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Published: Saturday, Nov. 8 2008 2:12 a.m. MST

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The truth

So if prop 8 hadn't passed, and those who lost, started protesting and defacing churches that had helped defeat it, we surely would hear from the Gay Community that the protesters were lawless anti democratic lunatics not willing to abide by the rule of law. If you don't like what the law abiding coalition of citizens from California have legally voted for, then either go somewhere like Europe which embraces Gay marriage or MAN UP and GROW UP. Your feeble attack on the people of the LDS church isn't helping your cause. It's only strenghtening the resolve of the Non LDS millions who supported the proposistion and generating empathy for those willing to voice opposistion. America can clearly see your angry intolerance against the democratic system. Persecution for their beliefs is nothing new. Check your history, because YOU ARE LATE COMERS where angry words, threats and violence are used against the Mormon people. If they can survive being driven from their homes and coming west, this must seem like a walk through Golden Gate Park.


I find it funny that people talk about believing in GOD and that the church does not believe in GOD by not wanting gay marriage to take place. It is a teaching in the Bible which causes us to think in the manner in which we do. What Bible are you reading? What gospel do you preach? Why are you so open now to the subject when so many people kept their sexuality a secret? We have always had this stand and will continue to do so. Protest all you want. We are just looking out for you in the first place. How you view that is up to you.

Be Still and Know

Gay people have the right to marry just like everyone else. They just don't have a special right to marry someone of the same sex.

lets think about this

Why should freedom of speech only apply to people of the gay community? These protesters are attempting to take away the first amendments rights of people of faith. They are trying to intimidate people into not exercising their first amendment right, why they exercise their own rights to free speech. Separation of church and state does not mean the people of faith do not have a right to vote or use free speech. Dont take rights away from others that you would not want to have taken from you. I think we should be careful not to take away others rights to free speech even when we dont agree with them. We could start the country on a road the end with none of us having basic rights.


It's my prop and I'll cry if I want too...Cry if I want too. You would cry too, If it happened to you.

Danny C.

Yeah, they'll come. They'll march. They'll shout and wave their flimsy signs. Then they'll go home.

And what good will it do them? None whatsoever.


Ok so I read this post on here
"I'm having a hard time understanding people that want to be different from what has been established for hundreds of years in accordance to the laws of marriage but excpect to get all of the same benefits. When you chose to be gay you consiouscly choose to give up certain rights and privilages. Either live with the consequences of your choice or buy a island way out in the middle of the pacific and create your own little gay society. Quite trying to be different and fit in at the same time."
Well didn't the African Americans do this same thing a few years back. They protested and kept fight for things that had been against the accordance of laws for years. Now look at what we have today a Black President. I really think that overtime we will see our society as a whole change and become accepting to Gay's. I don't mean every single person will accept it but as a whole it will be accepted. I do agree that this protest won't change the LDS church's view but it might make a difference for others in the community.

Sandy Dandy

Section 297.5 of the California Family Code reads:
297.5. (a) Registered domestic partners shall have the same
rights, protections, and benefits, and shall be subject to the same
responsibilities, obligations, and duties under law, whether they
derive from statutes, administrative regulations, court rules,
government policies, common law, or any other provisions or sources
of law, as are granted to and imposed upon spouses.

Please explain to me the differences in substantive rights between marriages and domestic partnerships in CA.


Still seems like some pretty hateful stuff to me, ya'll. I've always thought of you folks (LDS) as some pretty Christ-like individuals until now. Where is the tolerance? Where is the brotherly love? Where is the separation of church and state? Don't tell me you can't understand why the gay community is fired up about this. Beyond the marriage issue, your support of this initiative is an affirmation of your willingness to discriminate against them. That's why I typed "Mormon = Hate" above. That's what this looks like to them and anyone else with an objective view of your church's involvement.


Old Scratch, the adversary is behind all this hatred toward the LDS church. Where is the anger against the Catholic, evangelical, other protestant churches? Where is the anger against the hispanic and black communities?

Move on

First of all, there were over FIVE MILLION people who voted in favor of Prop 8. Only 2% of those who voted are members of the church. And who is to say they all voted "yes?" You do the math. If Prop 8 had failed do you think members of the church would be protesting the defeat all over the place? Hardly. As one who was personal witness to Yes on 8 signs being vandalized, cars being vandalized for having a bumper sticker on it, and young mothers with their young children at their side being accosted, chased down the street and called names because they were placing door hangers on doors of homes where people said they were already going to vote "yes," those demanding equality and tolerance, were, and yet remain the most intolerant.


