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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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Arizona resident

Arizona and Florida passed the same proposition- No protestors here..... WAKE UP and smell the loss. America wants marriage left between a man and a woman.

Civil Rights for Christians too.

Another View

I read on the Church's media site the press release by the Archbishop of Sacramento. He condemned the senseless targeting of the LDS Church. He noted that this was a movement by many groups and singling out one church was simply wrong.

I also must state that I agree that the GLBT community is showing its true "colors" by acting just as bitter and bigoted as they claim all of those that supported Prop 8 were. Show that you deserve what you are demanding. Show that you can understand that people think differently and that a majority of citizens joined together to voice their opinion.


Gay rights activists are unfairly singling out the Mormon Church calling members bigots. What of the 70% of African American voters who were "yes" on prop 8, 50% of hispanic voters, and hundreds of thousands other minorities who voted "yes." One does not hear and see signs calling these people bigots. Why is that?

Thank God

Those of you who think it is your "right" to decide who should enjoy civil rights in the name of democracy" are sadly mistaken. No minority group (women, blacks, the handicapped, etc.) achieved those rights by a vote of the people. They were won only through the courts. Gay and lesbian couples are no different. Thank God for the Constitution that guarantees Equality for ALL. And thank God for the Courts that enforce it!

Thank-you prop 8

I am a hispanic Christian Mom of 2 and I invited the missionaries to my home today after voting yes on Prop 8 Tuesday. I loved everything the missionary sisters had to say and can't wait to hear more.

The Mormon Church is good people. I will pray for you tonight. May God Bless you.


There is a reason the ballot measure in California attracted so much attention. If it had failed to pass, other states might well have been forced to alter their recognition of what constitutes marriage to encompass the whims of a strange court in California.

Real America has no wish to bow to the fanciful causes promoted by the courts in California.

I don't feel much sympathy for those who are carrying the strange flags, signs, and otherwise running amuck on our city's streets. My suggestion to them: stop watching so much TV; instead, read a fine book, enjoy the beauty of Autumn, take up a hobby, etc.


I thought I'd respond to a couple of comments here...but there's no point.

What I will say, though, is that from reading the article, it looks like the protesters were well within their constitutional rights--just as the LDS church was in encouraging people to vote for Prop. 8.

What I find a bit suspect is that the protest targeted the LDS church specifically, when none of the other groups that were prominently involved seem to be targeted by anything like this.

Seems to me like the protest is just taking a pot shot at a convenient target. Probably the only group more easily vilified and publicly misrepresented than homosexuals is the LDS church. But all's fair in love, war, and sexual politics, I guess.

Classic comment

Hilarious comment, whoever posted this:

"I guess these folks don't think you should get involved with your community and defend your beliefs."


It is amazing that these protest go on. The Church requested its members help. Many did and many also supported the other side. The fact remains though that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is led by a living Prophet/Prophets of God. When they speak together or seperately they are speaking for God. Sure the war isn't over yet. We have won one battle and there are more to be won on this issue. We as members know that the war in heaven is still be fought here with the righteous against the powers of Satan and his army. We must continue to listen to the Prophet and heed his warnings. I stand with President Monson, the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. This is the same fight that happened in the Old/New Testament of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I know that my Redeemer Lives and is the head of the Church.


I am glad Prop 8 passed, but unforutnately I believe the courts will overturn it in time. When the courts do overturn it I will be glad that I don't live in California because distruction will surely follow. God will only be able to put up with only so much before He says, "Enough is enough."

Let me say

Let me say that I am LDS and I DO NOT HATE "gay" people. But I support Prop 8 in CA and 102 in AZ because I feel a need to protect myself from frivolous lawsuits designed to force me to accept a lifestyle that I don't believe in. Be honest -- The gay rights lobby is pushing the agenda onto the opposition.

What's the point?

Gays and Lesbians will bus themselves to Salt Lake City and scream and yell and cause damage. So what? California law will not bend because gays are screaming in Utah over a Proposition that was past mostly by blacks and other religious groups. This is nothing more that a dog and pony show for the news media to go after Christians in the country and they think they can intimidate the church because they think no one cares about Mormons and could care less is they are destroyed. Problem with their point of view: The Lord, Jesus Christ, has promised His church will not be taken from the earth again. " No unhallowed hand can stop the work from going forth".


