is a descretion of the american flag, these people don't respect the flag, don't respect the will of the people, don't respect religion, but yet want equal rights. Prop 8 has never been about equal rights, it has always been about morality

Your post is offensive


"Nobody is asking for special rights.... we are asking for EQUAL RIGHTS"

You already have EQUAL RIGHTS.

Homosexuals are granted license to marry on the same terms as heterosexuals and they can marry if that is their choice. No one is violating their inalienable rights which aren't granted or denied by government. To argue that all you want is EQUAL RIGHTS while at the same time arguing for redefining the terms of a marriage is dishonest.

As a black man I ask you stop hijacking the language of the civil rights movement and those of us who had to suffer through those horrible times when you have nothing in common with the movement since it did not seek to redefine any law and instead only sought the right of blacks to receive the benefits of the laws on the same terms as whites without regard to race.

In terms of the right to eat in the same restaurants as whites. We didn't ask that we be given a menu of our own making but only that we would would be able to buy the same food at the same price as whites.

That's not what you are asking for.

Obama's Opinion

Although Obama supports gay rights, he does not support gay marriage. This is very similar if not the same stance as the Church.


I didn't contribute one single penny to yes on 8. However I gave of my time. I was subjected to all sorts of harrassment and obscene gestures. Would I do it again? YES. A man in our Stake made bumperstickers and donated them. We forwarded lots of emails about the truth of what was happening in Massaschusetts schools now that gay marriage is legal there. I walked my neighborhood delivering fliers ward members had designed and copied and donated. All this without money from yes on 8. There are plenty of ways to educate people without spending money. The internet is a great tool.


I really didn't see any problem with homosexual couples getting married, but I was disturbed by the printing of the names and addresses of the donors for prop 8 and the marking of whether they were mormon or not. What would be next, a great big letter M tattooed on the foreheads of members of the LDS church in Cali? After seeing the protests and wanton intolerance of the pro-gay crowd I would be proud to have that tattoo.

Hold To The Rod

"Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" -
Book of Mormon, 2nd Nephi 15:20

Smart guy, that Nephi....

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