I'm not gay. I'm not LDS. Yet I believe both are entitled to their own freedoms. The mormons were chased literally out of Ohio and Kansas, and they settled here in SLC...so they could practice their beliefs without being harassed. Gay's want their liberties recognized as well. I have a hard time understanding how anyone else can feel wronged by that. It isn't as though it has any impact on a non-gay person whatsoever. So what is everyone arguing over? I'm confused.


An interesting quote from the "article 6 Blog":

"Ill say it again - theyre targeting the wrong people. While the Mormon Church may have encouraged large donations to the Yes on 8 cause, it wasnt the votes of the Mormons that put the measure over the top. It was the votes of blacks and Latinos who turned out in large numbers for Barack Obama and voted something like 70%-30% for the measure.

If you want to protest the people who were the most responsible for passing the measure, take your angry LGBT crowd and bus them down to South Central or East L.A. and call those people bigots and homophobes. Id pay good money to see that."

From an involved Californian to our friends in Utah.


I was down there tonight to side with the LDS Church, because I believe that President Monson, President Eyring and President Uchtdorf are prophets of God. People at that rally were horrible. They screamed at us, insulted us and our beliefs, threw things at us, called us all manner of names, and one girl spit on me. We just smiled and said nothing, but for them to treat us like that while claiming to be on the side of love and tolerance is astonishing.

They claimed this was about politics, but there was nothing political about it. It was purely about hate for the LDS Church.

Like somebody earlier said, I've never felt such kinship with the early members of the Church than I do today.

Utah, I am serious!

I am here in Texas. Home of the Bible Belt, Southern Baptists, Church of Christ, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, etc. It rarely snows here. I cannot ski in Texas. Please, can I come to your boycotted state? Can I bring loads of my Christian friends who have the same family values as "Utah Mormons"? They would love to see the mountains, ski, go to a Utah Jazz game
( as long as they are not playing San Antonio or Dallas)and hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They are nuts about how great they sing. Can we drive around and go to southerm Utah and show them Zion's Park and Moab (what a place to start a river run and see the Arches!)? This is making me want to come to a boycott party in Utah sooooo bad! I promise to spend all my money in Utah before I get on the plane to Texas. Is it a deal?

Mike eldredge jr.

there is no difference between discriminating agianst black people, gay people, mormons, or any other people. you are all a bunch of bigots. why cant you just keep your beliefs to yourselfs and leave the rest of us humans alone?

lighten up

How many protesters does it take to change a lightbulb? Three. One to change the lightbulb and two to say "Faaaaaaabbulooooouuuussssss"

Force government to publish them

The truth,

"So if prop 8 hadn't passed, and those who lost, started protesting and defacing churches that had helped defeat it, we surely would hear from the Gay Community that the protesters were lawless anti democratic lunatics not willing to abide by the rule of law."

There you go making me wish the shoe was on the other foot. I would like to give them a dish of their own medicine.

"It's only strengthening the resolve of the Non LDS millions who supported the proposition and generating empathy for those willing to voice opposition."

Those who see this complete disregard for the rights of members of the Church will lose all respect for these tyrants who want to impose same-sex marriage on the majority. It kind of makes me wish they will continue their persecution of the Church because of our votes and participation in free elections since it will increase the solidarity of those same-sex marriage advocates are persecuting.

"America can clearly see your angry intolerance against the democratic system."

They hate freedom and republican government. Next the government will be required to not only not prohibit freedom of speech but also publish them.


I would hope that Not Many Members would attend, tonight is Friday Night, which is Date Night. I would not waste a good Date Night, doing that. It is Cold in Salt Lake, I would just want to be inside and warm. My Daughter 18 is going to her 1st Singles Dance, she is going by herself, but the Temp will be close to 78 degrees when its time to go. Light Trade Winds and Clear Sky. I am dropping off, mother is picking up on her way home from work. Tomorrow we dedicate a New Chapel (open house),we built in and Industrial Park. Nice Chapel, will support 3 Wards. We chose the Industrial Park, because of the Land and Few Neighbors. We are not the Only Church out there. Doing that avoided several years of Fighting. After that a driving lesson. I have been pushing Single Adult Events, so I had to put up or shut up. Down side of being an Older Parent.


For those in the gay community, tolerance is a one-way street.

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