Nobody is asking for special rights.... we are asking for EQUAL RIGHTS


Prior to these events I was someone who was fine with gay people being allowed to be married. After these events though I would vote to ban gay marriage. I don't think people should go and intimidate others because they lost an election or because people don't agree with them. It has nothing to do with hate, but a disagreement about marriage being only between a man and a woman. I didn't vote for Obama, but I would never think to get a bunch of people rounded up and go out and intimidate people who did vote for Obama. The fact is that the Mormon church had very little to do with this vote. There were many Catholics who voted against this. Why aren't they protesting and initmidating them. There were many African Americans who voted to ban gay marriage, why aren't they being intimidated. I think they are going after the Mormon church because they know they are an easy target. The Mormon church is used to protests. As far as boycotting Utah, does anyone really think that Utah is a top vacation spot for gay people?


I'm so tired of hearing people call this a civil rights issue. Marriage is a civil issue, but don't equate the LGBT movement to the civil-rights movement of the African-American community in the 1960s. Homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic. Moreover, a ban on same-sex marriage is not analogous with a ban on interracial marriage as those unions are still between a man and a woman. Stop trying to force your newly-fashioned definition of marriage on the rest of us. The people have spoken and they don't like what you're selling. Marriage is, and always will be, between a man and a woman. Stop trying to alter the fundamental nature of the primary building block of society to justify your alternative lifestyle.

You don't speak for us


"Danny C. you are wrong! change will happen! Progress will happen! No longer does society ban interracial marriage, and support segregation of African Americans and Whites."

Will you stop hijacking what my people went through and endured as a result of slavery and segregation. We never asked for any rights that any white person didn't already possess. The only thing we asked for was that we receive those things on the same terms that whites did.

We didn't ask for a new form of a marriage. We only wanted to receive it on the same terms as whites. If a white person could marry a person of the opposite sex than a black person should be able to do so and not be discriminated against based on the race of the two persons.

In terms of homosexuality and heterosexuality this would mean we would be ask that a gay person would not be denied the right to marry a straight woman because he was gay and she was straight. We didn't ask to redefine marriage but only that our race not be a factor in its application.

"Ready or not...here it comes!"

Martin Luther King would never say that.


I find it funny that members and leaders of the Catholic Church and other Christian churches, which were heavily involved in the campaign to pass Proposition 8 are not coming under the same kind of attack. The LDS church, as well as it's members have a constitutionally protected freedom of speech which the GLBT community is seemingly trying to protest. Not setting a good example for yourselves guys. LDS Church is only 2% of the population of California. The people of AZ & FL have also spoken. Last year was Nevada. Democracy voice has been heard in the State of California. Twice.


To the person posting the holding of the May 2008 CA court decision - you need to read the opinion more carefully. The court erroneously determines "substance" of rights with interesting leading words (ex. may, perhaps, could) As in, this "could" bring about an unequal standard. Too bad the laws are written equally. Too bad this is an incorrect understanding of the principle of standing. Their holding was wrong and they knew it...they acknowledge the problem with the holding but then continue to muck it up. Another thing...their holding directly contradicts that of Brown v. Bd. of Education and the Loving v. Loving case (US S.Ct. cases) They apply general themes from those cases but fail to include the entire, exact holdings. Sorry Dude...

Rights, Tolerance, and Morals

Some feel laws banning same-sex marriage is discriminating ones rights. Proponents of this theory have yet to explain the fairness of laws banning prostitution, pornography, and illegal drugs - restrictions placed on private behaviors. Do these laws also discriminate?

Most rights carried to extremes conflict with other virtues. Freedom of speech conflicts with the right to yell in a library. To bare arms conflicts with the right to own nuclear weapons. Is tolerance any different? Should tolerance trump in all cases? Tolerance is highly desirable; it can also be harmful.

Should neighbors tolerate those who label them mindless bigots? Yes. Should neighbors tolerate those who mock and protest their religion? Yes (to me those who label, scorn, mock, and protest are like 3-year olds throwing temper tantrums - not really effective, somewhat amusing, but ya loveem). Should neighbors tolerate same sex couples who live together? Yes (if a church member, the minister, clergy or bishop handles this within their authority). Next tolerance level, should society tolerate same sex marriage? No. While tolerant individually society sees the legalization of this and other immoral behaviors harmful. God bless us.

true blue

Let them blame the LDS Church. If this is the price of us standing up for our beliefs then I'll gladly take it. That being said it was the Californian voters that passed the law.

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